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  1. Hi all, Matt Burkett is coming back to Richmond, CA to put on another 2-Day Practical Shooting class. The instruction will have a competition focus (IPSC, IDPA, etc.), but it will also cover much that is applicable to defensive pistol use. For those not familiar with Matt, he is a national champion IPSC and 3-gun shooter who has been providing instruction and instructional DVDs for several years now. The words of one of his shooters sum it up nicely: "This brings up an interesting aspect of training with Matt Burkett. While he’s a very talented instructor and a truly gifted competitor, his ability to instantly and accurately diagnose what you’re doing as you shoot might well be his most surprising ability. His unerring and repeated ability to stop a shooter, point out a small improvement, and immediately have accuracy go up, or time go down, was truly astonishing. Combine this with the fact that he shoots at the highest level the sport knows, and you’ve got an instructor who can take you the limit of your ability-in my case, even beyond what I thought I could ever do." Subjects that may be covered include: Current Skills Evaluation Equipment choice and set-up Ammunition reloading for competition Shooting Platform Target acquisition and transition Sights – types and usage Draw – all types including awkward positions Reloads – from belt and off tables Strong and weak hand draws and shooting Trigger control Group shooting Shooting positions Movement – into and out positions Shooting on the move Developing a mental game Handling match nerves and pressure Visualization Goal setting Drills for live/dry fire practice Setting up a training regimen Skills Test at end of class ------------- Dates are Friday, May 18th and Saturday, May 19th. The optional USPSA match is Sunday, May 20th. ------------- Location is the Richmond Rod & Gun Club in Richmond, California ------------- The cost is $495 + $20 range fee ------------- *** As a side benefit, Matt will stay over and shoot in Richmond's USPSA Limited match on Sunday, May 20th. Class students wishing to compete will have first choice for shooting on Matt's squad and utilizing the techniques learned in class. Please note that match fees are not included in the cost. Class will be limited to 12-15 students and usually sells out quickly. To register for the class, you can either call 866-Gun-DVDS or 602-790-8838 or registering online here (www.mattburkett.com under training) or by sending me an email me with your contact information and a spot will be reserved for you. Questions? Feel free to contact me at cachia@gene.com or check out Matt's website at http://www.mattburkett.com. Steve Cachia
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