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  2. X2 I also recently discovered that the rear dual green fibres on the rear sight were combining with the front red fibre to Christmas tree my gun. In essence slowing down my shooting. Well not really, I was just throwing hopers down range and hoping for the best. I blacked out the rears and all is now good. Not my idea but the trainer we were with. He also discovered the front co-witness red fibre iron on my wife’s open gun were showing up as a 2nd “dot”. Quick cut and not more wtf moments on her part. the HD golds are great for our evenings at the range given the shorter daylight this time of the time year
  3. Their UX and navigation is confusing af. Do you have a direct URL to the 1 mm?
  4. If you carry for work (maybe LE?), why not stick with iron rear sight, and fiber optic front! Shoot same caliber as work gun. If you have to use your work or duty gun wont you be much better with it?
  5. I thought you might like to know, with the right bullet/load/optic the guns can be very accurate. Not every gun likes every load.Bushing might not make a difference.
  6. Have you sold the PT non agressive grip?

  7. Did they make the boom booms? Yes ? - You good.
  8. Thanks, I'm just guessing at 24 pounds, probably closer to 36
  9. My way to make a smooth option 3 table start not cocked hammer : Grab the gun and open the bolt, flip the gun, grab ammo, close the bolt with the ammo and load, trigger trick, rack and bang. And for Toni : i think the trigger trick is more smooth and fast than pushing the button.
  10. Hello, I'm hoping that this is still active as the last post (before this one) was from 2015. Recently, I have been having issues with my Lee Pro 1000 .357/.38 press. I have had it almost 30 years and this just started occurring recently. I have it set up to reload .357 and haven't had to make any adjustments in years, other than having had to take it apart and do a deep clean (thanks to CowboyT's videos on YouTube) to fix an issue where the primer would get inserted sideways or upside down. My current issue is that the cases are leaving the first station without the primers getting punched out. It is not for every case and can happen with the first case or with all three stations full. I have checked the pin and it is sticking out of the bottom of the die about 3/8's of an inch and isn't loose. I have made sure that the ram is all of the way up and it looks like the tray is all of the way up. The last time I reloaded I was able to complete over 200 rounds in an hour. Now I am lucky if I can load 100 in an hour and 20 minutes. Any ideas?
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  12. As a shooter that has been reloading for over 40 years ,I can assure you your fired primers look normal. Your 24 pound double action pull however is not, most factory guns are @ 12 pounds, you should be able to get down to 8 1/2 pounds with Winchester primers and below 7 with well seated Federal primers and a good action job.
  13. My 650 has a plate bearing and i currently am using the ejector wire to extract the round from the plate. I occasionally get a round that is not ejecting and I need to manually push it. In searching Ebay there are a couple of vendors that sell a 3D printed replacement ejector - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-650-Ejector-wire-FIX-NEW-Upgrade-fix-for-ejector-wire-13298-problems/254364270905?hash=item3b394ac139:g:JdsAAOSwh9pa2kgw. Anyone have experience with the 3D printed ejector wire replacement? Is it worth a try?
  14. Problem "Big" Guys often have is that the chest gets in the way of properly extending the arms and keeping them together on the grip of a pistol. Arms are squeezing the chest and the chest is pushing the arms out and it make things not only uncomfortable but very inconsistent.
  15. Allows you to load the SG when bolt is locked to rear. Once you start feeding the tube, it'll automatically load one in the chamber for you. Biggest draw is it prevents Port loading. An alternative option to the Browning A5.
  16. most of them have good accuracy from the factory. if the gun don't have accuracy problems u don't need this part. and it's good to know that Canada now is part of Europe.
  17. Fresh piece of fiber always helps the situation. I like the Prism lense when shooting irons but especially when shooting a red dot. This makes the dot really "pop". It's probably a personal preference to most. Try a couple pair at the range when you see a fellow competitor using them. Now that you know which options to look for the best decision will be the one you like most! Good luck!
  18. Which laser is it? I can't see mine at all in bright daylight.
  19. So would there be any difference between your green laser and the Holosun? I tried my Holosun for the first time this week in bright daylight. It took me forever to line the laser up on the starting popper but eventually worked out. I thought these would be much more visible 15 yards and in in daylight.
  20. Before and after pic. Spring life has been well over 50,000 and still going strong. Shorty cap picture. BLUE is the same cut. Wayne
  21. To all the above.. Tell me if you have our BLUE or Shorty decapping die. Thanks Wayne
  22. My S2 with factory bushing does 1 inch groups at 20m with147’s and optiic.
  23. Thats great advice! 14 more years, I can't wait! Welcome to the site.
  24. Short update, have now put around 1200 rounds throgh the Pantera without a hiccup. Just upgrade to a Dawson precision tool less guide rod, simply to reduce „complexity“ at field stripping. Would love to look into a full DLC coating and lighten the slide with triptop and cut out, but honesty I don’t think it needs it and the point of diminishing return is probably well passed. Even the other IPSC shooters with STI and SVI have commented on the trigger and the flat shooting...
  25. JM reloads with his strong hand. Last best guess I've heard is that there is about a 50-50 split among shooters? Timely thread for me too. I'm sure S&W has replaced enough cranes to know that they are a weak spot, do not know if they care one way or the other. I like the solid screw idea but am wondering if there is someone crafty with a tig welder to send the crane to.
  26. Call the hotel where you are staying. I have shipped to them in care of myself. No problem it is at the hotel when I get there.
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