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  2. Wow. I just got back from the World Speed Shooting Championship. I certainly didn’t expect that this thread would still be active. Actually it’s not vital information or at all relevant. Except to demonstrate how much volunteer effort I put into the match beyond just being an RO, and was still treated poorly. And for the record I declined the customary concession of being “comped” for the match. I paid the same match be that everyone else did. I never saw a WSB while carrying in walls. Yes, when carrying in and setting up walls, we deliberately placed the one wall with the port that had a hinged door in a specific position on the stage. It did appear as though the intention was for the port door to be closed. But when your squad walks into the room where the stage is set up, and the port door is open, and someone asks “ does the port door have to be closed?” and you read the written stage brief to the squad, which does not state the condition of the port door, what do you do? Particularly when you’ve got four certified ROs and the section coordinator all in agreement that if the condition of the porch door is not specified in the WSB, then it’s up to the shooter. But speaking of omitted details Larry, I notice that you failed to mention that when you rolled up on your cart to ream me out in front of the entire squad, myself and my squad were rebuilding the classifier stage that the squad before us had torn down before our squad had a chance to shoot it. I wonder how that possibly could’ve happened? The entire match was quite the dumpster fire of administrative problems. Hard to believe an MD and CRO with all the years of experience you’re always quick to remind people you have could have allowed such things to take place. It’s also laughable to suggest that this is the first complaint you’ve ever received. After you drove away on your cart everyone just shook their heads and said “ that’s Larry.” Some were heard to say “that’s why I will never RO a match here.” There’s no shortage of people that I’ve talked to that have an inexcusable story about some run in with Larry. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t think I made a bad call, and what I did was supported by the rules. I think there’s an argument that can be made that I should have gone out to find Larry to fix the problem in the WSB. Radios people...radios. Particularly if there’s not going to be an RO walk through. The larger issue here is how Larry chose to handle it. Hopefully he chooses to hand over the reins to others sooner than later. I’ve heard way too many stories like this one that of happened other people. As far as I’m concerned the matter is closed. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. The issue I see here, is that there's lots of anecdotes about how things 'feel' and how much dot movement you see.... What I don't see is times/HF. IMO shoot a few drills that require different skills (entry/exit, shoot on the move, etc.) and see what works better. If you're running to a spot, standing place, and shooting a pair, fine.... but then you're not competitive anyways, so who cares about 135 vs. 145 PF
  4. Find a group of friends and rent a storage locker in PA. That's what some of us in the People's Republic of NJ do.
  5. Holding trigger while manually racking the slide the trigger does not reset. Good catch.
  6. There is a great yt video from Robert Burke that breaks down all measurement differences. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. If they’re operating it as a USPSA match under the regular USPSA rulebook, Level 1 and 2 matches can already have courses longer than 32 rounds - the restriction to 32 rounds max is for Level 3 and above (rule The upcoming JP PCC match (USPSA Level 2 match) has 2 stages with 40 rounds and a stage with 60 rounds. As for the 8 rounds required from any location or view, I don’t have a problem with the idea of adding an exception, but you’d probably need to make the exception for any all hi-cap match. There aren’t very many (pretty much just Nationals), but they do exist. How would you propose rewording the rule to accommodate this?
  8. It's a good plan, take one of the biggest most popular divisions and split it into two smaller ones. But, no there aren't a ton of "untapped participants" holding out because there isn't a limited minor division. Shoot Prod, PCC, CO, SS, or Revolver if you want to shoot minor. Hell shoot Limited minor if you're only shooting level-1's anyway it wont really matter that much. If someone wants to be serious about limited they'll get the right gear, just like any other division. Otherwise don't worry about changing things so much. Find the division you like and shoot it. Oh, and there is already a place for Limited minor, it's called IDPA-ESP. Boom, problem solved. Case capacity.
  9. Counting shots and having my plan go sideways for whatever reason reminds me of something I heard Mike Tyson say during an interview. "Everybody has a plan until they get hit".
  10. Is there an off button on the dpp? any problems with the battery life with the auto on?
  11. 3.2gr Sport Pistol, SNS 147gr RNFP, 1.130 oal - 134 PF 3.4gr W231, SNS 147gr RNFP, 1.130 oal - 132PF Both group free hand 1.5 inch at 20 yards
  12. Cajun gun works sent me a guide rod cut for the P10f and a 15lb recoil spring. I haven’t shot much with this combo yet but so far it is a lot better than the stock recoil spring. I can keep the dot in the middle 3rd or so of the DPP. It never leaves the window but that is also with a death grip as well.
  13. That's a great idea, but for all 8 stages that would be cost prohibitive as an individual. Rectangular hot roll steel is $25 per foot. A cheaper way could be PVC drain pipe and the 2x4 could be wedged into it.
  14. I count the stage like music, when walking through a stage. If you know how to count music, you will know what I mean. Its really only to find out the pace that I am going to shoot certain targets at. ie: 3 uspsa up close targets, will be at a pace of 1 te, 2 te, 3 te . 3 uspsa long targets 25yds and beyond, would be at a pace at 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 music people will know what I am talking about, then plan your reloads, but this counting method is used to burn the pace of the stage in, before you shoot it....
  15. I did not bench test it but I am able to keep a 1.5" group at 20 yards freestyle with this load. I shot a USPSA match this weekend with it and had no issues. I will look the gun over tonight to see how dirty it is in 300 rounds compared to my older w231 load
  16. Got my SC belt last week. I was able to cut it over the weekend. I actually scored the nylon with a new razor, all the way around, so it wouldn't tear and fray. When I went to bend it to separate it, the piece snapped off cleanly. Worked out really well. Cauterized the nylon with a soldering iron, then burnt through for the ratchet mounting screws and tee nuts. Cam out great!
  17. I have several 1911 single stack guns and a 2011 Limited gun in 9mm. All are 100% reliable, accurate, and a pleasure to shoot. If you have one built or set up by someone who knows what he's doing, there won't be any issues.
  18. One of the requirements to being a revolver shooter is you must have a sense of humor.
  19. Round count for l1 and l2 matches can be higher than 32
  20. Do you mean at one position or one on each of the shooting positions?
  21. You can re upload to practiscore as well as submit a correction to USPSA if the report file was already uploaded.
  22. Does anyone know if it's possible to edit in someone's USPSA number into Practiscore after the match results have been posted? Or ultimately have that number in for the USPSA upload. Someone shot a decent classifier but didn't have his number in on Practiscore.
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  24. Bend some kydex and make a shield, use thermal wrap, modify some Mlok panels ...
  25. The blue is PVD from Richter Precision.
  26. Registered, paid, and squadded Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  27. I'm looking for an accurate load for my new X5 that makes IDPA power factor or better. I have blue bullets of 124, 135 and 147gr. at (.355 and .356) and a good selection of powders. The barrel is stock. Thanks for your input.
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