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  1. ^^^Don't know, but sounds reasonable, especially if it's a high round count gun. Just re-read the OP; it's a Poly and I have no experience with those (they're the same, I suspect). On my SF, I use a dab of grease where the OP mentions on the slide, and where the Dynamic trigger bar protrusion rides on the SF...no problems. Hope the OP has resolved the issue.
  2. That is true; since the Glock trigger bar completes the cocking function when pressing the trigger...they are all connected. I don't believe that relationship exists with the Q5, which fully cocks upon full return to battery... independent of any action of the trigger bar. Spring relationships do effect full return to battery, however. (Just an opinion; experts please set me straight.)
  3. Yes, I did on my brand new Q5 SF Pro! Lands .346; grooves .355. Of course the lead alloy sinker I used is resilient and prolly grew by about a thousandth or two after exiting the barrel (ymmv). For those who think the Walther barrel is faster than most (me), the exact same loads fired from my Q5 and also from my G34 with KKM barrel (same day, same time) crono'd 2.5 to 3.0 PF's faster than the Q5. Consistently, over several different loads. Big surprise to me. Thank me, thank me very much!
  4. The green one. Prolly 6.5 to 7#? I'm thinking of the red one...for the holidays!
  5. Anyone know the weight of the factory striker spring?
  6. Has anyone slugged the barrel of their Q5 Match SF? Your findings please.
  7. Anyone have any experience running a JPSCS2-9mmSS-5 in a Just Right Carbine with a rifle length buffer tube? Want to know if anyone has had any success doing that.
  8. Wow, the expertise here is amazing. My head hurts from reading all of the possibilities why the OP is having problems. I hardly feel qualified to answer the OP's original question, but here goes: NO!
  9. sx2gl35

    l2d Combat

    Anyone running an l2d Combat barrel in a G34; review please.
  10. Per Lyman M die instructions: "Cast bullet reloaders should use this die to prevent shaving of bullet metal during the seating operation."
  11. Runs dirty, ejection issues...common theme. When I got mine, I was concerned with lubing it properly and got on a 10/22 site that advised using a dry lube with Teflon. So I found some at the HD that did not contain Silicone and was "Safe for use on plastics." Hey, if it works for a 10/22... I spray some on the bolt and the mag release lever about every time out, and wipe off the white residue that gets on the stock. I cleaned the gun twice in about 4,000 rounds, once when new and the second when installing the mag release. I had one stove-pipe within the first 100 rounds, and absol
  12. I had to do this with my 650 and it works. You have to go slow and feel the primer in then a firm push; then I give it a second tap. Federal GM has a tendency to crush ever so slightly and I now use Winchester primers with no issues. My primer depth ranges from .004 to .008. Since doing this for many years now, I have not had a primer related failure to fire. But that's some serious indentations you have there on that bracket Vent. My 650 is more than 17 years young and my bracket is bright on the contact surface, but no indentations.
  13. I used the flush style and no loctite; just firmly tightened them. Still tight after 1,000 rounds, just checked.
  14. Sorry BBB, I should have followed up on that. 6-48 is correct and the Brownells 6-48 Positive Stop Screws work perfectly.
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