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  1. We don't need to be like NASCAR! Changing rules every year, even during the year, to keep "EVERYONE" on a level playing field. The LEO's that shoot with us, shoot their duty guns. They make the choice to keep doing that or decide to go to another division and equipment because its fun and improves their gun handling skills immensely...
  2. A LH Buddy shooting a PSA AR9 found TC Accessories brass deflector is good for keeping stuff from hitting your face when shooting left handed. I'm a lefty and the debris coming back at my face was the first thing I noticed when trying his PCC. After the TC accessories piece was added, it didn't seem to be an issue. It was the A3 style piece, you can mount where it the most effective. Powder choice plays a big part in reducing the "debris" coming back. Faster is better for blowbacks.
  3. Bingo! Desktop was locked. Thanks all for the help! John
  4. yep, I can drag and drop the new icon just fine. Tap and hold the old one doesn't bring up the popup box. Is there a setting locking any changes to the "special desktop"? john
  5. when I update app from 1.3.8 to 1.3.14 the "new" PS shortcut isn't on my home page. Old one is still there just deactivated. I can get the new one added to the home page, my question is how can I remove the old shortcut from the home page?
  6. If you can't ride the safety with your thumb, these come highly recommended! No more accidental safety movement. Scott was easy to deal with.
  7. Yep, had the same problem. Like was already said, fully push the shell thru the elastic holder. If you leave the shell so it isn't all the way thru the elastic (Hey, I can grab it better this way), the recoil combined with the tension of the elastic on the end of the shell, tends to squirt 'em out like a water melon seed. When you need it...low and behold it isn't there or it has moved (closer to the moving bolt handle).
  8. We held a Multi Gun match today. Temps started out 8-9* then eventually made low 20's by the time the match was over. Cold depletes batteries faster.. but leaving the WiFi on the Nook when not needed, positively DRAINS them. You should still be able to do a match w/o the Nook shutting off cuz of low power. We try to keep them inside jackets with the back of the Nook to the shooter when not scoring. Seemed to work ok. We have bought some hand warmers to hold on the nooks, just didn't use them today. 4 stages, 2 relays of 12 shooters. Need some type of pouch to keep them in with the warmer(like stated above, just something waaaay cheaper.) Our Nook's have a leatherette cover on them BTW. John
  9. Anybody have contact info to so I can get a Rim Edge C More mount for the 22/45?? thanks, John
  10. The slide is marked 40 or 9. So putting on a 40sw slide on a 9mm frame, then putting the 40 to 9 conversion barrel in it would not be Production legal. Technically, swapping a complete 9mm top end onto a 40 M&P frame would not be legal either. But unless the chrono guy(inspector) has a list of serial numbers per caliber only you would know any different.
  11. I'm not entirely sure it's "another one" if you look at the web page here: http://www.nelsoncustomguns.com/22lr-conversion/ You can see they clearly tout "Designed by Bob Marvel" which would lead me to believe that they are using the same basic blueprints, but we all know that implementation can vary widely from vendor to vendor. Would be interesting to see what all will interchange between these. Ideally I could wind up running the Nelson mags in my Tac Sol upper. NightHawk also has their version of the "Designed by Bob Marvel" .22 conversion available... these are the latest (Gen2)version of the original Marvel Prec.. conversion. There are subtle packaging diffs/options tween them.
  12. For info on that "Tommy Gun" you like the looks of, try http://abernathygunworks.com Jeff Abernathy is the one I believe that built that "TommyGun" Good luck on your 1911 hunt.
  13. I'll add my .02 worth to this...Tim has gone above and beyond with great customer service, in answering questions AND fast shipping. John
  14. By the looks of the pic, I'd say it's healing pretty well. I lost a little bit more than you did, I've barely got a nail at all... You'll be good to go soon. Dryfire at first to get the feel of the trigger again(or lack of). I have a bit more take up on my triggers now. Little or no take up can surprise you...Trust me, your finger tip will just be numb. Sensitivity will come back, just not right away. Practice a bit before heading back to matches and you'll be fine. With off season coming up, maybe you'll be able to take in indoor match if available. (takes the cold out of the equation). Good luck! John
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