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  2. Thanks Sarge, I will do that ! 9X45 The bullet diameter Im using is .355 and its in all makes of brass I use ,but the worst is speer !
  3. pskys2

    625 JM

    I've seen some JM's that had really rough cylinders that had to be reamed. Barrels could be too.
  4. If you don’t want to remove one of the little teats just put rounds in 1, 2, 3 and 4. Then you are putting 1 round in at a time. Then follow up with 5, 6, 7 and 8. A lot easier to remove one teat.
  5. John92awd

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    My mag lips are starting to spread a bit. What technique or tool does everyone use to adjust them back to factory width?
  6. I also have an svi 5.4 sight tracker.. I load 4.7-4 8 gr N310, fmj bullets out to 1.200 oal..mix brass, federal primers.. Për Casey suggestions.. This load is money for my sight tracker.. You are GTG!!
  7. Just have em swap if you have tried some troubleshooting already Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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  9. old558

    625 JM

    No problem from my 625 with lead. I also make my own but I now powder coat. Much faster
  10. 19 round mags again... cant get past the coupler. I’ve tried loading it up and loosening the coupler as others have mentioned with no success. I’ve noticed that the tabs between the two halves that stick through the coupler are never even. One side is high and one side is low. Is this the same for everyone? It’s like one half of the mag is twisted. Can someone with a working 19 look at the locking tabs for me to see if yours are even? Don’t know if I should try to bend them or try to get AT to replace them...
  11. Does the bolo work well with the Xtreme delta hammer. Or should I buy a titan or unica? I have the delta in my Xtreme at present.
  12. The load I quoted was for Ibejiheads which are coated lead. The lead is soft compared to the hard jackets and so will seal up more in the barrel which means that it takes less powder to get the same velocity. As for the perceived recoil, it’s effectively the same.
  13. Thanks guys, lots of good info there and I really appreciate the input. That helps a lot in understanding what my options are.
  14. That's a good rule of thumb. I'll stick to that and adjust the average of my load based on the standard deviation I'm getting out of my equipment and process. I'll wait until the progressive press arrives before finalizing the adjustments, though, as my SD is likely to change with the different press.
  15. yup. if you shoot Co, still need basepad for canik mags to make 23 rounds. maybe you have them already...
  16. Yes thanks, looking at a couple of posts above I realized that question have been answered and the red one is a strike Industries the blue one is in Odin. Both look nice. I put a thread out to see if anyone has experience with these using it in conjunction with a Hiperfire 24c trigger.
  17. Great info - thanks. My target load is 4.8 gn of N310 and it's right on the money based on the velocity I was told it would achieve out of my gun (no surprise there, the guys who built the gun would know what they are talking about). You mentioned that MG are harder and need more powder (you use a good 0.5 gn less) - how do bullet type and the extra powder affect recoil? Is it about the same, or something noticeable?
  18. Thanks I'll look into giving it a try, looks like a nice unit.
  19. thanks for all the replies i run a glock, so i will try to borrow,or shoot what i have same with my AR i signed up for Ontelaunee 3-Gun match
  20. ^^^ what he said. If you really want SAO, the "best" setup that can be had is to get the Evolution Gun Works sear and hammer with trigger of choice. 2 flat ones from Henning, mostly flat xtreme and standard SAO. Bolo is not an option with them. But, the EGW sear has no provision for the FP block and requires fitting. no where near drop in. Just so you know. but you can (have to actually) adjust the pretravel amount by the sear to trigger bar leg. it and the hammer are thru hard.
  21. Apex pins are for Federal only. That’s the problem. They have a habit of not working so well with other primers. And C&S pins like to break, watch out for them.
  22. It's normal. you can minimize it with a STRONGER recoil spring.
  23. I don't think that will work on the RX either, X5 type only Sig's pistol optics lineup is very confusing
  24. Some have rusted, there was a period four or five years ago I read of a number. I have one from the time that "blooms" rust from what I assume are small defects in the treatment if not oiled, the spots have turned to small pits . Supposedly Glock will refinish or replace, varying reports on charging for it or not, I haven't bothered.
  25. Looks like the few times I tumbled with walnut with no polish added. Should work fine.
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