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  1. Missing this match is going to be the only bad thing about moving to the Pacific Northwest. This was best match for testing your rifle skills all year
  2. The stags sure were outstanding last year. I hope the same guy did them this year as he is an artist!!!
  3. I just moved to the area in January and have a lot of 3gun experience. Let me know if I can help with set-up or RO work. Albert Pilkington 304 579-5061 albert@albertpilkington.com
  4. Here is the match list with the 3gun nation Point series list 2013 3GN Partner Matches Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun SureFire Texas Multigun Championship USPSA Multigun Nationals Bushmaster Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge Midwest 3-Gun Championship MGM Ironman Task Force Dagger/AIM 3-Gun Championship Northwest Multigun Challenge JP Rocky Mountain 3-Gun AR15.com-Rockcastle Pro Am 3-Gun Championship Ozark 3-Gun Championship FNH USA 3-Gun Championship Fallen Brethren 3-Gun Challenge Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun 3GN International Multigun, Presented by Rockcastle Shooting Center
  5. Yes, now that is quite a dilema!!! Ok, i have to change my positon then because to just lose one semi-pro with his advice would be like losing a great Zen Master and Kun-Fu artist
  6. EPIC Fail. I guess I will just sign up for divisional. I hope this doesn't goat screw the other divisions though. Hate to think that nobody will be shooting Open or Heavy because 3GN wants everyone to shoot TO. Sucks too, because you can't sign up for divisional and amateur, just divisional and semi-pro.. how f*#king stupid is that. If what 3 Gun Nation is doing is so terrible why not just shoot outlaw matches for fun and not sign up? That's what it's all about anyway, having fun, right? I still don't understand the logic behind not wanting to shoot TO to become a pro when becoming a pro means you have to shoot only TO. If TO is so terrible why would you want to be a Pro at all? It is hard not to agree with Jesse's logic. It a question of do you want to race or just play. Both comprise our sport and both are equally important. 3gun nation is the only shooting sport that puts value in both and takes care of both at the prize table.
  7. I would like to hear about the point series list, especially the Nationals. It seems a shame to leave them out of the points series as it hurts the shooters on the west coast and other than the prize table it was a great match.
  8. I am glad you moved it to Spring. This match really tuned up my shotgun skills for the season in addition to being a lot of fun.
  9. Now that's a cool idea that you must have 25 or so for that division to be counted for points. That is the way USPSA matches award winners by class. The 3gun nats had the best stages I shot all year they were very creative challenges. I know they were talking about the same guy doing the stages so I thought it would be a shame to not get points for such a good match....as far as the stages I know Pete and Chad will tune the 3GN program this year given they have already done such a great job with our sport, so for me it's just a matter of waiting and seeing as I trust their judgement
  10. I can agree with that. I would add for the OP that next year all (4) of the Pro matches will be 3GN Pro only events. I would assume that the semi-pro series would continue in the outlaw matches to make a group eligible for the 2014 qualifier. +1 Put my name in the hat for agreeing to that, or at least they have to shoot one of their scores as Tac Ops. The majority of the top 20 in semi-pro shot matches in other divisions. Did someone say squirrel...where..how many...are they bringing the nuts for the ice cream?
  11. Does anybody know if the USPSA Nationals are going to be a part of the 3-gun Nation point series? The stages were great last year but that is a lot of money to travel to Vegas for 3 days and not get any points for the match.
  12. Or maybe tuxedo half shirts.....in the Kentucky tradition
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