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  2. Red_Dot

    CZ CO basepad

    Are you sure you’re not talking about the “CZ Custom Short Basepad”? That fits the 140mm gauge on a CZ 18 round tube. The “CZ Custom Long Basepad” will not
  3. +1 The Limcat magwell does what it says it will. I replaced the Dawson ICE on my Chaos about a month ago now. I was sticking mags in reloads often enough that I was considering how to get a plastic grip fitted to my Chaos - really frustrating. Thousands of reloads so far in dryfire, training & matches with zero stuck mags. My reload speed is back up to where it was again now that I don't have to worry about sticking the mag in the metal vise grip.
  4. My glasses are almost 10 years old and I just send lenses in and get new ones when needed. No receipt needed.
  5. mont1120

    CZ CO basepad

    The CZC basepads with the CZ tubes just passed the measurement fit gauge at the Inland Empire match. I am not sure what you mean by traditional?
  6. I was pretty impressed with the inner milling of the slide on my Gen 5. They did some neat stuff to keep the weight down but structural integrity high. Depending on what you want or plan to do, the TTI springs make the trigger REALLY nice. The TTI/stock (-) connector isnt bad if you like a rolling break, Ive settled on the dot connector for my preferred trigger feel with more of a wall.
  7. If I were building a Tanfo for CO it would be a Lim Pro if I didn’t want to mill the slide... or a Stock 2 if I did. Either way I want the freedom to run ambi safeties and henning grips if I so desire. But you know my feels. I’m all about the milling. My current CO gun:
  8. I’m cross dominant. 15+ years USPSA. Im not talking optics, but yes.
  9. Its a standard cage pushed through a hole cut in a ballcap brim with a bolt as a retaining device. I asked him on his YT channel a while back
  10. If you check out the World Speed Shoot scores you might be surprised to see that at least one VERY GOOD OPEN GUY beat his open gun times with a CO gun. So you think if the game was two on each steel the Open gun wins? In the same hands? Not so sure. I dont buy that. My premise being,...I think CO won because it’s lighter, faster, and has less recoil in minor. Which means it’s measurably faster in sight acquisition/recoil control and transitions. These factors combine to negate minor scoring over a field course. In the right hands that is.
  11. As I'm looking at the pics of these very nice PCCs the same question I was thinking of asking you has already been asked so I'll double down on it... whos safety levers are you using? Would love to see a picture of the left side. Looks like they both would give a great position to ride the safety when shooting. (Then I'll have to see if they work with Hiperfire 24c LOL)
  12. BTDT. I try to do a few dry fires when I do take it to the range to help me "realize" it's not a standard CZ75.
  13. Normal Scales - 42 grams brass scales - 120 grams Henning grips - 53 grams Stock CZC grips - 52 grams
  14. I doubt it's peaked, but we need some out-of-the-box innovation. Though I believe this with pistols in general right now. The majority seems to be some variation on the same thing - striker or hammer fired Browning tilting barrel stuff. The Laugo Arms Alien is finally something different that could be pretty interesting. Hopefully there are some more clever people out there.
  15. open minor will never be a thing.
  16. Today
  17. Andy, LGC is my home club (but I shoot at almost every club in the area) and I'll be working Ryan Rocks again this year - I'm sure I've seen you around but just don't know you. Yet. Hit me up - maybe we can be motivators for each other as I'm almost 60, a solid 40lbs overweight and really want to get my health back. I don't have a blaster as a motivator but I do have a new granddaughter that I'd like to stay around for.... Paul
  18. I saw that. I liked the looks of it and seemed very durable almost like the DARA holster I have.
  19. Fixing to check it out.
  20. Ok, thanks. I will check out Springer Precision and will most likely go with the plates. I am very pleased with my Vortex products and wouldn’t mind one on here.
  21. From a gun store here in Australia
  22. Dot helps out those of us who are cross dominant too
  23. @waktasz Matt, what mounting system are you using? Great video and nice shooting!
  24. I've been running a G35 forever in Limited. With a decent trigger, fiber sights and a frame weight it has been very fast and reliable. I trying to transition to a 2011 but between the cost of mags, the safety lever and the different grip angle, its been a challenge. If you don't want to mess with the factory parts when going to open, SJC made a bolt on compensator assembly that you can bolt a red dot onto and shoot open minor. Might be an option if you are curious about Open.
  25. I don't know about duty, but a great range holster would be Red Hill Tactical. I love mine for range and competition.
  26. Eyeballing it, that looks like its the old cut. If you really want to stick with Delta Point Pro, I have heard filing a bit from the front portion of the cutout will allow clearance to fit it (read up in the 79 page X5 thread). Otherwise, Springer Precision makes optics plates for it, that way you can run whatever you want. I went that route with Vortex Razor red dots on my wifes and my X5.
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