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  1. I have used a solution of 50/50 regular hydrogen peroxide and vinegar on leaded baffles in a suppressor. It works great. 15 minutes and the stuff liquifies. It is probably highly toxic in this state, so I wear appropriate nitrile gloves and conduct the soaking outside. I have run a patch of this solution thru leaded barrels, let sit for 15 minutes, brush a couple times, wipe clean, and then use conventional solvents for the final rinse. For me it beats trying to abrade the stuff out. Be advised some people have posted on the net regarding this solution that it might pit steel, though I haven't seen that with my uses. YMMV
  2. All: I have a Super 1050 that came in 40 caliber, and I bought a 223 conversion. Anybody have an idea what I should ask for the rig? It isn't a year old. Thanks.
  3. Yesterday the sunlight must have been just right as the red reticle was hardly visible. So, my prior postings are modified to show this.
  4. Anybody here tried to order and Bear Creek bullets lately? There is a huge banner on their site saying not accepting orders for 4 weeks. It's been on the site for at least a couple of months. Are they still making black bullets for sale, and if so, how does one go about ordering them?
  5. I guess the question is, is the LIT red donut visible outside, in bright sunlight? Older models, they were not. Perhaps there are variances in construction or something. On mine, for sure on the higher settings the dot and donut part are quite apparrent. The crosshairs part is not illuminated.
  6. I don't know about the older ones, as I have never seen one. The present version does have a lit "donut and dot" reticle. It is relatively clear, and useful. HTH>
  7. I really hate those certain competitors who sit on their a$$es at a match while only a few help out with brassing and resetting targets. I guess they are "special."
  8. Why didn't the primer blow out of the primer pocket? There is nothing like a breechface to keep it intact?
  9. I don't get it.... dramatic chipmunk?
  10. I'm pretty sure there is a match at Aurora on Saturday, 3 gun. Usually Pueblo has one on Sunday, but I don't see one on the schedule for this weekend.
  11. As with points and all of that... remember the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism, #1 Life is suffering, #2 suffering is caused by attachment. (There are others of course)... If you don't get too attached to any particular woman it works better for you. In my experience it is better to have and maintain close relationships with many at the same time... its good to keep one's distance. IF they find out the arrangement, it kindles an aggressive competitive spirit, and they go out of their way to prove that they are better than the others... NO demerits, no points, no nothing. Just keep them back on their heels and you won't have to.
  12. I was going to say that about the bipod. Is there a way to remove it or make it somehow unuseable so you could shoot in scoped tactical? It would be a shame to be bumped to open class without having full-ou open equipment. Looks like a neat gun, though. Personally I love ARs (especially the piston operated ones that are easy to clean). But, whatever floats your boat! What you like is what's important. The bipod is easily removable. As far as classes, you know what? For me, this is all about the fun. I will be in the bottom 10 percent of any classification, any tactical, open, iron sights... regardless of the class I shoot in. It's not like the equipment will make me any more competitive than any other equipment: the limitation is my own skills, which are not all that great, nor am I particularly inclined to let that get in the way of me having fun shooting these games. It is so funny how pride and conceit often work to deprive one of his best performance viewed from within, and deprive one of the moment. I don't have many "moments" left in this life. I appreciate the equipment advice, really I do... but the advice assumes several "givens" which are not part of spherical geometry, only of planar geometry. Each win only creates another potential loss, and the need to prove oneself at something that really doesn't matter on the grand scheme of things over and over and over again to an audience of judges who really don't matter, IMO. If I want to win at all costs, I go to work. If I want to have fun, I go shooting. This is simply a game. A game where I see how well I do, laugh at my mistakes, greet old friends and BE HAPPY. When any of these ingredients ceases to accompany my trips to the range, I'll sell my stuff and take up fishing or flying kites. Maybe macrame or gardening. You all are great competitors. I am not. Namaste.
  13. Nah that's bachelor home decor... no need to dust, just place it in the dishwasher occasionally with the cat bowl and your Glock.
  14. This is my other one in 308. It is quite heavy by comparison, and unbelievably expensive to shoot these days. Thing is bloody accurate though. Muzzle brake makes a difference. The magazine change speed detriment lost to the AR series is really pretty minor from my perspective. I'm still trying to hit the targets, and transition from one to another quickly. And Jerry Miculek I am definitely not. It is fun to watch those really fast guys, and I can admire their game. But as Michael Jordan is to the playground orangeball player, is Miculek to me. -- Besides, once it starts to become competitive, it becomes more work than play.
  15. Well, after much struggle and gnashing of teeth, I think I have my 3 gun rifle. To some it will seem idiotic, and to others maybe "OK", but to me, after half a year of saving and working on it, I think I'm just about there. Since it is all in fun, and I am definitely NOT competitive, I don't see any equipment choice I might make as a hindrance in any possible combination of worlds in which I live. I bought a Vector V93 rifle, which is a clone of the HK 93. There are good points and not so good points about this choice over the AR15 series which dominate the sport. First good point is that it is not an AR15. I know that you guys with the AR platform can shoot rings around me, that there are a gazillion parts and accessories for that platform, and that there are many other virtues of that rifle from an objective standpoint. It's just that I don't like 'em. Never have. They just don't do it for me. Second thing is that this platform has nearly indestructible magazines. True the AR has inexpensive magazines, but these are really solid by comparison. Unfortunately they are also expensive. Ugh. Oh well, buy quality once and forget the price, buy poor quality and be reminded of the price each time you use it. Mag changes are anything but fast, as you sort of have a miscegenous union of the AR magwell and an AK or M14 "rocking motion" insertion of the magazine. Again, this is not a huge issue, and if it should become one, there is always a Beta C mag. LOL! Third point is the neat arrangement for the fitment of a bipod on the forward handguard. The bipod is a really handy setup and folds back neatly into the handguard when not in use. I really like the delayed roller blowback design from an engineering standpoint also, and the rifle is quite light with that narrow profile barrel. The not so good points are some unique aspects of the rifle, the fitment of scope bases, the sometimes awkward reach for the charging handle up by the front sight, and the gawd-awful trigger. For some the ergos just don't work right, but for me they seem to do ok. I purchased one of those Millett DMS scopes for the rifle, which is really nice, and placed it in a LaRue Tactical extended eye relief scope mount to be in turn mounted on a weaver style base for the rifle. The scope mount gave me some fits and starts, but I think I have it nearly figured out. The Bill Springfield trigger job has to be felt to be believed, and it rectifies one of what I perceive to be the biggest "minuses" that go with this rifle. All that is left to my way of seeing things is a rubber buttpad so it stays put in my shoulder and a muzzle brake of some sort. This latter presents some problems due to the way in which the flash hider attaches to the barrel on this rifle. It has a little spring like gizmo protruding into the threaded portion of the barrel, which engages some teeth machined into a ring machined into the barrel. It is easy to remove and reinstall by hand, which is a plus in someone's book, but it is unique, which is a minus when you try to find parts to work in this application. The replacement brake will necessarily need one of these engagement methods I think. The HK 3 point sling is sort of strange at first, but on those stages where a sling is required, it is a good choice, easy to use, and durable. Anyways, enough of the blabber, here are some photos. They hopefully they convey an idea fo where I hope to go with this project.
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