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  1. Jeff, Try www.bulletworks.com they will ship you bullets up front and 30 day to pay them. I ordered 6K of 200 grain .452 (.45ACP) cast bullets. In other words they are my new cast bullet suppliers. Getting ready to order a few k of 9mm cast bullets. Chief
  2. After spending the day on the net I have narrowed the new bag down to a Bagmaster Pro-Shooter's Tourm. Model 1. www.bagmaster.com Thank You for all your assistance. Chief-7700
  3. I'm looking for a new Range Bag. Any recommendations? Chief-7700
  4. My wife and I were in Scottsdale last week on vacation, we went to Dillon's store. Before we walked in she took all my credit cards away.............. I was very impressed with the staff very helpful............. Chief-7700
  5. Take a cardboard box with low sides dump the cleaned brass into it and shake it once the .45ACP brass will be up right and you can look in to the case mouth and see if you have picked up s stow-a-way. Chief-7700
  6. Those pesky small spent primers are a PIA. I have done the spent primer collection modification system on my 650 and have no problems with spent primers all over the floor. Oh wait I don't reload 9mm nor small primer cases. When I had my 550b 10+ years ago never had a problem with small spent primers.... Chief-7700
  7. Looking for starting loads for the following: Rainier plated 230 gr. RN Powders: Bulleye Titegroup Win 231 Unique I have been using 230gr FMJ's and and found a deal on the Rainier's 320gr. plated RN so i bought 3K and what is a good OAL? Thank You Chief-7700
  8. I think that the Dillon powder measure will hold 3/4 of a pound of powder. There are 7,000 grains per pound of powder. Chief-7700
  9. The 650 is light years ahead of the 550, however I do miss the round counter that was on the old 550. Chief-7700
  10. Might want to check OAL of the Wolf ammo, since there could be a problem with the lot. That is why I build my own ammo OAL 1.250 max, crimp .460-.465. Chief-7700
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