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  1. Last week's ending was tragic...but true, everyone dies sooner or later.
  2. Yes, a bunch of my buddies chipped in on a Dillon press to reload ourselves
  3. Congratulations! You'll be very happy...Merry Christmas!
  4. I need to save up for an open after seeing all these pictures!
  5. The shootout in his house was amazing
  6. Excellent movie, one of the years best easily
  7. Another recommendation for Benny Hill.
  8. I was wondering if USSA Custom limited pistols by Kevin Toothman are worth the hefty price. I believe their pistols start at $3900.00. They're great looking pistols but I can almost purchase two Benny Hill guns for the price of one of theirs. Thanks for the time.
  9. I've owned two Nighthawks (Talon III and GRP) and will say they are the best single stack 1911's I've ever owned.
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