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  2. No. As long as major scoring exists, it will be an advantage. The only way to take that advantage away is to use all steel targets, like in steel challenge, or pro-am style events, for example.
  3. I can't believe that, on a website where we argue over 0.01 second advantages, you guys are debating whether or not being in better shape is helpful. Matches are won and lost by that much. This isn't even a debate. Being stronger and faster would make everyone score better.
  4. That is definitely true. And you further define what what I am having trouble expressing. Thanks. Now, ...don’t think traditional “open” or “co” or even “production with optic.” Take away all constraints on that CO build. What would be accomplished then? I'm talking about a gun that hasn’t been built yet. An area not fully explored. With a frame mounted dot on a purpose built pistol for “minor”, ...could you achieve a flat shooting beast that was so good, it negated all the bells and whistles on a traditional open gun AND made major scoring less of an issue, maybe even a moot point?
  5. @texasdawg Sir, what trigger do you have on your Lim Pro pictured here?
  6. Judging by the number of still open slots, I bet quite a few people will be clock watching.
  7. I'm hoping that most people that want to go already have slots, but I am going to be waiting for registration to open. I'm currently signed up to work one match, but I'm not sure I can really justify that if I don't get to shoot.
  8. 858

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    You must be confused, my CZ limited gun takes no real maintenance and I've never tuned the feed lips.
  9. I use the Noveske and have had zero issues with it working with the Hyperfire Competition trigger. https://www.primaryarms.com/noveske-short-throw-selector-60-degree-ambidextrous-with-magpul-lever
  10. How much better can one be than world and national champion?
  11. I don’t think that technology ever really ‘peaks’, generally the innovation curve starts out very steep as new changes come in rapidly, over time it will start to level out and improvements will become smaller. Some competitors will dive into these small changes in the hope that it will give them an edge, but the changes are so insignificant that a little training with existing equipment will usually accomplish the same thing. The reduction in innovation is not going to end Open, but what will drive a stake through it is the cost.
  12. Does the staccato p fit in a idpa box?
  13. if you're talking about grossly obese, yes, probably. If you're talking about anywhere in the wide range of normal but not hugely obese shooters, I don't believe so. It has much more to do with the mental aspect of leaving aggressively as soon as possible (and shooting as soon as possible on entry) than it does with the raw physical ability to get from point a to point b quickly.
  14. Doubtful, because if that were a thing, you would see extremely fit guys being quicker between positions than less fit guys, but that doesn't actually happen. You don't have to be lean and have a high vo2 max to push off aggressively, take 2 steps and be shooting early. Ben is kind of a pudgy soft guy, but he moves plenty fast for short distances. I'm pretty confident I could beat him at most any contest of endurance, yet he is considerably quicker than me between positions.
  15. I think its more like CO has shown how much of a advantage a dot is on a hand gun. With open guns we have let our selves believe that comps and triggers and better loads and whatever else make a big difference, but when you start seeing good shooters shoot CO it becomes obvious that a CO gun is really only giving up Major scoring to a full house build Open gun, all the other crap is just noise in the actual scale of performance.
  16. Today
  17. oddly enough, this actually happened at production nationals a couple years ago. A famous pro shooter refused to reshoot and accepted a time that he KNEW was incorrect. IIRC, it was later proven incorrect using his own video app. OTOH, the person who was winning the stage at the time realized his time was wrong, and since he was not a cheater, asked for a reshoot. When it happened to me at a section match, I realized the time was wrong, and I am not a cheater, so I asked for a reshoot.
  18. Very common with any of the "long" chamberings (10mm, 45ACP, 38 super) in Tanfoglios. Has to do with the amount-of-travel with ejector engagement more than slide velocity. People can really start making problems for themselves when they start overspringing these guns chasing reduced brass ejection distance or less "primer wipe" (common term for what you've described/pictured). If you're determined to change it, changes to the ejector are required. Or, you could just ignore it. Because it isn't harmful and doesn't signal anything harmful.
  19. ss minor is still a thing, and something like 30-40% of area matches in the last few years have been won by SS minor shooters. and of course, just like in this situation, ss minor has a distinct advantage over ss major in steel challenge.
  20. You can turn off the fisheye in the settings. I like it on because it shows more of my hands during reloads.
  21. Plus, you only have to do it once a year for each place you want to go, so if there’s a range close to you but across state lines, you only have to fill it out at the beginning of the season and you’re good to go for multiple matches.
  22. +1 for Sport Pistol Have a load that easily makes major with 180gr Blue Bullets loaded to 1.200" and works equally well with jacketed. Also using it with 124/125 and 135gr 9mm. Very clean and seems to be pretty temperature stable. For me, a more economical choice than N320.
  23. Yup, that is about all it takes to hit an 8" target at 30 yards. If you have problem hitting it, work on your trigger pull because it is the most important factor in accurate pistol shooting. You can have a super accurate gun, proper stance, correct aiming, but you ain't gonna hit it if you yank the trigger and dip the gun right before it goes bang (called Flinching). The best way to learn the proper trigger pull is with a revolver, load 2 live rounds randomly along with 4 spent shells, keep the sight on target and make sure it doesn't dip on an empty shell, and try not to blink or you won't see it. .
  24. I'm 6'3" and I still prefer to shoot my SBR. It's handy in tight spaces and I tuned it to be quite soft. As a bonus, the guys that hate PCC REALLY hate me enjoying all the extra fun of a shorty until they get to shoot it too I haven't had any issues with my JP GMR-15 SBR. Usually I run 2-3 shooters a match on it. Last night we ran a shoot house stage about 20 times with 5-6 people all using their own ammo. Did I mention you can get red accents?
  25. AmarokTactical

    P320 X5 Thread

    This has worked exceptionally well for me. The silicon carbide also lasts considerably longer than grip tape. Just clean it with a little water and an old toothbrush and it will freshen the grip right up. It's also a very quick, cheap and easy modification to do yourself.
  26. You will like Sport Pistol. At $77/4 lb vs $116/4 lb for N320, you'll be ahead..
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