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    Racker ?

    Most 2011 open slides are heavily lightened in the rear (swoop cut). As such, there is not enough meat to mount a racker where a dovetail would traditionally be cut.
  3. right, and the problem is pretending that a class 'win' is a thing deserving of prizes.
  4. There's no box for Limited in USPSA. Limited division mags are restricted by length of the mag, max 141.25mm. The 24rd mag is way too long to fit the limited mag gauge, but you could use it in Open if you wanted.
  5. I've run mbx through my para p16s when I first started limited and now through my 2011s. They gave always run right out the box with 20 reloadable. A little dremel of the follower and I got them to 21 reloadable. Great mags especially when they're 15% off during Christmas sales Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  6. I purchased 8 pounds of Sport Pistol because of all the great things I have read on here. Honestly I think N320 is better in every category besides ”price”. It meters well, is consistent, and has low SD but not sure it is cleaner, softer recoil, or less smokey than N320, but it is ”cheaper”. One of the main reasons why I purchased it was from what I read it was great with coated bullets as far as not burning the coating off and thus being less smokey. Honestly I don’t see a difference in it from N320 but it is “cheaper”. I will use the 8 pounds but not sure I will be replacing my N320 with it. Just my opinion.
  7. "Should be" vs "is not". It clearly isn't working right, and those don't have a great reputation for this anyway. A lot of guys seem to get frustrated with them even for rifle use. The Dillon measure is pretty accurate for most pistol powders, and since it's throwing a fixed volume, it's easy to see why it can be more accurate than a CM which is trying to work up to the right charge every time. If the CM is out of calibration for that powder, forget it. Also, it is "more accurate" to use the powder measure and settings you'll actually load with, rather than a different dispenser that may throw differently. The whole process in the OP sounds like a lot of extra work and no benefit compared to the way most of us do it, IMO. Using the Dillon powder dispenser should not be "a real PITA"; I think it'd be more helpful to figure that part out.
  8. We don't go to these matches for prizes but rather to compete. The prizes are a bonus if they are available. There are less sandbaggers than you're making it seem Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  9. Going to run a Glock 19 in an outlaw Action Steel match this weekend. I can't do math. Would the 24 round mag fit in The Box for Ltd Minor? Yes, it is Outlaw, but they follow most of the USPSA book to avoid chaos. DVC jon
  10. I understand those things happen that’s why I am not willing to outright accuse anyone. I was simply using it as an example of how a bad score on a classifier in a major match could impact overall finish. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Contingency programs, IMO, have really incentivized sandbagging! It’s bad for the sport! just my opinion.
  12. IDK. Shite happens. I know I had a few 50% stages at Nats. I also had some really good ones. Definitely wasn’t throwing any on purpose. Forgot to chamber a round, forgot a target, lost my dot. Those will crash a stage bad!
  13. Appeared just from looking at stage scores. When someone is shooting 90-95 % in every stage of a match then shoots a 50ish % it suggests that it was on purpose. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. One other cause of lead smoke I neglected to mention in my first post above - if you're shooting a coated bullet (plain base, not gas checked) with popple holes or other barrel porting and Major loads, you are almost guaranteed to have gas cutting and lead smoke as the base of the bullet passes the ports. This is clearly visible on recovered bullets, with eroded lead areas that perfectly match the barrel ports. If you are doing this, you are breathing lead smoke, and it is bad for you. Please be aware of this, guys. If you're using popple holes, stick to jacketed bullets for your own health and other shooters and ROs around you.
  15. I have MBX 140 for my limited guns. The mags themselves are great and only rarely need tuning unlike my STI gen II mags. The MBX springs however do not last very long before I start getting nose dives. TTI springs last much longer for me.
  16. I disagree! Sandbaggers wining prizes off the table for a class win is 100% taking from someone who’s legitimate X class. even if there’s not a prize to be won, it’s still straight up douche bag!
  17. That’s my position as well. I hate seeing people get knocked out of a class trophy bc of someone shooting in a lower class than what they should be, especially when it’s obvious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Because of this reason, I'll probably stick with 501c.
  19. Not even close. I have a problem with sandbaggers! I do not sandbag at all.
  20. Neither of those statements are correct, and I can state that as fact, not theory. I cast and coat my own, and re-melt thousands of coated bullets every year. I've observed a couple things related to your comments: - Lead melts before the coating burns. The bullet melts and runs out, leaving the coating laying on top like a wrinkled plastic bag, still brightly colored until it gets hot enough to burn. - The coating barely smokes at all when it burns to ash. An entire bullet's coating smokes far less than a single shot with a poorly sized coated bullet. It's not the coating making the smoke. If your coated bullet loads smoke, it's either powder smoke (from low pressure loads) or lead smoke. It's not the coating itself. The statement that all coated bullets smoke more than JHP is incorrect as well. Good high pressure coated bullet loads that properly seal the bore do not make any visible smoke. I shoot a lot of these, mostly with Silhouette (the old WAP before Autocomp) and they are very clean. Look at my picture above, and the other related pictures I've posted on this forum. None of them show any signs of the coating "burning", but a lot of them show gas cutting that caused lead smoke. Also, lead smoke does not necessarily result in leading; it's very common to have lead smoke but no leading. Regardless whether we're shooting coated or lubed cast bullets, they need to be at least .001" larger than the bore. Most reloaders don't bother to slug their bores, and the commercial manufacturers aren't doing us any favors selling .355" coated bullets; those are too small for almost every barrel out there. Que the guys saying "it works for me"... Yeah they go bang but you're inhaling lead smoke when you shoot.
  21. I have a dedicated 22 upper from Nordic Arms. It works great for the most part i have terrible feed issues with black dog mags with the steel feed lips though. The polymer ones work fine
  22. You may not lose a criminal case from altering a gun but today people take you to civil court if they lose the criminal case and want to take everything you have worked for all of your life. It is much easier to win a civil case and you're gambling life savings on the outcome. I carry a stock firearm with factory ammo and eliminate some of the headaches if a problem arises. Tim
  23. I switched to Sports Pistol powder for my Taccom 9mm PCC with a 5.25" barrel using 124gr bullet & 3.8 grs of S.P. .. according to my chrono the PF is 129.. .. I find it meters extremely well.. and burns cleaner than a few powders I previously used.. price is very reasonable ..
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