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  1. As I get older I realize how much I missed as a young person. We used to watch Hee-Haw and I never paid attention to the genius of Roy Clark, on any stringed instrument. Thankfully we have youtube.
  2. I have been using +1.00 readers for a few years now. They make a huge difference. Check out safetyglassesusa.com. They have full frame reading safety glasses. I have not been able to find full frame readers that are tinted though.
  3. Looked it up so we could continue. Hermans hermits, "Two silhouettes" In a little cafeJust the other side of the borderShe was just sitting there givin' me looksThat made my mouth water
  4. I am probably on the opposite end of the spectrum than most, but I prefer a .125 Dawson front paired with an Ameriglo rear with a .110 notch. I also use stock height sights. On my 34/35 which compares to your 41, there is still light on each side. I also use full lens +1.0 readers. I don't see any decrease in speed but get much better accuracy. I think the bigger front actually helps with speed.
  5. There was some sarcasm intended. I should have put "" around mandatory. However, if you listen to all of the hype, they are. There are hundreds if not thousands of posts here about how to make guns heavier but very few about where to buy a Canik. Nils' win will not change that. I do believe that if production were changed to allow the capacity of flush fit magazines then those that have 19 versus 17 would have an advantage. I would prefer to leave all divisions alone.
  6. I think this would affect production more than limited. Instead of the heavy guns being mandatory, the highest capacity would become the dominant factor.
  7. Anyone can tell- Heavy Horses. Great Band. Pale Rider Seems like an homage to Clint Eastwood movies. Next: "She asked me name my foe then I said the need within some men To fight and kill their brothers without thought of love or God"
  8. I radius the left side of all of my 1911/2011 guns at the pointy part of the rear of the slide and at the slide serrations. This allows the slide to rub but not chew. Completely solved my problems. I am not sure why this isn't standard on all 1911/2011 guns.
  9. Without seeing inside it will be tough to troubleshoot. If you need to remove the slide you can. After making sure the gun is unloaded, lock the slide to the rear and use a small flat head screwdriver to push the striker sleeve forward. This will allow you to remove the rear plate and the striker assembly. Once those are removed you can take the slide off normally.
  10. Bad News Bears (Mathau) Life Groundhog Day Smokey and the Bandit
  11. I have removed almost every right side of the ambi safety from all of my guns with no issues. It can be aggravating to fit a new one. The only one I didn't remove, I ground down to flat. I shot the 2017 Limited Nationals that way. You should be ok to just remove the right side piece, with the caveat that you should at least shoot a few rounds through the gun after removal. And yes I have been using the word "caveat" long before Paul Harrell has been making youtube videos. Shoot well in the match.
  12. You have to make sure your pull handle has clearance to make a complete cycle, without touching the bench.
  13. It is funny and I am full of inappropriate comments because of this insanity of a 4# 9mm. What is next a shadow 2 mounted to a humvee? I think that we don't need one gun that is 59 ounces but two. Can anybody say duel wielding? Think of the Peepshow scene from Boondock Saints. That is the real key to winning. I know it isn't in the rules now, but give it a week. The way our rules are evolving is like "The Sound of Thunder". Every change is more extreme than the last! With that being said, we do need Limited Minor as a division. Then your gun can weigh....anything.
  14. Looks like in production they got rid of all dimensional parameters on barrels and slides. Including caliber. Does this mean you could now put a Glock 35 slide on a Glock 17 frame and use a 9mm conversion barrel?
  15. Either will do and they are very soft shooting. I personally like the Gen 4 frames but also think that the G40 is too long. For limited you could probably switch the Gen 2 slide to the Gen 4 frame. I use a lot of Dawson Precision stuff on my Glocks. The only extended base pads for the large frames, that I know of are made by Arredondo. Also if you search this site there is a pretty informative thread on using a G20 for limited. You also don't have to shoot 10mm. There are numerous conversion barrels available.
  16. I use 9.3 grains of Longshot. Getting 1250fps out of a G20. My friend's G40 is in the lower to mid 1300s There's a bunch of information elsewhere on the internet regarding what 10mm powder/bullet combination is most accurate. As always start lower and work up safely.
  17. I keep trying to read and enjoy Mccarthy's work but I find it difficult. I'm not sure why. I grew up poor white trash, so the violence and rawness isn't an issue. I read Hawking's "Brief History of Time", enjoyed and understood it, so I don't think I'm an idiot, but Cormack's books have given me trouble. It may be that I can't be sympathetic to the characters. He doesn't try to sell anyone as someone you should pull for. It's like his characters are all in a river that are going over a 1000' waterfall and they don't try to swim against the current. Sometimes they even swim toward the falls. That being said, "Last Pale Light in the West" is one of my favorite songs. Thanks Brian for introducing me to the rest of the album. Despite not liking the book I enjoy the music.
  18. One of the things that most people do not consider is the hit after the reload. I did some testing many years ago and the difference in time between normal and weak hand thumb reloads was about .2 seconds. The thing that I noticed in testing was that I had more consistent A hits with the Weak thumb reload. If you do the hit factor for a Major C in 1.00 seconds Vs. an A in 1.2 seconds the A in 1.2 is .1666 hit factor better. So even though it is not best to use the Weak thumb method, it is probably not horrible either. If you are shooting Minor it may even be a wash over time.
  19. Completely wrong. I am not trying to change anything to fit my whims. I am commenting on a philosophical debate that never will happen and I really would like for there to be two divisions. Open and limited. I don't care if they keep major/minor or get rid of it. I do believe that the level of competition would be better if we only have two divisions and if that means making one power factor, I am OK with it. I don't believe that minor is an advantage except to those who are small, weak, old, or unskilled. Those competitors do not threaten my ego. Nor do those who are large , strong, young and skilled. I would rather have the very skilled production, single stack etc. shooters come into the Limited fold so that the overall competition base is raised. Shooting Major gives me no more, or less, pleasure or challenge than shooting Minor. I shoot Major because of the free points. I also don't care if nothing changes. I also wouldn't care if they got rid of classifications as well. That would end the debate on sandbaggers/grandbaggser too.
  20. I would rather see fewer divisions too.
  21. If we get rid of minor vs major scoring we would need to add a capacity limit of 20 to Limited to not make any gun or caliber obsolete. As Shred stated in an earlier post, Major isn't scored higher because of difficulty of shooting major, but because of the extra damage it does to a target. This would be a target in the real world. I would think that nearly 100 percent of those who shoot Major reload. The only thing that getting rid of Major and adding a 20 round magazine limit would make obsolete, would be the current load data for Major. However, this would kill Production in every state without capacity laws.
  22. If you are looking to have all of the gun advertising, that is going to be tough to find and expensive when you do. I looked briefly. However, I will second the Academy brand for protection, comfort and price. They don't have any cool factor but they work fabulously and at times you can get them for $15. I usually wear a regular golf shirt, with only my friends holster company name on it, with the Magellan brand fishing shirt underneath. It works better than sunscreen which gets all over my gun from rubbing on my arms. During the Georgia summer I don't find it too hot. Shameless plug for my buddy: Sultac.com
  23. That is a nice cabinet. Nice representation of the Van Winkle family too. Shame they are still full. It's not a bourbon but that bottle of Don Julio hiding in the upper right corner might be my favorite of the bunch.
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