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  1. We've been doing exactly that with HS6 and AutoComp for years. Hodgdon's max load for HS6 with a 124 gr bullet is 6.6 gr. Everyone I know who has been shooting major uses 7.8-8.1 gr. I know many who have shot this load for years. AutoComp max is listed as 5.4 and most guys I know have been running low to mid 7 grs since the powder was released. Point being, building a 9 Major load is so far off the loading charts it makes the powder manufacturers scratch their heads but has been done without adverse effects for a decade. The key is to start low and work up slowly while carefully observing for signs of problems.
  2. OK, guess I'll do this the hard way: CFE Pistol - 5 rd strings wt(gr) avg vel PF 6.5 1296 160.8 7.0 1338 165.9 7.2 1380 171.2 7.4 1406 174.3 7.6 1432 177.5 I used both Fed SPP and Win SRP. The Fed's flattened slightly at 7.4 and 7.6 gr. The SRP's showed no pressure signs
  3. Hmmm. Attached an XL sheet. Is that not possible here?
  4. I've been searching for a place to start in developing a 9 major load with the new CFE Pistol. This new powder seems to promise (depending on availability, of course) load possibilities for several calibers. I couldn't find any load development posted so I weighed out some different loads and went to the range with pistol and chrono in hand. As stated, powder was Hodgdon CFE Pistol Handgun was a mostly stock STI Grandmaster, 5 inch barrel, no holes Bullets were Montana Gold 124 gr JHP-CMJ Brass was new Remington +P Conditions were: overcast, 76 degrees All loads were individually weighed I also tested some minor loads to check how the powder would run through my Dillon 650 in my normal, higher volume process. Results are also included in the chart.
  5. Wilsoncreek

    RTS 2

    That is one gorgeous pistol.
  6. Again, this is the same weekend as MU graduation and motel rooms are already booked up. Where will competitors stay?
  7. First time to A5. What do we need to know about transporting firearms into and out of IL? Are locked cases required? Thnx Dave
  8. Is that Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time?
  9. Thanx for the info, gents. Looks like the Racemaster needs to be first on the list for research. Going to take a look at the COM, too. Kampr, could you post another pick of that modified TecLok? I think I'll probably want to construct something similar. Dave
  10. Making the transition from TacOptic to Open in MultiGun. I have always used a full Kydex holster for my handgun for security but in moving to Open I'm wondering what my options are. I have the CR holster I use for USPSA but am uncomfortable with the multiple axis movement often required in multigun. What are you Open guys using?
  11. Hoowah! Me and my bro hillbillies will be there! For the eighth straight year! One of the best matches of the year!
  12. Great match, great people, great lessons on how (and how not) to shoot a rifle!! Who knew you could make such challenging rifle stages on primarily pistol bays. Thanx to Trapr, Kurt, and an excellent troup of RO's. Squad 3 rocks!! Are the final results going to be posted somewhere? Dave
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