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  1. Does anyone have some good pics of a opened up loading port on the 1301 ?
  2. Invictus caddy looks awesome! but to late for that I just received my AP customs quad loads.. what do you think with AP products guys? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have Dawson ice magwell black with white inserts. Used couple of months. $55 shipped.

  4. Does anybody have a thumbrest(Goguns pedal,Daa,Aredondo) on a sideway mount? What do you think?
  5. Need help! I have 121 MG and hs-6 powder. load data for 9 major pls.(... Thanks..
  6. Thanks guy's..I will defenitely give him a call!
  7. I need help here, Gansguns are closed until nov 2010. .. Anyone knows who can cut a slide for lighten. Maybe I include the fittings too. Help!!!!
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