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  2. Thanks for all these thoughts, I appreciate it. I see the logic of going with a gun that I know fits well in my hand and takes ammo I make already....Since I'm new to open, maybe jumping in with one foot first is wise. maybe I'll try a Czechmate in Minor first and if the hook sets, I can always branch out and upgrade to a 2011 style in Major or try loading 9 major. I've made probably 300k 9mm rounds over the years so maybe that's the best first entry.... Q
  3. Awesome and highly recommended. Smooth draw and great retention
  4. This is an awesome resource - thanks for doing this! I think the most interesting test would be Starline in the non-Starline moons.
  5. A dirty firing pin spring and/or firing pin channel can cause this also.
  6. I would allow a competitor to switch. This also brings up something I heard at a match awhile back about someone shooting a Glock in Limited Major. The Glock broke. Someone offered to let the shooter use a 2011 to finish the match, in the same division and PF. MD said no, because the 2011 offered some mystical “competitive advantage”. So, where does one draw that line?
  7. The mouth of the Catskill Creek at the Hudson River is in the Town of Catskill of which is the next Town North of me.
  8. Southpaw

    Unusual malfunction.

    Take all that aftermarket junk off and then I bet it'll work . Then after this match you can try adding those parts back on 1 at a time testing each, until the gun stops working and you can ID which aftermarket part was causing the malfunctions.
  9. Check out Atlas Gunworks' mag tuning videos, specifically the one tuning the mag body dimension.
  10. http://gregcotellc.com/cart/eaa-witness-mecgar-magazines-c-134/eaa-witness-tanfogliolarge-frame-17-round-9mm-mgwit9lfafc-p-1089.html
  11. I've always got quick response from them. The rest is up to whatever shipping company is used.
  12. See if you can find a friend with Dawson’s STI Mag tune-up kit. My guess is the magazine body is a little out of spec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I shot it with my 135 grain 146 power factor coated Bayou bullets, and with Howard's 100 grain plated...perception wise, I can hold A hits at 25yd double taps with very little effort.... watching Howard shoot, there was virtually no observed recoil... had a very consistent ejection pattern with the plunger ejector in the bolt....there is an option to add additional weight to the carrier and probably a little room for playing with the internal bolt spring
  14. I've decided to just never, ever, click on those ads on other arms selling sites or read them any further. I hope you'll join me.
  15. Curious as to what the OAL is of the Syntech
  16. I like shooting it steel then paper, like you said the steel can be picked up after reload if you miss and finish on the risky noshoot target last.
  17. What load did you test with? One of the guys at the range has a Banshee and i took it for a test run of the box new it ran but the feel was strange did not have enough time to determine if that was good strange or just strange interested to see your version. The one I fondled was a pistol so that may have contributed to the strange part.
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  19. Was at an area match and guy shooting single stack sight broke on a .45 and He was allowed to use his backup gun in 9mm shooting minor. He just had to re-chrono.
  20. Visually? Legion has a cut in the barrel for the Loaded chamber indicator, the color, and the rear sight plate. The Legion slide has the legion logo on the plate. The Legion also has a larger optics cut to account for the Deltapoint and Romeo 1 pro. I guess you could argue that you were using all Sig factory parts "on" a production gun.
  21. Jps42

    Unusual malfunction.

    If the last round feeds correctly it does lock back on empty. I will try a OEM spring, and I will also try a lighter spring. Just to see if that affects timing at all.
  22. Ive used quite a bit of Precision Delta 180s long. Great shooting round. Also, check out Black Dot Ammo. Reg and Long are very nice and priced great. I used all these before reloading.
  23. New 126mm Gen 2 mag, factory spring/follow/pad, came new with a new gun. The Mag has repeatedly looked like a Pez dispenser with a stuck follower and loose rounds. Other factory mag does not do this with new gun . Any suggestions?
  24. Ken6PPC

    Unusual malfunction.

    Does your slide lock to the rear when you fire your last shot? If not, and I'm guessing from the pics, your slide is not going fully to the rear, or it is cycling too quickly to allow the next round to fully rise up before the slide slams forward. I wouldn't think that a 15# recoil spring would cause that, but perhaps your recoil spring rod is preventing full slide cycling, or the recoil spring is too long (or too strong). Try an OEM recoil spring and rod and see if your problem goes away.
  25. Also Bayou 200 with Winchester 231, 3.9 or 4.0 g gets me 171 PF.
  26. Never had to case gauge using an EGW U die and a Star Press and never had a round fail to feed in 200,000 rounds.
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