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  1. Montana Gold Bullet seems to have stock and the stuff they don't only shows a back order of 1 week.
  2. And he was a Canucks Fan. Who knew ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWeCKqM_P1M
  3. They don't call Open "The Dark Side" for no reason. That is the pull you feel. I say give in. What the hell. Nothing like shooting a 24 round CoF w/o a reload
  4. a 1 gallon bag of 40 will hold 1000 cases but is very hard to close unless it is one of those with the slide type closure.
  5. No, you get it. It is the caliber issue. just like the guys who shot 40 in production cause they already shoot 40 in Ltd. 9 is cheaper, perhaps a better caliber for Production but not for the occasional shooter that already has his 650 set up for 40. Hooray for S&W! It seems they listened
  6. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29723
  7. Powdered Sugar - sometimes w/o syrup Sausage links or Sausage patties
  8. You can get the 625JM in 4" but no ESR 625, yet............
  9. I load 223 with Varget on my Super 1050. One key is using larger power bar, not small. I still have an occasional powder spill but nothing crazy. One day I'll polish the funnel like Tom suggests.
  10. I really like the IOR stuff. Not just a good value but a good product. My AR has been asking for a 2-12 x 32 for quite some time. Oh, and Cactus Tactical, a forum sponsor, sells them.
  11. And there is one listed on Gunbroker for $ 799.00
  12. Advantage of EoTech is the 65 MOA cirlce with 1 moa dot gives more reference for longer distance.
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