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  1. ......I believe the others are J. Michael Plaxco, Tommy Campbell, Brian Enos, Robbie Leatham and Bill Wilson.
  2. According to the news media they are the only ones who are capable enough to possess firearms. We civilian gun owners are a danger to the general public.
  3. While I know a number of LEOs who compete but have been told that the reason more don't is they feel the public sees them as "expert shooters" and if they don't do well it will damage this image.
  4. So admitting I now shoot for more fun rather than competition means I want force everyone else to shoot Minor also? Where did I say that? You guys are reading a lot of stuff into my posts that I never said. If expressing an opinion and offering suggestions is "evil" on this forum I guess I'll bow out.
  5. I believe that, as in every other sport, change is inevitable. Whether will see the changes Hopkins suggested remains to be seen. If - and that's a bit "IF" - it ever happens the solution would be simple and inexpensive - .40 shooters can download their ammo to ".40 Lite." I loaded .40s with 155 gr. bullets at MPF velocities for my wife when she first started shooting and we both used it in Production Division with my Glock 35. It was a very pleasant shooting load. Just my 2/100s of a $ worth.
  6. Where did I say I wanted everyone to shoot Minor?
  7. I'm almost sorry I mentioned Hopkin's article. From the vitriolic response from some posters it apparently gores too many sacred cows? Like I said, after almost two decades of shooting USPSA I've decided to shoot Minor in Limited and L10 (as do a number of shooters in this area) as I am no longer a very "competitive" person and only want to enjoy myself at matches. And the money I'll save on ammo is a bonus. I am not a "sissie" and believe the person who posted that stepped over the line!
  8. I've been shooting Limited and L10 with two .40 pistols for the past 15 years. My 'smith just finished building me a 9mm STI 2011 to replace them because I just want to shoot for "fun" and not worry about PF. Plus I have a garage full of 9mm so I won't have to bother about reloading.
  9. On page 20 Cameron Hopkins seems to be recommending that USPSA drop MPF to 145 and do away with the .40 caliber requirement to claim MPF. His arguments are too extensive to list here but I think he's making a lot of sense.
  10. Homie - thanks but it still doesn't work. I've changed (new) batteries three time. Apparently it was broken while at the factory for "repairs" or when it was shipped back. I will have to contact them and see what their policy is. Groan............ Thanks for your interest and help.
  11. Homie - the first line of the instructions say "The off/on switch is located on the back of the on the back of the Championship timer." There is NO off/on switch anywhere on my timer!
  12. Does anyone have a link to instructions how to use this timer? One did not come with it when it was returned to me from being "repaired" at the factory.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I use Taylor Freelance extensions on my M&P, Glock and XDM with complete satisfaction.
  14. I just bought a CR Speed Model A holster to use with an STI 2011 I'm having built. I tried using it with an older (3 years?) CR Speed belt and the belt slots in the holster hanger are far too narrow. No matter how hard I've tried I cannot get the belt to start into the slot. I was thinking of using a hair dryer to see if it would soften the material around the slot but am fearful of messing it up and voiding the warranty. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there a solution?
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