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  2. Welcome to the forums. Where do you shoot at?
  3. Apologies if this has been covered - i can pick up a P09 pretty cheap. I want to keep it basic and budget. With a just a $88 CGW hammer and a competition spring set and basic polishing, what type of trigger pull weights can I expect in DA and SA? I don’t want to go for the full CGW kit, at least at first. Thanks.
  4. Federal Champion 9mm plated 115gr bullets, fire 6 out of 7 remove moonclip last bullet has left the case and is in cylinder free bore. Bullets drop through the free bore easily.
  5. This has been an informative thread, and now I have decided that I need one even more than I thought I did previously [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. When I looked at it with a locked back slide, I figured rounds would go straight forward into the chamber based on alignment alone. But when I slowly hand cycle the rounds don't really nosedive, but they do hit the feedramp first then climb into the chamber.
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  8. Calling one’s shots is a necessary but difficult skill to master. Requires work, repetition, and concentration. But calling the shot is only part of the equation. Besides recognizing where the shot went by seeing the sight lift, one must be able to simultaneously determine if the shot was acceptable and if it wasn’t, immediately fire a makeup shot. This second part has been as difficult for me as the first.
  9. CDRNorth

    P320 X5 Thread

    Mine was 3.75lbs with the gg kit and trigger. With the Keres, it is 4.25lbs. Taken from the middle of the trigger shoe. After adjusting the screws, there is virtually no take up and the total trigger travel is 1/8 inch.
  10. You must be referring to Gabe White. I saw him shoot at Area 1 this year. Pretty impressive.
  11. i'm a ASP guy--single digit SDs under summer's 145gr/.357"
  12. So, I'm really happy with the shape and feel of the rifle. Now it's time to make it look good. Here is the first coat of tinted clear done by Cen Cal Cerakote. After I shoot this weekend, it goes back for more clear and color. Going for a blood red and black theme.....
  13. Make USPSA great again.... Keep the division in the divisions.
  14. With the new design SV Infinity tubes, what is the best TTI follower? Is the ultra thin reliable? They talk about tuning required, is this just for lock back? Thanks.
  15. The ergo's are quite good. The overall package that is offered is quite good, ie nice grip angle decent texture, excellent serrations fore and aft. The problem lies in the trigger. Its garbage, like, pure garbage. Its just plain bad. After a bazillion rounds (rentals) the triggers tend to clean up a bit but they're still heavy. Couple this with almost no aftermarket support (as you mentioned) and we are left with a platform that is hard to set up for gun games. To the best of my knowledge no one even makes a recoil rod so that we can tune the recoil impulse to our ammo. THAT right there is a MAJOR reason for me why im hesitant to put down money on one.
  16. Actually that all depends on whos shooting limited and production. When we had more heat in production it was not uncommon at all for production to have higher hit factors than limited. Also for a while our regular limited winner was shooting a G34 from concealment. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  17. I really, REALLY like this. What would you do about gear placement on belts?
  18. I have read Lannys book(a few times), and I listen to Steve Anderson’s podcast, last year I took a demotion and got a 8 dollar a hour raise, right now in my work I want to be the best, been there before but not now, harping on the negatives is a super hard thing to break, doing so is IMHO is the single biggest hurdle, once you are able to focus on positives, and think objectively on solutions the world is yours, my self image has grown, problem is my shooting is not my focus, work is, the conscience mind can only do 1 thing at a time.
  19. I’m currently shooting IDPA CDP and also running a Glock 17 with a Carver Aimpoint Mount and Comp for my local bowling pin/plate league. I want to jump into USPSA next year and would like to shoot open. What’s everyone’s opinion of the STI DVC O in 9mm Major as an out of the box Open pistol? Also, if anyone is running this setup, what are you favorite loads in 124gr? Thanks! Bob
  20. Hi! New guy checking in. Currently shooting IDPA, Bowling pin/plate league and wanting to get into USPSA next year. Used to shoot a lot of IDPA and 3 gun 15 years ago and then life got in the way and I quit shooting competitively. Recently sold my business and retired and I’m really enjoying shooting competitively again. Thanks for a great forum!
  21. I wear contacts when I shoot. I do carry eye drops in my bag in the event my eyes do get dry. Its rare that my eyes get dry. What kind of contacts are you using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I've loaded close to 15000 of them so far. I like them better than Winchester. No problems.
  23. just check it in or leave it at home and just use a regular back pack.
  24. I run 9mm 147 and with a 8 lb spring and have no issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I miss the run what you brung days. Loved showing up to matches and see the other guys new gear
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