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  1. I have a 550 that I got years ago and a 1050 that I picked up used about 4 years ago. The 550 is used for everything but 40 cal which I use the 1050 for. Cheers, Jim
  2. Ironman

    Comming Back

    Thanks for the responces. Yesterday I spent 2 hours reloading and 4 hours at the range and 2 hours cleaning up the guns when I got home. What a perfect day! Now it's back to work... Jim
  3. Ironman

    Comming Back

    Hi, I just checked and my last post was in January of 2004. Family, Work and Four Wheeling has occupied most of my time for the last year. A couple of weeks ago my son said that he would like to start shooting at competitions again so here we go. It's time to practice, practice, practice and start reading my favorite forum. It's nice to see that most of you are still here and just as ornery as ever. I look forward to chatting with you again. Jim
  4. RTB, I thought that Benny learned his stuff at S_I. I will be talking to Benny when it is time to build the 6". Gotta share the wealth and for this round Sandy is the man. Thanks for the tip though. Jim
  5. A bit of silver solder on the pin makes it permanent and my save you some grief if the rifle was inspected by an officer of the law. Jim
  6. Update, I am sending my gun back to SVI and they will replace the safety because I am still having problems getting it to stay put. Shipping and fixing are free. Atta-boy Sandy and my thanks to Taran for his help. Jim
  7. That is great to hear Jon. I am still having trouble with the safety and will try using a C-clamp this time (tried a soft rubber mallet last time). The Chinese finger lock is trying to get the best of me... Jim
  8. One more vote for this trick setup for the 1050. Jim
  9. Happy Birthday SL and may you have many many more. Jim
  10. I agree with all the comments regarding the 550. That was my first Dillon about 16 years ago. I have since gotten a 1050 and feel the investment was well worth it but I still use the 550 for everything except 40 cal. due to the cost of the caliber conversion on the 1050 plus I already have the caliber conversions for the 550. As far as the getting the Redding Die goes I just got one and the only reason is that my son shoots a Glock and I now shoot an SVI. They require a different OAL so it just makes my life a little easier. Jim
  11. I had my ambi safety come loose at the range yesterday and was having a heck of a time getting both sides to lock together. I called SVI and left a message yesterday and this morning Sandy called me back to walk me through it. I had figured it out but I was impressed by his quick and personal response. Double thumbs up for SVI costumer service. Jim
  12. Rino LMAO I will start to go to the local match (Linea de Fuego) twice a month and get classified. It is amazing that in shooting matches for about a year that I never hit enough classifiers to qualify. More dry fire More practice at the range And most important HAVE FUN! Happy New Year, Jim
  13. Leroy I am glad that you are OK. I have always gone slow and easy when I reload. I relax and take each pull easy. I am in no hurry. This may or may not have caused your problem and you did not tell us if you were trying to set a new record. My friend tends to go fast and has problems from time to time using the exact same equipment. One question that I have is do you have your reloader mounted on a sturdy bench? I hope you resolve your problem with the 650. I use a 1050 and a 550 both of which have proven to be excellent reloading press's. Jim
  14. Definitely a Generalist. I like all types of shooting including small bore, black powder, shotgun, pistol, and revolver. I tend to spend a lot more time shooting my limited blaster right now but often I take a long rifle and a shotgun along just to mix things up a bit. Jim
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