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  1. I agree, with this statement, but at such weird distances. Doesn't it make more sense to know where your rifle hits at 1,2,3,4,5, and 600 yards?Isn't the swaro, something like 286, 419,670, or some other weird distances?
  2. What i don't understand is on the kahles, and swaro, none of the reticle subtensions line up with .223 balistics. The razor jm seems much better for this.What am I missing?
  3. Having owned both, Do you think the swaro 1-8 is worth the extra $?How does the reticle work with your loads?
  4. Thank you guys very much for your insight..When I left 3 gun the Meopta 1-4 was the cool scope to have , and its now opsolete I don't want to pay $1500+ for a optic this will be old news in a year or so.It sounds like the 1-6 swaro will not be made anymore, so I am not sure I want to buy a discontinued model.The 1-8 swaro is crazy expensive.I guess I am pretty much left with the razor 1-6. I wish vortex would just come out with a razor 1-8 .
  5. Thank you for the responces.I think I may wait for a razor 1-8.I am using a vortex 1-6 strike eagle now.I am not going to buy another optic until it would be clearer and more powerful than what I have.
  6. I am about to buy a swarovski 1-6 scope, but i have a few concearns.The scope is pretty damn expensive , but have heard they only come with a 7 year warranty, is this something to worry about? Is there more then 1 reticle choice? Is the swaro, really that much better then the vortex razor? I am using a vortex strike eagle now, but I just ordered a jp 15 upper, so now my optics are the weak link in my AR.I have been out of the 3 gun game since 2006, so i am way out of the loop on the new must have items.
  7. Sudden death, I know where his shop is. I also know he has family in the Philippines.I have had Johnny build me 3 guns now, so I knowthat he goes out of town often, but he has been unavailable for quite some time now.Others have asked me about him since I have dealt with him a lot in the past. Just wondering if everything is ok.
  8. Does anyone know what is going on with limcat custom? The website has been down for a few weeks, he is not answering his email, and his voicemail box is full.At first I thought it was something to do with the storms in the philippines, but I would think he would be back by now.Anyone know what's up?
  9. Just came here to report this same thing.
  10. My son who is almost 11, test fired alot of shotguns before we found the one he liked.Mossberg imports a semi auto youth model that fit him perfectly.Not only has he been shooting clays in our local quary, he also has shot sporting clays with it.On that note, my son also used it to harvest his first dear last year.I have nothing but praises for this rugged reliable soft shooting shotgun.My son tried several borowed pumps, the recoil quickly turned him away from them, the single shots are the same, if not worse.If the kid does not like it or it hurts him, it will quickly stear him away from shotgunning.A guy i work with failed to take this advice, he is now stuck with hard kicking cheap POS single shot that his son hates.
  11. Only primer i wont buy, at any price.Remington primers let me down too many times.I would take tula before rem.
  12. Johnny Lim's functioning works of art.Check out the Limcat razorcat.Dead sexy.
  13. The ogive is wider for its length on a jacketed bullet. The bullets are getting stuck on the moly ring left from the molly bullets.Are you by any chance using a lee undersize crimp die? These dies make the problem worse.The fix is to take a wire chamber brush for a Ar 15, put it in a drill, and use it aggesively to clean the chamber portion of your barrel, works best to take the barrel out of the gun.I swore my sv was a pos, since it would always jam on jacketed bullets at major matches.
  14. I would just have a reputable smith Build you what you want.Even a great forum like this has a few dishonest types that will unload their junk on you. Yeah, PRANAVDC, I am talking to you. I purchased a $2200 limited gun that needed $1400 to make I safe to shoot.I have seen countless factory STi, that just don't run. I have had 2 limcats built, and. They were flawless.The best part is, when small parts do break, and they will, his guns are covered by a lifetime warrenty.You break it, he fixes it.
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