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  2. They're awaiting US Customs/ATF import approval. I'm on the waiting list.
  3. It feels great in the hand. And the most important part I was able keep th JP adjustable block.
  4. I just talked to Paul Pluff from Ruger this last weekend. This will be coming out in 9mm in around 45 days, they also have a skeletonized hammer in the works. We talked about an extended cylinder release also.
  5. It's not totally complete until I go to the range lol. But for now.
  6. @waktasz it really sucks that pivothead went under. I liked the camera angle and video/audio quality the most ... and hate even more that mine quit talking to my laptop the month after they threw in the towel!
  7. Do the lenses have to be purchased within the normal warranty period? Do you need a purchase receipt? I can't find it but do they make a rebuild kit for Rydons anymore? I wear mine at work everyday and they need fixing up. Thanks
  8. Have the same issue and thought about getting rid of it, will be breaking out the Dremel and keeping it now....
  9. I only ask because firing a a round that already has a struck primer won't give you true results, if that what you did. CCI are also fine if the hardest primers.
  10. People aren't happy to see the show end because most of it was 72 episodes of character development with a good battle scene or some violence every few shows. Then they wrapped the last season up in with only six episodes that otherwise would have take 3-4x as many based on the prior pace. And even though it is a fantasy there is still a logic to the world they created, basic common sense stuff (like don't sacrifice thousands of men in front of your fortifications). Worse was that from the very first episode there was the warning that Winter was coming and the White Walkers were going to kill everyone. Instead they dealt with the White Walkers built up for 69 seasons with a quick stabbing and Winter never actually came. So while it was spectacular and watchable, the quality really went downhill once they deviated from the books and let the Hollywood guys write it. Probably the thing that made it continue was the quality of the acting (other than Jon Snow and Dynaris, who were wooden) ~ I really liked all the tough guys and Imp of course. Oh well. Still beat the other crap out there. Better yet it makes a sly commentary about women in power and immigration but it's left for you to decide.
  11. Currently CCI. I'm having issues sourcing Federals near me. But the ones that failed had a deeper indent than those that are igniting now!? I thought perhaps the primer wasn't seated but it happened on several I tried. Kraken Fan #69
  12. Ran the drill with average 8.87. PM sent. Thanks a lot Brian
  13. Today
  14. The sights do this too, and they're included free with your handgun. My sights do occasionally disappear during the course of fire though.
  15. I've used mine for my 627 for 2 different matches. My left hand got bruised and swollen after each 2 day event. I tried loading 4 or even 2 at a time but at this point I think I may have to find another solution. I am hoping that my 20 moons will get worn in enough to make the loading easier but we will see. Kraken Fan #69
  16. I just went through this exact issue. Called Dillon. They sent a new locator and it has fixed 90% of the problem. It still launches a case every once in a while. I'll try putting some grease under the guide as Sarge suggested.
  17. So I run a 627 in IPSC. I load my own .38 Long Colt with a custom 150 gn projectile. I get the odd fail to fire occasionally and I thought I better have a backup firing pin so I picked up an Apex extended firing pin. I replaced the pin and spring and could not get primer ignition regardless of how much tension was on the strain screw. I was getting some pretty heavy hits on the primers too. I replaced the old pin and they fired. Then I put the new pin in with the old spring and again they fired. That's where I left it but I'm just curious if anyone could explain why it wouldn't work. Thanks for any help, Kraken Fan #69
  18. On that web site just about all bullets and all powders have a 0.2 - 0.3 grain difference between min and max at the OAL they are listing. Also, none of the listed bullets are CAST. So, the starting powder would be even less I think.
  19. Thats what I keep telling people that say Ep.6 was boring. Well sure they could've had big plot twists and cliffhangers, but how the hell can they wrap it up if they try to go big on the last show.
  20. I see more variation with mixed brass. Some feel harder than others and I can tell when sizing and bullet seating those. Fed, rem, win, g.f.l., no real problems. Geco, cbc, s&b all feel harder to seat and size resulting in different OALs.
  21. PatJones

    625 JM

    I don't have a JM, I have an older Model of 1989. I shoot coated lead out of mine and it groups very well.
  22. I believe it might be time to shed a little light on the kits that I had a hand in designing. I also need to emphasize that the descriptions and function of our parts in one early post are absolutely wrong and were based upon pictures of our parts. I know this because our parts had not been released yet. For a little background (since I assume most here do not know who I am) I started working on guns some 30 years ago, beginning with refining the DA on Smith revolvers. I believe that qualifies me to know what constitutes a good DA trigger pull. From there, the 1911 and Browning Hi-Power work I have done led me to understand what a good single action should feel like. While trigger "feel" is subjective, it is a good place to start when you decide to engineer a fire control system. I use the term "system" because the hammer, sear, mainspring and firing pin spring were designed to work in conjunction with one another and in balance. The CZ trigger system by design has tremendous mechanical advantage by design. That translates into the potential for very light DA and SA pulls. But that can sometimes get people into trouble-myself included. As I so poorly expressed in front of the camera, this is one of the reasons I wanted to make our kit. We started the project by using a TriggerScan on a factory stock Shadow 2. The device digitally maps out force over the distance of the trigger stroke. It shows us exactly what is happening during both DA and SA pulls. This allowed us to set the geometry of the hammer to provide a very linear stroke in DA. So to say that our kit does nothing for the DA is incorrect. Bringing up the pressure wall for single action is more complex that just raising the SA hooks or lowering the sear bedding surface. Doing so can often lead to timing issues especially when you consider tolerance stacking from gun to gun. The compound leverage of the pivoting trigger system tends to overcome the static holding force of the sear against the hammer hooks- especially if you want to maintain a 5 lb double action. The result is a spongy single action that is usually at the exact same weight as when you started. So again, information portrayed earlier about our hammer and sear geometries are inaccurate. Unless you have access to an optical comparator or an OMM like we do, you cannot see what we have done to achieve the increase in SA wall pressure. The hook and sear profiles are done by wire EDM so that the relationship between the two are not simple angles. The surfaces act more like fitted puzzle pieces than what you are used to seeing in a 1911 type hammer/sear relationship. It was the only way to reduce some of the compound advantage of the CZ trigger assembly without making the SA feel like crap. The SA actually feels good to me and suits my trigger prepping style as I can feel the defined break point. In order for us to bring any trigger kit to market, it also has to pass our drop test which consists of dropping the gun from a height of 6 feet onto a concrete slab in 27 different orientations. In this case, it was painful to watch a Shadow 2 be dropped 54 times since it had to be dropped in DA and SA modes. My final words are these: Both CZ Custom and CGW make excellent parts, and I am sure that many reading this are more than pleased with their parts. I consider Angus and Stuart over at CZ Custom friends. In fact, I just received my A01-LD which was hand delivered by Angus, and it is truly an exceptional pistol. I still order and install parts from both CZC and CGW into friend's pistols when they want the light DA/SA setup. We are just another option for those who want a light DA but slightly heavier SA. -Randy
  23. In light of the world speed shoot outcome,...has The advancement of open technology peaked/stalled???? Will open minor now become a thing....Super light everything, frame mounted optic? Shooting as low a power factor as possible? Is the paradigm shattered?? Does a faster FPS, more gas, better comped guns shoot flatter and faster and better? Hmmmm. Let’s go in reverse with what we’ve been thinking for 45 years and build a gun that shoots soooo flat at minor power factor, that giving up some points don’t matter. WOW.
  24. i think it could have been ended better, but it would have taken another season or 2. people take this stuff way too serious. its a fantasy tv show .
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