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  1. Alright, I will have to initiate a hostel take over say I am overmatched here. This dictatorship has over stepped its bounds truly has unlimited powers. I will not sit here idle as free mens voices are silenced, especially those that are preaching the one true JMB gospel sit here in awe and wonder of our leadership. I am here by overthrowing the current oligarchy to install a proper democracy to ensure our once only bu the grace of this great organization as it continues to on the path of true elitism and snobbery. All of you dirty mixers, consider this your warning - Repent and accept
  2. Give the man what he demands. VIVA LA REVOLUTION !!!!
  3. DON'T ever disrespect bow and arrows!!!! Or what? You will whip out Ye Old Catapult ? Or maced club and flog me? Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Uncle Ted and I can relate to the spirit of the wild when is come to hunting game with a bow. If you got the notion of disrespect from my post.. I don't know what to tell you. But of all people to remind, I am a little socked, this is not the " 1911 Single Stack/Bow and Arrow/Revolver/ Elitist Club.. This is why dictatorships will always fail.. The people will revolt and not stand for oppression! VIVA LA REVOLUTION !! I will lead
  4. BURN THE HERETIC !!!!!! You old guys are getting soft.... Now, I would require proof of use in competition or out right blasphemy of our sacred 1911 as ownership of inferior weaponry shouldn't be grounds for dismissal. I would like to a slightly harsher reaction and wording from our leadership that filtering with indiscretions such as these is a dangerous path to walk for our membership and those that flirt with darkness, of any deviation from the one true divine pistol, will be watch and followed carefully. Further regression for the sake of history and antiquity has to have a limit.
  5. L10 isn't single stack.... May the Führer have mercy on you.....
  6. Saving this thread from the second page... I like the shirts alright, but the line "getting back to where it all began" - Wouldn't a true snob quip " when did I ever leave?" :smug: I've only ever shot a single stack Alright- I have fired other pistols before, but not in competition. And I swear that I didn't enjoy it.
  7. Just a little single stack snobbery here at the local match. I've been practicing out of Anderson's books like a mad man, and it has been showing.. I am trying to jump right over B class this summer.
  8. Speed Holes? Or did you save a gun from a single stack open depths of haiti'
  9. Which stage where you on? I would have spoke up and said hello, but nobody was wearing their snob club membership badge... NOTE: We should really have badges... or decoder rings... or something..
  10. Thank you... Thanks Master Z I will admit it was my mistake putting my creative snobbery in "that" thread, but it seemed best to taunt them directly at the time. I've learned my lesson however. There was so much gay in that thread the room started spinning.
  11. I would like to resubmit some of my recent photoshop acts of snobbery for the consideration of voting status.... exhibit A exhibit B /bold envy
  12. Ryan, I've only been down there a couple of times. I really like the range and guys at Milan. I'm sure we'll cross paths one of these days. Once this weather picks up we can have some real matches.. Make it worth your drive. That indoor range kills me, i can't stand the air, I think it literally IS killing me. I have a bit of a hang up shooting inside, and managed break a recoil spring that day... Some sort of indoor jinx or something. We had to cancel this weeks shoot too... sigh. Looks like I will have to drive if I want to sneak in a match before SSN...
  13. Vagus

    Which one?

    Golf is for guys that can't shoot anymore. Gibson or Fender?
  14. 1 Geiger, Stephen TY48155 A Open Major N N N N 198.4614 100.00% 2 Boysen, Keith REENTRY M Open Major N N N N 197.5320 99.53% 3 Geiger, Stephen REENTRY A Open Major N N N N 193.3164 97.41% 4 Heaverlo, Gary REENTRY B Open Major N N N N 163.8968 82.58% 5 Martin, Chris A55800 B Single Stack Major N N N N 160.0372 80.64% 6 Stock, M.L. REENTRY B Open Major N N N N 138.7409 69.91%
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