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  2. as i know that from 2019 sight block guns now legal for ipsc too.
  3. as i know that from 2019 sight block guns now legal for ipsc too.
  4. Tango

    Romeo1 Shroud

    Now that enough time has passed since last post, how do you guys like the Romeo 1 shroud? Is it worth getting?
  5. I'll be on the road also. Lady I talked to said some kind of tragedy occurred. No details.
  6. Strategic Edge in Chapel Hill Tennessee will host out monthly USPSA match on September 21. Registration link: https://practiscore.com/uspsa-strategic-edge-segr-september-21-2019/register Checkout our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/segruspsa/
  7. I probably should've read and replied to this more than 10 minutes after waking up. Yes the thread pitch you will need is the same as the R1 (6-48 as mentioned) just a little longer as you said (3/4"). What I meant to say originally is that the R1 screws won't work with the DPP because of length (as we've discussed) but also the head type - R1 uses a fillister head screw to clamp the optic down in the screw hole/pocket of the optic while the DPP uses a weaver oval head so the tapered head clamps down on the optic that way. Sorry for any confusion.
  8. Today
  9. Rolex

    Legion accuracy

    I use 125 JHP PD with 4.0gr SP at 1.130 OAL Excellent and dead on- IF and when I do my part.
  10. Would it not be the same thread pitch as it is when used with the R1 but just longer? Since the screw holes aren’t changing... or what am I missing? I don’t have my X5 yet, just bought a used one yesterday and want to put a DPP on it as soon as it arrives. I have a mill. Thanks
  11. Really dropping the ball here. Supposed to be out by the 15th, then that turned into the 16th. Now it's the 19th. I hate to criticize something that takes a ton of work but these should.uave been released by now.
  12. You lack muscular endurance. It is time to start lifting weights and build strength/endurance in the muscle groups that you need for shooting. My Open gun weighs 60+ oz. with 30 dummy rounds, it is ridiculous but I don't get nearly as tired as I used to
  13. All of the ejected brass had good primer hits...using CCI SPPs. The gun cycled, as it loaded the next round. Fortunately in both cases, the bullet was stuck close to the chamber and prevented the next round from seating. I didn't notices any unburned powder on the gun. The removed bullet was somewhat blackened on the sides, but that could've been from the barrel.(right?) I've assisted shooters with squibs many times, and my nylon rod usually removes the bullet easily from the barrel. This bullet was almost "welded" in there. It was seriously tough to pound out. I've always lubed by spreading the brass out on a towel and spraying them, then shaking them all together in the hanging towel. I'm using Brass Juice for lube. After lubing, the brass goes into a gallon ziplock bag for storage. They may not get loaded for several weeks as I rotate the brass. Heres another possible clue. Both of these incidents happened since June when I got my new 650. I've loaded close to 100K rounds with my old 550 using all types and calibers of bullets and never had a squib. But it's the same powder measure on both machines? Thanks for all of the help!!
  14. Take your mags apart and check the springs. I don’t know if they changed the design since I bought mine, but mine were 17 round mag springs in the shortened 10 round mag body with the super long basepad. I cut 2-3 coils off the springs. Mag loading got much easier, they could actually be seated in the gun, and there’s still plenty of spring tension. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Just pulled up my e-mail from L&M and yes 6-48. I'm on brownells right now and believe you'd want the 6-48 x 3/4" weaver oval head screws.
  16. If you're concerned, get a new frame and rebuild the pistol
  17. Think they're 6-48, but not 100%sure
  18. @broadus123 Cute pooch! I use 242 most of the time. I used a drop of red on a comp and it was a difficult piece to remove. On comps, there is another product called Rockset that gets good press. Won't break loose because of mild heat (from shooting) but will break loose with normal tools. My buddy has been using it to good effect.
  19. Are you a gunsmith? Just wanting an opinion whether there is a risk that this blows up in my hand and sends shrapnel and kaboom while shooting?
  20. That is not a bad idea! I missed out on the .44 mag this year.
  21. You don't work for BB do you? That's my next stop I'm finishing 4k extremes than jumping to bb Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  22. Atte you sure the pop want from previous round and the follow up round didn't Lodge into the land. One the round was it was the primer struck? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  23. Almost two months now. I had to stop shooting of any kind for about five months this year because I was out of the country, and when I returned I changed my gun from a regular 2011 to this heavy boat anchor of a gun.
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