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  1. Anyone have any experience running a JPSCS2-9mmSS-5 in a Just Right Carbine with a rifle length buffer tube? Want to know if anyone has had any success doing that.
  2. Wow, the expertise here is amazing. My head hurts from reading all of the possibilities why the OP is having problems. I hardly feel qualified to answer the OP's original question, but here goes: NO!
  3. sx2gl35

    l2d Combat

    Anyone running an l2d Combat barrel in a G34; review please.
  4. Per Lyman M die instructions: "Cast bullet reloaders should use this die to prevent shaving of bullet metal during the seating operation."
  5. Runs dirty, ejection issues...common theme. When I got mine, I was concerned with lubing it properly and got on a 10/22 site that advised using a dry lube with Teflon. So I found some at the HD that did not contain Silicone and was "Safe for use on plastics." Hey, if it works for a 10/22... I spray some on the bolt and the mag release lever about every time out, and wipe off the white residue that gets on the stock. I cleaned the gun twice in about 4,000 rounds, once when new and the second when installing the mag release. I had one stove-pipe within the first 100 rounds, and absol
  6. I had to do this with my 650 and it works. You have to go slow and feel the primer in then a firm push; then I give it a second tap. Federal GM has a tendency to crush ever so slightly and I now use Winchester primers with no issues. My primer depth ranges from .004 to .008. Since doing this for many years now, I have not had a primer related failure to fire. But that's some serious indentations you have there on that bracket Vent. My 650 is more than 17 years young and my bracket is bright on the contact surface, but no indentations.
  7. I used the flush style and no loctite; just firmly tightened them. Still tight after 1,000 rounds, just checked.
  8. Sorry BBB, I should have followed up on that. 6-48 is correct and the Brownells 6-48 Positive Stop Screws work perfectly.
  9. I used the hammer spring that came with the kit. Using Win SPP exclusively. No problems of any kind.
  10. Where can I get one of those mounts, and screws? Answer: Brian Miller...just like Solscud said. And he used the factory screws. Thank you Brian!!!
  11. Strongly agree with GIO on the mag release. Button on the weak side caused unintentional mag drops. Lever was too cumbersome and not positive enough. During a match I saw another shooter hit the lever on the strong hand side with his weak hand as GIO described, and I tried it for several shoots...for me it was faster.
  12. I'd like to know that too, so I can buy another one if it's good enough! Not what you asked for, but when zeroing the Venom at 50 yds off a pistol rest and not trying that hard; a one-half inch vertical string of 3 rounds using WinClean 115g (no fliers, 3 round string only).
  13. And light too. The Spitfire Prism weighs 8.7oz and the C-More 5oz-6.5oz; the Venom 1.1oz. With the Venom, all of Tim's Go-Fast parts (except comp; not in a free state), and with CT CMR-206 Green Laser (nice deal Tactical Gear and CT has on those, got a free CMR-201 incoming) my RPCC weighs 7.056# no mag. I removed the stock ghost ring sights, and have two of Tim's charging handles on it.
  14. I'm one of the few left who do not have a camera. It's definitely that bad; all hopes of a proper cheek weld are gone. You have astigmatism or you wouldn't be looking at the prism...so do I and I held off buying the Venom and C-More because of it. Got the C-More for an AR and the dot is grapes at higher intensities; I use it at 4 clicks and no problem at all (first 2 clicks are for night vision and unseen). Ditto on the Venom at 1-2 pushes on. For me, the Venom is a lot better than looking down a tube. It looks like Tim has an MRO on his and that is similar, but looks a little higher t
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