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  2. Yeah even with the factory .40 barrel the 24 can't be used in CO as it's not on the list. The 24 works well for Limited though, that's what I use.
  3. J’ACCUSE! I’m on to you good sir Can you confirm or deny that the compact variant will be roughly G19 sized with a roughly 4” barrel?
  4. At the matches that I've been going to, you don't have all that much time for it during the shooting. People also focus on the shooting. After shooting is done, pick all you want. Most ranges have a policy that the brass must be removed, anyway.
  5. I have both those mags, just looked and they're the same size. The 24rd mag is definitely a more overall manageable length than the 33rd mag, but it's still pretty darn long. I think a 140mm length would be pretty nice if they made it. Dang it, that's what I get trying to go off memory on that . Good catch, I fixed my earlier post. I haven't used or looked at that mag in a while; don't know why I even bought it .
  6. Gotta leave room for speculation
  7. I have an early STI Eagle built as an Edge at the factory - that I have had for many years... I have been out of competition shooting for 23yrs, but have recently gotten my 14yr old into shooting steel matches... With that in mind I thought about going out and shooting with him using my STI, but wanted to see if which 40 cal ammo was the softest shooting / lowest PF, so I don't put myself at a real disadvantage... Any suggestions? I currently use S&B 180s.
  8. Quite literally the same capacity capability. Only at a fraction of the price
  9. shot it in Oct 2019 HF: 8.3, time 9.1 seconds (messed up reload), 67.3% (carry optics/production)
  10. believe it or not, some IDPA matches we shoot here locally are pretty athletic (run by a 40 year old "young" guy)
  11. just made B, by shooting only outdoor classifiers
  12. plenty for sale on the internet get in there and grab one.
  13. I own both with all the sensors you can get, even a custom M7 sensor someone put together. Use to own a Forcht Autodrive as well. They both have their pros and cons. There is no real adjusting the index speed on the Ammotbot its just FW speed and RW speed. Where you can adjust all of that on the M7. You get a lot more sensors option on the ammobot, plus the case extractor is sweet for processing. Currently I process on the AB and load on the M7. The Forcht was a dumb autodrive with no sensors, it was an older model so dont take that as a slight he has greatly improved his automation but it is not as good as AB or M7, but it was very damn smooth considering he is basically converting the S1050 to an RL1050. My AB is on an OLD RL1050 and its a great machine. I'm happy I got the RL instead of waiting for a 1100. No warranty but who cares.
  14. why not cnc shooter or on point toolhead 8 stations that way? you could also make 3 passes on the brass (basically prime in its own pass). decap swage, clean , resize, resize, then removing priming parts and make metal tab that can be screwed into primer shield screw hole for failsafe rod to operate through. Using this 3 pass method you can speed up the loading process typically to almost 2000+
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  16. Pic of my "milling" set up. X-Y vise, and a cheap craftsman drill press. Actually worked quite well for this.
  17. Dueck defense makes a dove tail plate for Romeo 1
  18. Pic of half way after "milling". Then, the final product!
  19. here, some random guy (better than me) shredding it in 2019, with HF: 10.87, in 7:73seconds. 88%
  20. I actually shot a match this summer where Jarrod from PMM was using one of those. Looked like a fun gun. I chatted with him very briefly about it and he said it was a blast to shoot, and he puts a ton of rounds through it.It looked like it shot nice and flat (not sure which type of ammo, probably factory 124gr FMJ?).
  21. Guys, I mean no harm here. Relax. I know my place and I do know who these shooters are. No need go get all passive aggressive on me. Still, I have a valid point: these shooters were pretty slow in that classifier. It is an objective matter: they could barely make M today with those times (assuming they had all A's). Its math. Can't argue with math.
  22. Thanks I'll Def be picking one up, I know it's relatively new to the market but I'm sure alot of people here will be glad to have the heads up!
  23. Of course, it MUST be the people using them and there is nothing wrong with the magazine, correct? Please put done the Kool-Aid for just a minute, would yah? The MBX magazines have changed over the years. I have had a lot of issues with the 10 magazines I bought for our Open guns last year. When I tried to work with the owner, I received the worst most confrontational customer service ever. I was amazed at the attitude from that guy. My favorite line: "I have been around for many years as a engineer and have more experience with magazines design and function than any one single person in the USA.." Wow Having switched to STI 2nd generation magazines, properly tuned by Limcat and using the Dawson Magazine Tuning kit, I have had ZERO issues. I suspect that each magazine is suited for each type and manufacturer of firearm. MBX might work for some, but maybe not for others. But I would never blame the shooter.
  24. Good thread guys thanks for the info!
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