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  2. For anyone that’s interested, there is a small shop out west, called Trinity Nevada, that is making traditional island/ribbed barrels again as well as a more modern design comp design. Here is they’re Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/trinitynv/
  3. I have a friend who owns a KelTec Sub2000 and asked me if it is legal to shoot under USPSA Steel Challenge rules.... Thanks. Mark
  4. Just just ordered some will see how they run
  5. Pioneers of the double layer kydex holster. Solid holster with lots of color options
  6. Title says it all. Low ready imprints poor muscle memory relative to self defense or center-fire pistol in general.
  7. I can't say enough good things about my 3G. It has run great. I have run all kinds of loads through it and I just plain shoot it very well. Anyone I have let try it come away impressed. The added length makes a difference to me. I added a mag well and SV trigger.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I'm still sanding down the diameter to get it to move easily in the buffer tube. Once that's fixed, I'll see if I have trigger reset problems (Hiperfire 24C).
  9. The goal is to find a load that shoots flat with your setup. For me it doesn’t have to be soft or a certain pf just flat. I use Homies recipe 139pf load with a weighted bolt-blitz 5015- blitz weight- jp 308 carbine or yellow sprinco-mbx buffer-blue internal- and the longest mbx spacer in the stroke kit. My load is a 115gr jhp, 4.6gr wsf, cci 500 primer average FPS is 1210. Wsf works my comp that’s a plus, it’s a medium burn rate so I get longer lockup time (milliseconds matter) burns even, Meters within 20fps deviation. The longer the lockup the better the feel and more consistent FPS think cmmg guard or mp5 roller lock. It’s a lot of tinker and finding what works best for your pcc and what you like the feel of. I had the gen 1 blitz weight and had to turn it to .994 to get it to run reliable in my buffer tube.
  10. I listen to his podcast an unhealthy amount, if there is such a thing.
  11. I would suggest trying the weighted spacer. Supposedly it prevents a tilted bolt from contacting the cap of the buffer, which contributes to the destruction of the buffers.
  12. Out of curiosity, are you running your bolt with or without the weight?
  13. I have the 5007 and 5015. I can’t tel a difference between the two on the clock. The spacer is their weighted spacer. I had to take .1” off the face of the spacers to get them to reliably reset my triggers.
  14. The NFA side charger upper has a little door that allows the bolt to be removed by providing clearance for the "gas key". It is spring loaded so it will stay up unless you push it down when seating the rear of the upper in the lower. Make sure it is closed or you will get the puff of gas you describe...
  15. I guess the rule book means nothing anymore; https://www.guns.com/news/2019/03/14/laugo-arms-alien-pistol-hits-market-ispc-approved-video From Recoil’s rangeday review; https://www.recoilweb.com/review-recoil-exclusive-alien-pistol-from-laugo-arms-146616.html So when can we expect all the other hammer-fired SAO Guns to be approved for the Production and CO lists? The rule book is an absolute joke
  16. I built a PCC a few years back using a New Frontier upper (side charge), lower, barrel and bolt. It has a ton of ammo through it but I'm experiencing something new. I'm getting gas blowback in my right eye (shooting right hand). I had the barrel recut for a deeper chamber, plunk tested the ammo, cleaned the bolt and barrel and I'm still getting gas back in my eye. I'm shooting 124 FMJ TC @ 1190 fps using federal 100's and IMR4756 (because I have a ton of it and shot it for years in a 38 super) COAL 1.125" Any one else have this problem? I tried searching but the search terms bring up too much unrelated stuff.
  17. .22RF. It's not the Creedmore darlings of long range precision. However, the lowly .22RF requires skill. It is precision oriented, has it's wind challenges, and matches can be put together at many more shooting ranges across the country. It's not cheap. 50 rounds of Eley 10x could be around 22 bucks.
  18. I’ll ask about that next time they come over to our match.
  19. jeremy kemlo: I have thought about that option, but have been unsure how much it would cost and whether my gun would still be Production legal. If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay for the work, where did you have it done, and is your gun still legal for Production? Thanks! John
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  21. I followed the same path... When I bought my first 5015HD to try, I also bought one of the 2.6oz SS spacer... The 2.6oz SS spacer was too large (in diameter) to fit in my receiver extension, so I didn't use it... I liked the 5015HD better than the 5007, so I kept using it. After a while... I noticed the cap on my 5015HD started to come off as I was cleaning it one day... Called Brian ( very helpful guy) and he said he would replace it... Said there was a newer version with better cap attachment and two set screws at the top that he would replace it with... I also mentioned that the SS spacer was too tight to fit in my buffer tube... There is a newer SS spacer that is slightly less weight with a reduced diameter... Installed the second 5015HD with the new SS spacer in front and have been using it ever since... No troubles so far!
  22. Sounds like you have it tuned in nicely. Which Blitzkrieg buffers are you using and is the weighted spacer the stainless steel spacer available at Blitzkrieg? Thanks.
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  24. George16

    Czechmate Recipes

    I load 6.51 Gr CFE pistol @ 1.149-1.152 OAL with the RMR 124 Gr JHP . 6.51 Velocity 1364 1350 1357 1355 1366 1377 1357 1359 1370 1367 HI 1377 LO 1350 AVE 1362 ES 27 SD 8 PF 169.88
  25. TheButler

    P210 division

    Someone needs to talk me out of buying one lol. Also are there any 10 round mags floating around? I understand the mags for the old p210 couldn't be extended because the European mag release but for the newer model it should be possible right?
  26. To each their own obviously. I am glad that it has worked out for you. What I can tell you is that I have lost count of the STI built guns I have seen with questionable workmanship on major components (Frame/Slide/Barrel Fit). If I am spending near custom gun level $$$ on a 2011 there is no way I am going to do that on a "Spiffed Up" 2011 that is mass produced.
  27. The back and corners. I just took a little bit of material, checked it in the gun, took a little more, checked, etc...
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