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  2. true that. I would think that any "carry" ambi would be low profile enough. Pretty sure the safety on my akai was a wilson high ride to begin with.
  3. I have a fitted single sided as a spare but they just look odd on a 2011 frame. My current hack job functions fine but it's a hack job with smoothed edges. And, we all know that looks matter in the gun games!
  4. My akai is definitely not a stock shape. They shape them. The lowest profile ones I have found are the stock STI safeties that came on my old Trojan. Why not just fit a single side EGW and be done with it?
  5. This is probably what I'll end up doing
  6. That SN sure looks familiar AJ's old gun? I'll have to check it out at the next local. Ameet, right? This is Mike McKerns...Doesn't look like Atlas sells their safety's on their website.
  7. Just about to say... I shoot down at ETTS in Waxahachie and will be out there Sunday morning for Falling Steel. It's great and the people there are unbelievably friendly. They recently put up some nice tarps at the competition bays so you don't get obliterated by the sun during the match. If you come out I'll be the awkward skinny guy with the Silver FJ Cruiser and the blue Pategonia hat. The Multigun scene is strong at Cresson too and I hope to get over there one of these days.
  8. Product is free but shipping and handling is more than the product is worth. Yeah, I see that way too much. Or ads like "Free Credit Report". All they actually give you is a meaningless score number and to get any details you have to subscribe to their service at $80/yr.
  9. Mine has the new stuff in it.
  10. Shape it the size you want with a file. Then progress down with sand paper etc to polish them
  11. Second Picture for sure is my style. Spartan and Ar500 seem to run deals on Lvl 3+ plates on the regular. If just for training and the like I would be ok with that. If it was duty gear and I had a increased odd of it actually saving my life, I wouldn't put a price on it. I hear from people that wear armor for work ceramics are the way to go. Ferro Concepts Slickster if you wanted a carrier.
  12. Today
  13. The revised Gen5 is the best one yet. With the magazine cut out removed my G45 has become my favorite pistol yet. I like my Gen5 G34 also just wish it didnt have the cut out.
  14. I don't think so. If anything, they finally got one right.
  15. Cripes were only shooting a 9mm! The extra weight is not that much a factor. We’re not shooting 44 magnums. What little you gain in recoil control is probably lost in transitions. A heavier gun is harder to get moving and stop, probably even harder to draw. It’s all technique. If you have a good shooting platform it’s not going to matter that much.
  16. I think the reason that this thread is 4 pages instead of 2 posts is a misunderstanding of . "Competitive advantage" does not mean you picked gun "A" because it is sexier and more accurate (or whatever) than gun "B" after failing the chrono check. It means an advantage over the other competitors who are already shooting the most sexiest gun they have and the same gun they started out with. If you could bump to major after throwing too many C's and D's, that would be a thing.
  17. Atlas has some of the best ambi out there right now. Stays away from right hand knuckle and left side safety is a higher angle to allow left hand top really get up high Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  18. Can you please elaborate on this? What did you like, didn't you like, what was different, could you compare the feel or recoil to anything? Thanks!
  19. Man that seems like another lifetime ago. Back then I had to little ones under 2, now we’re about to become empty Nestor’s. I was still years away from even thinking about shooting a gun. Lol
  20. I need to fit a new safety for an sti edge and want the lowest profile for the right side. Currently have an egw. I cut the right side off because I would occasionally engage it while reloading. It looks a little goofy but they also look goofy without an ambi safety. Akai guns seem to be very low profile on the right side. Anyone sell these or are they being shaped with a dremel? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I vote for OAL too. I load to 1.18 for my Edge. The only time i had a ftf was with factory length ammo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. One of my friends now a sponsored shooter) started shooting Open with a poly gun. He almost immediately bought a Czechmate and loved it. I gave him a better load for it and he loved it even more. Then he shot a couple of his teammates worked over DVCs. He ordered one. He said it shot flatter and softer than the CZ. I also started Open as a CZ shooter. I bought two used 2011 Open guns and liked them better. I decided to build a 2011 9mm Open gun with a metal grip. I've finished it and love shooting it. There is something to be said about starting with good used Open guns. You don't know what you don't know, and won't until you've shot Open a lot. My two used guns were very different from each other. Shooting them both for two seasons, plus handling and shooting other Open guns, allowed me to decide what I liked and didn't. I put that experience to good use building my new Open gun. To me it is perfect. After 4000 rounds I wouldn't change a thing. I intended to shoot 9mm minor out of that gun. At the same time I was building a matching 1911 Open 9mm specifically for SCSA. I had been told by a couple of M shooters I'd spend 6 months sorting out reliability and load issues. I read the remarks about 9mm major kaabooms. It all turned out to be a bunch of BS. 9mm major is perfectly safe to reload for as long as you use slow powders. My major load is fully processed mixed HS brass, CCI 500, 10.2gr Major Pistol under a 115gr HAP. That makes 168PF with SDs in the 4 to 5 range. Accurate, clean and soft.
  23. No soft armor is rated for stab protection.
  24. looks like 5.1 lbs for this model https://www.leadstararms.com/shop-firearms/9mm-pcc/
  25. Rpope423

    Glock +6 pads

    mojo we’ve all been there, I’ve seen single stack,open guys do it i like watching PCC mags when everything comes loose and springs and extensions go flying everywhere
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