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  1. I have the rail for the Para, it was fitted by Rich@CGW as part of the build. Any particular set of Weaver rings needed? Thanks, Joel
  2. Gents; Thanks for the info on optics and rules, much appreciated. The Simmons looks good for first use. Does CDNN sell a mount (Pica. Rail) for the scope? Joel
  3. Thinking about using an optic for my FAL Para. What would be best all around for 3-gun? And a good source for one? Are optics allowed in He-man? Thanks, Joel
  4. Are the Scout Squad MIA and SOCOM MIA fully legal in USPSA Rifle Standard Div, or will mods have to be made? Thanks, Joel
  5. For those of you interested in getting an HP Infrared printer (HP 82240B) for use with PACT timers, etc, it is listed as available at the Midway USA website, and also in the Midway catalog. The product # is 243-808. I got mine in the mail today...
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