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  1. ap38

    2017 Tundra TRD PRO

    They'll pass everything but a gas station.......... Have a 2011, mostly a base model but can't beat it.
  2. Fun match. Had a good time shooting with some old friends.
  3. ap38

    NEW PRP Extreme Triger kit XDM9mm/40

    I had one installed on my XDM 5.25. It is awesome. Much better reset. Really like it!
  4. ap38

    PRP trigger

    Good news. Sweating it a little. Thanks
  5. ap38

    PRP trigger

    I had the PRP extreme kit installed in my 5.25. Are these triggers with the over travel stop production legal? Thanks
  6. ap38

    Finding Clays powders in stock at LGS.

    Yeah, I just scored two pounds (14 oz.) today. Haven't seen it in about a year.
  7. ap38

    the dillon finally broke

    I'm on my third one..... Quick response/replacement from Dillon.
  8. ap38

    CV500 motor

    Sounds like a plan. The motor was binding and I used the metal "fan" to jump start it. Once going it worked so that may be the issue. Thanks!
  9. ap38

    CV500 motor

    My third motor on the CV500 is going out. Going to another brand. Not happy.
  10. ap38

    2014 Handgun Nats schedule

    If you want to see Zion, don't miss Bryce. Saw both last year. Awesome.
  11. ap38

    Single Stack Photo Thread

    45 Predator Tactical.
  12. ap38

    Camerons custom 5" ionbond .40

    I ordered a 6 inch limited - hard chrome after Nationals. Hard to be patient....
  13. ap38


    5.9 WSF with 170 Precision Bullets. 5.2 to 5.5 should be good.
  14. Can't speak about the Trojan as I don't have one. Shot a R/O with some tweaks (mag well, f/o front sight and mag button). Also changed out the springs. Runs great and is accurate. Great gun for the money.