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Looks can be decieving. I’ve noticed the @waltherarms #q5match shoots a bit softer than the 5” PPQ, but it has slightly more flip, too. Now I see why. Scored a used 5” PPQ M2 for $475 and broke the scale out. Only 5.4% more mass, but you can feel it subtly. • • • Q5 slide has more metal removed where you can see, but the 5” #PPQ has some agressive internal lightening of it’s own and actually weighs less. I believe the 5” #ppqm2 is the best #Walther to mill for Carry Optics or for Production, if you aren’t after the new hotness #q5sf, of course. • • • (I like dots milled down deeply into the slide and machinists can get a deeper cut on the gun that doesn’t have drilled/tapped holes for the adapter plate. So the reason I chose originally chose the Q5 was it’s supposed lighter slide! • • • #winwithwalther #waltherppq #waltherarms #waltherq5match @walthercompetitionshooting @walther_enthusiasts @hkimshooting @tacgirlmichelle @cao_shooting @danielthompsonshooting

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