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  2. Sounds like your extractor is way too tight. It may occasionally work with factory rounds, depending on brand and rim edge thickness.
  3. Just a heads up, any spring other than flatwires will cause the gun to bind up when trying to lock the slide back. The slide more or less just gets stuck with a wolff spring.
  4. And similar to the old Matt McLearn which predates all of the above.
  5. I use: MPX PCC 16”barrel SNScastingbullets.com 125g bullets RN red coated Alliant Sport Pistol powder 3.7g CCI (500) small pistol primer OAL 1.15 PF 135 very soft and accurate; no issues here Less than 1/4 inch groupings @ 30 yards Good luck
  6. still trying to find one have several shops looking but no luck yet
  7. I just got the Scopecoat for the EOTech XPS2 and 3 and it fits very well, almost as if it was made specifically for the Holosun. Thanks again for the recommendation.
  8. I just did what you said and the bullet will not fall out. I can beat the slide super hard and it doesn't fall out... Thanks for the reading material That's true. I did however shoot Speer Lawman 124. Out of the 3mags or so. It was having fail to eject issues and the magazine would not last round open. I am using the 2 factory magazines that came from Springfield.
  9. Otero Man and GregJ, I'm encouraged. I lost track of how many pounds of WST I've gone through. I use it in 9, 40, and 45 when I was loading 45. Never a problem. Always available. I'm open minded but I really don't want to learn a new press and work up new loads at the same time... GregJ, Are you using federal primers on your 1050?
  10. That’s a delta Xtreme hammer. You can tell as the cut out does not look like a heart like the stock one.
  11. Be sure that the powder bar fully travels to the opposite side of the powder measure BEFORE the handle bottoms out. If you try to minimize case flaring , it is possible that the powder bar is not going full travel. We suggest a minimum case flaring of .010" larger than a sized, unflared case mouth measures, to ensure complete movement of the powder bar. If the powder bar does not go completely over, then some powder remains in the cavity, and can vibrate out as the case is pulled off of the powder funnel. Next, push down on the edge of the shellplate at station 4. If it feels springy, then the shellplate bolt needs to be a bit tighter. THis reduces any vibrations to the shellplate that can occur when the detent ball clicks into place.
  12. No two guns/barrels are a xactly the same. I would say if your gun runs factory or other ammo then you have an ammo issue
  13. I have a 1050 with AmmoBot, no problems loading WST with 45ACP. Cant forsee any issues with 9mm. Loaded 10s thousands 9mm with W231, with no problems. I have 3 tool heads, one for 9mm, one for 45, and one for processing brass (9 and 45). I process all my brass before loading.
  14. Fo0

    Mbx pistol comp

    I don't see the similarities.
  15. Hey guys, kind of side tracked....but quick update regarding my buffer. They made a new redesign of the buffer since my gen that includes two set screws now instead of one at the piston head. Brian is a good dude and sent out the new buffers today. Excellent customer service!!
  16. Extractor issues are the most common reasons why 1911's have feeding and extraction issues. Magazines are the second most common. Make sure to check that you are sizing as far down as you can towards the case head...
  17. I thought so too but wanted to ask rather than assume. I'm not into learning two radical different ways to grab my pistol, one for some games and one for other games and for when the s#!t hits the fan
  18. Thanks for the response, Its just crazy to think that my barrel is that much different than my buddies... Guess I could crank the OAL down.. Will have to learn how to adjust extractor tension. lol Thanks
  19. Based on that, I'd say your extractor is either too loose or too tight. Take the slide off, insert a loaded round under the extractor, and shake lightly. If it falls out easily, the extractor is too loose. If it doesn't fall out at all, it is too tight. The other possibility is that you aren't sizing all the way to the base. Most rounds will chamber OK, but when you get to one that has been fired in a loose chamber, it will stick.
  20. I have a stainless RO in 9mm, and the chamber IS tight. You could have your chamber reamed, or you could simply adjust your dies to suit your RO's chamber. Either too much or too little crimp could cause your issues, as well as not sizing all the way down. "Plunk and spin" check your reloads to check function before going to the match! I adjusted my extractor's tension, and relieved the bottom edge of the extractor to allow rounds to slide up under it more easily. I also fit an oversized slide stop to keep my extractor from "clocking". You can research each of these topics, and find a wealth of information on them. Welcome to the wonderful world of 1911's! LOL! The good part is, once you have it all worked out, you will likely have many thousand rounds of trouble-free, accurate shooting to come!
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  22. Yes I did. well, not all of them but a bunch when I was reloading. But they all worked in my friends Range Officer that is 100% stock still.. I also case gauge every round when I load.
  23. A win is a win congratulations Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Just for grins, give some sub-100 grain .380 bullets a try. My favorite load is 98 gr Eggleston RN over 4.4 gr N-320. PF is 138 through a 14.5” JP barrel. Very little dot movement.
  25. Sounds like you need to check extractor tension and radius. Fairly common for production 1911s to not have perfect extractor setup.
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