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  2. Thanks, right on the money. Disassembled again, realigned comp, all good now. Thanks for your help!
  3. Shooting a classifier with weak hand. Had my strong hand across my chest and my fingers touching me left shoulder. 1 per shot for supporting my weak hand,
  4. now that we can change recoil springs in ipsc, how would i do that and be legal in Production on a model that has a captured guide rod or system like in the gen 4 and 5 Glock? and i do mean ipsc. trying to make sure i have a legal gun for us ipsc nats.
  5. TSO Orange - love the 90 c-more
  6. Thanks for the reply’s and pics
  7. I wouldn't dremel, just hand sand the smooth areas if you feel you must. I think the cleaning with the acetone or alcohol is far more important to adhesion than the surface texture. My two cents... Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. I also noticed that the new projectiles I have has a diameter of 0.3995 which is slightly slimmer that the CMJs I was used to which was 0.400 but when I tried to load dummy rounds the crimped them to a diameter at the lip of the case at 0.420, I could press the projectile by hand and the bullet would slip right into the case. So I had to adjust my crimp which is now 0.418. What crimp measurement do you have?
  9. It looks like their support forum is dead? I'm getting a "this community is not available" page when I attempt to go there. My Evo is still in the box due to selling a house, buying a house, moving the house... blah, blah, blah... I'm actually considering selling it as is and getting an RL1100... maybe I'm just in a grumpy mood today...
  10. I got my S2 milled by CZC with the swappable plates and I'm glad I did, I've gone through 2 different optics already and now I am waiting for the SRO to be released and I will be mounting one of those on it.
  11. 5.25.2019 Tonight was a dry fire night with a focus on reloading while moving and static. I stated off with 2 shooting positions 7 yards apart. I would move left to right practicing getting my reload done and on target as soon as I am in position. This took some time to get the technique figured out. When I did things seemed to fall into place weather going left to right or vice versa. I set up my timer with a par time of 1.10 seconds and practiced standing reloads. I found my technique was lacking. I was dropping the gun down to much causing me to miss the reload. I back tracked and did Burkett drill to get the technique firmed up. Doing this helped tremendously. I have a match tomorrow at Arnold provided the weather cooperates. It will be my first match in a month.
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  13. You can Install and slide lock lever from a 1.0 and it will even auto forward. You have to file on the back of it so it doesn’t engage the detent on the new 2.0 frame.
  14. 5.24.2019 Today I took a 1/2 day vacation and spent it on the range with my good friend Nick getting in some good live fire practice. It's always good training with friends and I seem to get more out of the practice then by myself. Today we worked on transitions, reloads, strong and weak hand shooting and Rob Latham's drill on steel target. We set the par time at 3 seconds and quickly realized my grip had gotten lazy. Next we did the transition drill from Charlie Perez. We set up 4 targets at 7 yards. We shot T1 - T4 twice establishing a baseline of time. My splits were .20 - .23 seconds and transitions were .25 seconds average. Nick really benefitted from this drill cutting his transitions times in half. Nick really worked hard and did great job improving. We also performed the "swing drill" from Charlie. This drill really seems to help drive the gun and shoot faster once on target. We also mixed up the transition drill by going from T1 - T3 and T3 - T1. We finished up this drill by goin from T1 - T3 back to T2 and finish on T4. Next we moved to reloads, strong & weak hand shooting. We decided to set up 18-06 - For That Day. This classifier has a 15 yard bill drill on T1 (zebra target) reload and shoot strong hand only onto T3 which has a no shoot at 15 yards. String 2 has draw fire 3 shots freestyle reload and shoot 3 shots weak hand all from 15 yards. It's a tough little classifier. I was happy with my reload times and the accuracy of my strong and weak hand shooting. My biggest issue was T1. I couldn't seem to keep 6 shots in the A zone. Every time I shot T1 I would have a mike. I need to work on this. I believe my lack of a solid grip is the culprit.
  15. It's likely the comp, barrel, guiderod alignment causing a hangup.
  16. Shoot, ya, I didn't think about that. Sorry I forget about the pin differences. Sorry I couldn't help.
  17. chetc

    9mm 105gr

    i picked up a few hundred of Bayou 9mm 105gr coated bullets, load data is hard to come by, was wondering if Sport pistol would be ideal and where should i start with the charge chet
  18. Zmaniac, According to Trijicon, the SRO has the exact same footprint as the RMR.
  19. I have a CZC plate system for my CO setup, helped to have plate as the Romeo1 optic I first used broke quickly, as did the 2nd Romeo1, them changed plates and now use a Trijicon. With no further issues. So, plates let you choose different red dots to try. I sent off my new backup gun to be millled just fpr the Trijicon, as no plate allows for deeper mounting screw engagement for that optic. The plate system is ok, but only few threads of screw engagement for the optic, so if my red Loctite did not hold well, then optic would loosen and then rattle and die, along with not being able to finish that stage well. “Permanent” Loctitie worked, can still remove it from plate since only few screw thread engaged, but dedicated milled slide for that optic will hold better (snug fit front to back) once I dedicate to that optic for my 2nd backup gun. Downside is that I now want to use the larger window Trijicon SRO perhaps which may not have the same mounting as the RMR, so milled slide may not work ,but plate system on other gun always provides options. Milled slide can be lower than plates, but that is less of an issue once you practice enough, as I don’t need iron sights now for reference.
  20. "slow is smooth smooth is fast" is an old saying. It goes back to a slow hit is faster than a quick miss. Sometimes slowing down a little will help your scores.
  21. Interesting. Never encountered this and I know my brass can get loaded 15-20 times since we use a tarp when we practice. None of the rounds I recently loaded using the U-die have shown this issue so until further notice I'll stick with that die and see how it goes. I always gauge rounds before a match in any event.
  22. BMiller made my Colt QC10 one.
  23. My Surefire works great with brass ammo. I heard it can be finicky with steel. No issues with Hornsby steel match ammo though for me. A very wise person suggested a little graphite every 20 rounds eliminates issues. I leave it empty between matches.
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