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  1. Nope, no suggestions...never fired mine with the Alpha installed. But here's what I did: On my first try the sear would not release the striker at all. So I removed the 4# striker spring and LWD connector, and replaced them with a 5# striker spring and OEM minus connector (Jager light striker and 15# recoil spring in both installations). Now the trigger fired and reset intermittently but more consistently when I put pressure on the rear of the slide. Since to me this suggested an "out of battery" condition, I no longer wanted to screw with it. Like you, I'm happy with my trigger (McNally - both screws accessable when slide removed). The gun runs fine on 132 PF ammo, and no OOB - KB issues. Still looking to talk with someone who has their G35 running clean with an Alpha...
  2. Thank you; I appreciate your interest and help!
  3. Yes, I agree with both of you: the Alpha was designed to work in both the G34 and G35; and it actually does work in the G34, (and in my case also in the G17) we all agree. But I'm the only one of us who has a G35 and the Alpha does not run in mine...my earlier post: "Anyone install the Alpha into a G35 Gen 3? I tried, but could not get the sear to release the striker consistently. Dropped the same one into a G17 Gen 3 and no problems." I was hoping to hear from someone who has a G35 and benefit from their experience with the Alpha.
  4. Actually, I gave up on it and returned it to it's previous condition. Just wondering if anyone got the Alpha working in a G35 Gen3.
  5. I sort of did the same; put a G34 slide on the G17 frame with Timney and it ran great. Not sure that screw does any "adjusting," but if it's not pulling the Timney sear unit fully into the trigger housing, it might sit high enough to cause the failure I experienced...but mine was fully seated. The only time my G35 with Timney would drop the striker was when pressure was applied to the rear of the slide, and that was only intermittently...battery issue?
  6. Anyone install the Alpha into a G35 Gen 3? I tried, but could not get the sear to release the striker consistently. Dropped the same one into a G17 Gen 3 and no problems.
  7. That's a great question. I researched that and found a lot of folks who thought that was not the thing to do since the gun is old, not that it matters since mine still functions flawlessly. But I want the new trigger, and it's time for a new frame just because. Even Glock won't do that...I asked. You would probably need a jig of some sort that would take the place of the locking block and have exterior guides on both sides in which to run the drill bit on a drill press; well beyond my capabilities. I'm waiting to hear from the guy who just did it with his hand-held drill while holding the frame in his other hand!!!
  8. On my more than 20 YOA G34 Gen3 two-pin, the vertical leg of the "L" spring rests on the locking block itself and is about 1/8" above it; definitely will interfere with lock-up. Also, it's standing almost straight up and has almost no tension; so no trigger return at all...it needs the second locking block pin to function correctly. Timney now knows this and they are correcting the information on their website according to the very helpful customer service rep.
  9. Be aware: The Alpha will NOT work with Gen 3 two-pin frames, since the trigger return spring needs the upper locking block pin to bear on for proper tension. These are older Gen 3 frames and were discontinued sometime in 2002. Anyone know how to convert a 2 pin to a 3 pin?
  10. ^^^Don't know, but sounds reasonable, especially if it's a high round count gun. Just re-read the OP; it's a Poly and I have no experience with those (they're the same, I suspect). On my SF, I use a dab of grease where the OP mentions on the slide, and where the Dynamic trigger bar protrusion rides on the SF...no problems. Hope the OP has resolved the issue.
  11. That is true; since the Glock trigger bar completes the cocking function when pressing the trigger...they are all connected. I don't believe that relationship exists with the Q5, which fully cocks upon full return to battery... independent of any action of the trigger bar. Spring relationships do effect full return to battery, however. (Just an opinion; experts please set me straight.)
  12. Yes, I did on my brand new Q5 SF Pro! Lands .346; grooves .355. Of course the lead alloy sinker I used is resilient and prolly grew by about a thousandth or two after exiting the barrel (ymmv). For those who think the Walther barrel is faster than most (me), the exact same loads fired from my Q5 and also from my G34 with KKM barrel (same day, same time) crono'd 2.5 to 3.0 PF's faster than the Q5. Consistently, over several different loads. Big surprise to me. Thank me, thank me very much!
  13. The green one. Prolly 6.5 to 7#? I'm thinking of the red one...for the holidays!
  14. Anyone know the weight of the factory striker spring?
  15. Has anyone slugged the barrel of their Q5 Match SF? Your findings please.
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