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  1. I went to a glock armorer's course a few weeks back, The instructor, one "Joel Hodge" was EXTREMELY anti reloaded ammo. He gave some examples that to the layman seemed to show that 1/16 of an over seating here and a 1/16 of an inch over powder there and BOOM you have doubled the pressure of a round. He used a .357 round as an example of how dangerous this alchemy of reloading is, I wasn't going to argue with the guy and look like a jacka$$. Now I have been taking alot of heat from my buddies that went with me. I have tired to explain that this guy was way out on the edge with is load to begin with but they don't seem to care and are less than pleased to have me shoot with them now because they "don't want to have to clean parts of my hand off of their guns when my ammo blows up". I am 100% sure that I am loading better stuff than what comes off the line, especially if we are talking wolf or some of the other lower quality factory loads. How do I convert them? I have talked with some other guy that I know that load and they seem to think that glock seems to be very anti-reloads as well Why is this ?? Anyways if someone has any thoughts on how I can convert the masses
  2. No they are not hot rounds, just paper killers.....
  3. Gentlemen, (I hope I'm not using that term to loosely) I have just begun my foray in to rifle cartridges. I am encountering two main problems thus far; first I am acquiring dents up on the shoulder of about 10% of the brass. I understand that this maybe from overuse of lube, however can it be a symptom of another problem? Are these dented rounds otherwise safe to use or should they be disassembled ? The second problem I am experiencing is with my RT 1200B gets substantially warmer than one would expect. I measured the temperature with a thermometer and was astounded to find that after two minutes it was around 120 and after five minutes it was holding at 150, with no load. It goes with out saying this caused some alarm.
  4. Why do you guys always say things like "man cave" or "hideout" when your are talking about where you do your reloading/gun room .... Come on you need to go on the offensive and retake your castle !!!!!!!! Baskets and figurines need to be tucked away in odd corners. I leave to you charlie mike on
  5. I like the look of this "brass buggy" but the price seems crazy at 500 a pop. Its really a nut harvester I know that you can buy the wheel with the fingers for much less than that cause they wear out on the nut harvesters. I seem to remember they were around ~30 or so, if that is true it seems like could build my own basket and handle for much less than 470. Does anyone have one of these things and care to comment ???? Im not trying to be a cheap bastard ... I just want all the bang for the buck !!!!! lol
  6. +1 for both !!!!! Just mix them up and let it shake .... Honestly does fast even come in to play? I can clean about 5 times faster than i can load them ... or at least before I get tired of loading them
  7. yea but you have to have a FFL to get in to them
  8. Well you have now added to the cost of "extras" for me!!! Thanks
  9. This is all true, but the fact remains that someone should be stepping up to fill the orders. Why aren't they?
  10. I don't really think it is hoarders. Supplies have been hard to come by since late fall. It has to be production is off or going else where. Well if anyone hears of "Vast stock of primers" have gun in need, will travel.
  11. I'm at work right now. Its actually my Monday morning, so I wasn't sure if it was real
  12. wait 6.99??? thats crazy. It seems to me that it could just go in a large envelope. I sent one out yesterday with like 35 pages in it it was a $1.68 to CA
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