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  2. Make your own. For about that price you can take Bruce Piatt’s class, and buy all the parts and tools. I’m planning to do a final acid etch on mine (Damascus slide) tomorrow and all ready for my 45th.
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    Yes, that's my point. You might be thinking to just slide parts together in a dry gun, but that's not what the OP said he was doing.
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  5. Casual is fine, jeans and polo shirt used to be the norm. If you wear a tux you will stand out, if you wear a speedo you’ll be thrown out.
  6. What would be the standard attire for the banquet? I don't wanna stick out any more than normal.
  7. these are the books I learned with and suggest them to anyone.
  8. once you start seeing the target instead of looking for the sites you will be shocked
  9. I like, wish I wasn't sidelined. I Would def need one of these
  10. Good deal thanks. You set it up just barely touching the shell plate?
  11. It's not like the U DIE but it sizes fine without having to run it again on a U - die.. I use the MA 40 Cal die
  12. bronson630

    P320 X5 Thread

    Are there any issues that could occur by shortening the travel of the trigger? I just installed the keres trigger and it seems good but I wasn’t sure if removing the pretravel and over travel could cause any issues.
  13. Getting ready to switch to my 40 cal mighty armory sizing die. Guys using Wayne’s dies is this die like the u die or do I still have to use u die then the MA die. I think it sizes down further than the u die if I am not mistaken.
  14. Order from Shooters connection or Dawson today and you should have it by Tues or Wed . That should give you time to install, tune it and test it for any fine tuning. Just a Thought! Answer to your ? No I wouldn't use a broken ejector.
  15. Just to confirm, what oal do you load to specifically? Thanks, Kg
  16. I'm proud to say I have only left Florida 5 times in the last 24 years. For the 20 years before that always gone.
  17. Zack, we have several outlaw matches. We are discussing a Steel Challenge format so our shooters can shoot official stages without having to drive distances to find official matches. Plus we think it would be a good draw for more shooter attendance.
  18. Zack, outlaw match has no resemblance at all to Steel Challenge. Outlaw (ours) Stages have from 10 to 40 targets....Texas Star, spinners, poppers and plate rack, etc. in this poll, Steel Challenge would be an official Tier 1 match with all classifiers vs outlaw meaning dropping off a load of targets per stage in random order and count. Completely different. Thanks
  19. Did ever get your ejecting issue resolved.. I'm having the same issue with mine that I just took delivering on..??
  20. For obvious reasons I voted for Steel Challenge. What type of match are you referring to as an "Outlaw Steel Match" surely you're not talking about using official Steel Challenge stages and rules, right?
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