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  1. Thanks Stefan With 7,5gns, 124gns Delta JHP and CCI primers the PF is 164000 !!! 5,4".Schuemman J+
  2. Hi, I'm going to compete in the IPSC National (160 PF) and I dont know the data with 3n37 + Precision Delta 124JHP + CCI Barrel 5,4 No Holes Some help ? Thank !!!!!! J+
  3. My leftys !!!! J+ Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  4. BeerBaron, Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a detailed review These agree with the improvements that advise. I did not know that the STI/SV magwell and triggers were not compatible !!!! Thanks a lot J+
  5. Hey, Can you give me a review of the CK ??? Thanks J+
  6. Hey, is the Cheely Mount more "higher" than the Arredondo??? You know wich mount is the lowest ?? (Arredondo, Cheely, SV ?? ) Thanks J+ You know which is the lowest
  7. Hey, STI 9mm from Argentina. Level 3 MAtch in Buenos Aires J+
  8. Hey this is the video from the US IPSC Nationals 2012 Juan+
  9. Cualquiera de estas autorizaciones tienen 3 meses de validez.

    Nuestro Campeonato Nacional es a fines de Noviembre.

    Yo soy el Secretario de IPSC Argentina, si necesitas alguna autorizacion me avisas, ya que soy el que las realiza. Saludos y espero verte la prox. semana.

  10. Hola Mario, solo llevamos remeras para usar, pero seguro que alguno va a querer cambiar alguno contigo.

    En cuanto a viajar con armas y municiones a Argentina es facil. Puedes pedir autorizacion a IPSC Argentina para participar de algun torneo y listo, o puedes viajar sin ninguna autorizacion y cuando llegas al Aeropuerto declaras la entrada temporaria del arma y te cobran aprox. U$80 ...

  11. Hello, this is the Argentine team shirt I have 4 to change, large size !!!! Other shooters medium to XXXL !!!! See you next week!!!! J+
  12. The shooting range is only 10 minutes from Buenos Aires downtown. It is very easy travel with weapons and ammo to Argentina (no semi-auto rifle), if you come to shoot a Level 3 tournament, I can make the permit ( I the IPSC Argentina Secretary) And yes, I go to the IPSC National !!!!!! I shoot in Squad 4. See you there !!!! J+
  13. Thanks....but I go to the IPSC US Nationals next week Jaaaa !!! J+
  14. Thanks I shoot only 4"D" in the Match, but repeat aprox. 20 rounds in 12 stages....... J+
  15. Hey, this is a video from IPSC Level 3 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Open Division, STI "La Brama Custom Guns" 9x19 mayor. Thanks for watching !!!!! J+
  16. Hey t_telecom , see http://ipsc.org/pdf/RulesHandgun.pdf , pages 51 and 56 to to clarify your doubts. J+
  17. Hey, anyone know the Dan Wesson Havoc ?? The frame is Caspian ??? http://www.cz-usa.com/products/view/dan-wesson-havoc/ Thanks J+
  18. This is my G17 Open Glock......and the "new" 90º Mount J+
  19. juancruz

    Open G17

    My 90º GlockMount J+
  20. My new STI 9mm mayor from Argentina !!!! J+
  21. Hello !!! jajaja Bienvenido !!!! Saludos Juan Cruz Argentina-ex-Glock-ahora STI
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