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  1. Everyone lists the slide stop as wear item. Is it prone to breakage?
  2. Thank you both! Answers like this are the best part of any forum.
  3. I traded for a new Shadow 2 optics ready pistol. What wear parts should I keep on hand?
  4. I've narrowed down the slide milling to a couple of options but no one seems to have plain black suppressor height sights to fit the Sig. Will the front sight .395" Tall x .125" Notch Width Serrated and the rear sight .400" Tall x .125" Wide Ramped Serrated from Dawson be tall enough to be seen over the RMR?
  5. No, I haven't seen them. Thanks.
  6. Thank you again. I wasn't aware of http://www.mapleleaffirearms.com/sig-p320-optic-cut-trijicon-rmr/
  7. Thank you. I'll check with them as well.
  8. I've bought it already. They have more in stock.
  9. I'd like to thank everyone for their advice. I'm going to go with the full size slide and have it cut to fit.
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