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  1. PER SANDRA: Please print out the match waiver for the match and bring it with you to registration. Thanks, Julie Holling
  2. I've been trying to get to making this post for a while. Please excuse the delay. Thank you for all the positive comments about the match. It would not have happened without the help of lots of people, including Linda Chico, Donnie Bryson, our stage designers, CROs, ROs, stage workers, volunteers from Mid-Carolina Rifle Club (MCRC), and Roy Mullis, the CRO of MCRC. I hope that all of the competitors enjoyed the match. Since this was the first match I've been in charge of, I would appreciate any constructive criticism to help me improve if I ever do this again. Congratulations to all our winners and to all the participants for staying safe during the match. I think this is the first major match I've been a part of where there were NO DQs. I hope that most, if not all, of you will come to the SC Section match next year and repeat that success. And please take some time to thank all of our sponsors for supporting our match and our sport. Sincerely, Julie Holling, Match Director The Blue Bullets SC Section Championship
  3. The USPSA link should actually end with 11570. I tried to paste the correct link, but my computer wants to fight this morning.
  4. It's pouring at my house, too, and I'm only two miles from the range. Cleats might be useful tomorrow. On a more serious note, Chrono will be the only place you can test fire a gun, and the capability of doing so will be determined by how much time he has available. If you don't think that will be enough, a local indoor range (Shooter's Choice in West Columbia) that's sponsoring the match might be a good place to go. However, you can't draw from a holster and no speed shooting is allowed. I'm still waiting on the menu. I doubt I'll get it tonight, but will forward it along if I get an answer. Just remember that food will be available at lunch on both days, and she will have breakfast on Saturday. Julie
  5. You may do so PRIOR to going thru final registration, and ONLY if the chrono man has time to assist you. He will be shooting and running chrono Friday, so he has limited time to assist with these requests. Julie
  6. Yes, we will have a food vendor there. She will have lunch on Friday and Saturday. She will also have breakfast on Saturday. I'm trying to get a menu from her and will post that information if I'm successful.
  7. For all of you that are interested in the division numbers, they are below. I am not going to provide class numbers, since Linda will be doing a check with USPSA for class updates a day or so before the match and there will likely be changes. NOTE: This is subject to change, as people decide to change divisions at the last moment. Linda is getting requests for changes daily, if not more often. 98 Limited 14 L-10 40 Open 81 Production 3 Revolver 16 Single Stack Looking forward to seeing all the competitors, workers and vendors, but not rushing it. There's plenty to do over the next three days.
  8. For the hotel information, please see the post on Feb. 16 by LChico. There are several hotels and restaurants in that area, with easy access to the I-77.
  9. The information regarding shooters per class and division is something that tends to fluctuate some due to people changing divisions at the last minute for various reasons, including people who change so they will be more likely to win. I will try to post some relatively accurate numbers closer to the match.
  10. The stages are in the process of being approved. The round count will be just shy of 250. Saturday is full, with a waiting list. We still have space on Friday for staff and some shooters.
  11. We have motorcycles come in on a fairly regular basis. There are a few areas on the range that are paved, but it's mostly gravel. As for changing your division, class, etc., just send an email or message to Linda Chico with your changes and your real name. Julie Holling Match Director
  12. We still have space for workers. Just fill out the registration and indicate that you are a "Staff - Friday" shooter in the "Day to Shoot" section. If you are a non-shooting worker (yes, it does happen), please email me with your information, including RO status and who you would like to work with.
  13. Sorry for the funny links. I was trying to get the information posted on both sites, and must have copied from Facebook. A few notes, based on questions I've already received: 1. Instructions for paying for the match will be emailed to you once you have registered for the match. Payment is cash or check only. 2. Saturday shooters will self squad once they have registered. 3. Friday shooters will be squadded by Linda and I so we can arrange staff appropriately. Julie
  14. SC Section Match Information: Match website - http://www.lchico5u.com/SC-State.htmlMatch Application - https://clubs.practiscore.com/blue-bullets-2014-sc-sectional/register(links corrected)If you have questions or problems, please contact Linda Chico or Julie Holling.
  15. An application has not been posted yet, but is in the works. Unfortunately, other life issues have gotten in the way for both match directors. Sorry for the delay. We hope to have it up soon. I will post the information here as soon as it's available. Julie Holling, Co-match Director SC Section Match
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