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  2. it's hard chromed, intended to be ipsc legal before they changed the rules for this year. I've had internals NP3d before, it does slick them up quite a bit, but honestly not really worth it unless you happen to be refinishing the entire gun. Polishing gets you 85-90% of the way there.
  3. Yep. It happened on both a "1.0" .40SW pro 5" and a "1.0" .40SW compact for me. Sad if they haven't fixed it with the 2.0. I doubt they will charge you anything to repair it. They sent me shipping labels and replaced them free of charge. Annoying to have the guns gone for a month, but oh well. I would estimate that it happens around the 10000 round mark. I'm not sure if using the slide release function at the end of reloads or the force of stopping the slide for last round hold open that causes them to break. I would be interested to know if the ones that are breaking are other .40's or 9's. Maybe it is part of the reason they went to the weaker green recoil spring on 9mm's after a period of time?
  4. Wellll, the forum/community wasn't really alive before so who will spot the difference anyway? (kidding!) Could be (scheduled) maintenance. According to Misty who helped me, the webcare team is expanding and should be up to speed this summer. So we should see increasing activity instead of less. But anyway, live chat is a step in the right direction! Time will tell.
  5. Is there not a Glock non captured guide rod and spring? Just had a look at Glock website must have confused with the dual spring
  6. Looks to be polished then hard chromed. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  7. A/M guide rods aren’t legal. This was asked about on the GV and the general opinion (it’s no longer an official opinion) was that using an A/M guide rod because it was attached to a spring would not be legal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Before the 1st of January all after market springs were illegal in Production.... in IPSC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That's what I used for milling a Glock for one of these as well. FYI to the OP - 0.140" is a good depth for milling if you don't have that part figured out already. I use the same depth for RMR, DPP, and Vortex optics in Glock slides. Those Vortex optics need locating pins. If you're not set up to mill out the pin bosses (CNC) you'll need to drill and insert pins; this is easiest to do a front and rear pin on the left side. Two pins is adequate for constraining the optic, and avoids any interference with the extractor plunger channel on the right side.
  10. I was just looking at some Tanfo parts online and wondered - is that shiny Xtreme trigger bar plated (chrome, nickel, etc?) or just polished? That does bring up the question of how slick some of these parts could be if one were to send them out for something like NP3 coating, or maybe Micro Slick, etc. Have any of you guys tried that?
  11. Just found a RMR for low $ and want to put it on my rifle that is currently wearing a NX8, what’s out there? I see the Burkett one is out of production...I was liking the way it was designed. Anything under $100 that’s any good?
  12. In my Czechmate im running 100gr Berrys with 3.9gr of TG and they run perfect. In my Akai Open since it has a ton of holes in it, i run 95gr MG HP with 8.0gr of HS-6
  13. I would see if you can find 100gr load data and adjust from there. I was loading 115gr bullets with a low charge of Titegroup for steel shooting and when i switched to 100gr, i didnt have to adjust my charge by much at all.
  14. I have two CZ slides that are milled for vortex venoms. I like how low the sight fits in the slide. It makes picking up the dot easy. I also have a canik TP9SFX and a XDM OSP that uses plates to mount the dots. They are nice but the CZs are better with the RDS sitting deeper in the slide. As a side note the burris fastfire fits the same pocket as the venom.
  15. I cant keep up lol lawd
  16. What springs where illegal? What else has now changed in Production?
  17. ok 17.2 covers basepads and I'm good to go with what I've got. if my aftermarket recoil spring is sold captured to a guide rod.... under 18.4 in the Prod section....??
  18. I have not been shooting 3 gun as long as some others, but my first match was almost 2 decades ago. I agree that things have changed a lot over the years, and not necessarily for the better. I have remained active and have shot a number of majors in the last 10 years. I had to take a break over the past 12 months due to medical issues and recently made my return to competition at a major. My, my, how a little time off let's you see the forest. My return lined up with a very successful match that has been running for 4 years. This was my first time to shoot in it because of past scheduling issues. I was excited to finally get to shoot in it, but my excitement turned into meh as the match went on. The match was supposed to be 10 stages, but weather forced one to be thrown out and we ended up with 9 stages for score. No biggie that a stage was pulled, but we still had enough targets to cover a 15 stage match. Rifle and pistol were pretty even, but shotgun was a major part of 8 of the stages. I say it was a major part because there were 15+ shotgun targets on each one. I DO like shooting shotgun, but not that much. It became a shotgun loading festival and target placement was haphazard. Some of the stages had knock down steel that required a minimum of a modified choke to even scare the target and the shooting area was a fixed position so you couldn't get any closer. It was really hard on the new shooters who are trying to figure the game out and show up with basic equipment. I inquired about this with other shooters and they indicated that this is the norm and not particularly different from other matches. I didn't encounter problems since I had a wide range of gear accumulated over the years, but I was disappointed in how things have changed. I started shooting 3 gun in 2002 at a local match as a young police officer with a .40 Beretta, 4+1 Remington 870, and a borrowed AR-15 A2. Rifle targets were small and took skill to hit, but were still under 200 yards. Pistol was a mix of paper and pepper poppers, and buckshot was required for shotgun. I did fairly well, but I found a lot of deficiencies in my shooting and decision making. I loved that the stages were scenario based and technical. The match designers put a lot of thought, effort, and props in the 2 stages on bays and the 3 others were set in natural terrain. I really enjoyed the martial aspect of the match a decided right there that I was going to use that match to improve my skill set. That match has continued to run for the past 17 years and I have been helping with stage design to maintain the martial aspect and new shooter friendliness. Keeping this flavor to the match and the sheer number of competing matches has resulted in a decline in the number of shooters. Even with the decline there is a bright spot because many shooters are first time competitors. Some may move on to "mainstream" 3 gun, but hopefully others will return and bring a friend. I started shooting competitively too late to get in on the old SOF match, but I did get a taste at Resurgence 2016. Maybe the minds behind that one can dream up another. As for me, I plan on branching out and enjoying other matches like the Nightforce 2 Rifle match and some low level precision rifle. (I shot a PRS match last year and won't do that again. The lack of organization, safe handling practices, and outright BS was monumental.) I spent a lot of time on YouTube during my convalescence and the 2 gun (rifle/pistol) matches look pretty interesting too.
  19. Yes. My sp-01 shadow slide and my 75 shadow slide look identical except for the lettering.
  20. So I have a gen 5 g17. It has the sights changed. It has a few of the now legal springs changed. What else can one do now with the new rules and be legal? -How do people feel about grip tape? I run no back strap. And I saw the diagram where it is legal. -I still feel confused about basepads in IPSC prod. But I've used them in the past with no mention made of it..... -If we can now use non oem springs in the gun, how do I legally change the recoil spring?
  21. I've only done it to plastic svi grips, but i did sand prior to cleaning to prep for epoxy.
  22. I have two Taylor Freelance magwells on our GMR15s. We love them and they work perfectly.
  23. Thanks, right on the money. Disassembled again, realigned comp, all good now. Thanks for your help!
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