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  1. Religious Shooter, I have a fussy 1100 set up for Open and I think I've done just about everything to it except take it to deep water to drown the piece of junk. It just does not feed reliably (FTF every 15-25 rounds, shell left in mag tube) The ports have been opened up though I don't know the diameter. I tried trimming the recoil spring. I've run it wet and dry and have replaced the O-rings and gas seal, been through 2 followers, 2 mag springs, and 2 mag tubes. My ammo is Rem hi vel general purpose loads 1270 and 1370 fps I think, and Fed Tactical slugs. Can you give me details about how you lube your 1100 and the diameter of your gas ports.
  2. The York Izaak Walton Legue Pistol club will host something to replace the Summer Blast on those dates. As the cancellation of the Summer Blast is new information for us as well, we do not at this time have definite plans for a replacement match. We will be considering various possibilities which may be an 8 stage USPSA match or possibly a Steel Challenge match. We will post new information here once we decide on something.
  3. I'm having some intermittant feed problems and I thought I recalled reading somewhere that the steel or aluminum ones worked better than plastic which is what I have now. Either working too much and no time to play or not working enough and no money to play. I haven't seen you down our way for awhile either.
  4. We had a shooter scored under the wrong name and shooter number. Is there anyway to change the shooter for a set of results other than reentering all the scores for the correct shooter and deleting the wrong set?
  5. Here's the first picture of the production model:
  6. This just sucks. When is the USPSA going to come out with a single action 9mm only division. We're losing shooters because we're not willing to provide them with a place where they can feel competitve. There are just too many shooters without their own divisions. We should try it and let the market decide.
  7. Get it from the source. The full control version allows the user to selective show or hide various components. The regular version and screensaver go through cycles showing and hiding different parts of the gun. You can see all the internal components work as the 1911 goes though a firing sequence. http://www.stiguns.com/idx.html?downloads.html
  8. Agreed. IDPA shooters have a different mindset and want to play a different game. Bring them in and they'll want to change IPSC into IDPA. IDPA may well be the best thing that ever happened to IPSC. They have a sport they like, we have a sport we like.
  9. No. We don't have to try every bad idea that comes along. If we try it and it's a waste, we'll be having a similar debate about pi$$ing of single stack division shooters if we drop the division.
  10. Why don't we start making divisions for individual brands, too. Clearly that $3500 Wilson single stack is a competitive advantage over a guy with a $200 third world import clone, so why not make special divisions for them, too? In fact, why not divisions for people who don't practice? How about divisions for people who are slow? Heck, lets just have separate divisions for everybody in the match and everyone will win and have lots of self-esteem and every new shooter will come back and work all the matches and within a few years everybody in the world will be a USPSA member and grand master.
  11. New shooters are ALWAYS going to get their butt kicked by a GM with an open gun regardless of whether they're shooting L10 or the unnecessary single stack division. If they don't understand that a single stack in L10 is not competing against and open GM, it's not going to make any difference if they're in a single stack division.
  12. Oops... Vince, you posted your computer's desktop wallpaper again!
  13. Got a whoppin' 460 or so done before it took a sh## this time. Since I spent about 4 hours reworking the thing before this loading session, that works out just about right to my usual 2 hrs of press fixing for each 200 rounds. Sure wish I hadn't sold off the Super conversion for my 550. Brett, the primer feed bar I swapped out was the original one that was troublesome. Because I was replacing the buggered up rubber on the newer one, when I tried the old one it was obvious the rubber on that one was too long and dragging on the frame. 1) It should have never shipped that way. 2) You'd think one of the several tech guys at Dillon would have told me to check it. Oh yeah, I remember, they told me I'm not technical enough.
  14. Well I got enough out of spec and busted parts laying around that you ought to be able to put something together. Attach the B-25 and you got a deal. Will also do a B-26 which is arguably cooler. Okay, I'll settle for a couple Ma-Duces off the B-n and I'll even pony up for the Class III license. No... I don't really want to trade. I just want to load some ammo.
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