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  2. Yep. USPSA forces you to use more elaborate props if the designer wants you to stay out of specific areas.
  3. I was thinking of getting one. But I will pass.
  4. Just an observation from a non gunsmith, looks like alot more than 5k rounds. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  5. Guy- It is with great sadness that I receive this news. You have my condolences & deepest sympathy. Loren was an incredible giver and one who made our sport a true family affair. I first met Loren when she was the "Grim Reaper" at the Bianchi Cup- the scorekeeper on the mover. As bad as you did, it wasn't so bad after you saw her smile. I will always remember Loren as the perennial range officer on Roundabout at the Steel Challenges in Piru. Every year she & Tammy would greet us, renew friendships and make us feel relaxed and at home. Loren is in Heaven, timer in hand, waiting for all of us to load and make ready. Her memory will live on within all whose lives she touched. We are better human beings for knowing her. God bless you. Jim
  6. Background: I played USPSA for 2 seasons (5 years ago) and never advanced beyond C class. My gripes were too much waiting around and not much shooting (matches fill up really fast in my region, and as a result - full squads), but my biggest gripe was lack of practice opportunity within reasonable driving distance. All local ranges forbid any sort of rapid fire or drawing from holster. I practiced anyways, following the rules and focusing on grip technique. I would occasionally (half heartedly) dry fire practice at home and practice mag changes. now I have access to a small 40- yard private range. I almost always have the range to myself and common sense and courtesy are the rules. I don’t want to blow it by annoying others in the area, so I bought a suppressor (2 actually) and started practicing. After a lot of work and frustration that I won’t go into now, I finally worked up loads that are reliable(ish) and sufficiently quiet. This allows me to practice rapid fire, target transitions, etc.. in ways that I never could at other ranges and I am enjoying myself. I can’t really draw from a holster with the can attached... but life is all about compromise... Today’s intention: fire 20 round strings at a single target, ~ 12 yards away at a pace that allows me to shoot inside of A zone while focusing on trigger control and grip technique. Observations: a lot of bouncing around after each shot (mostly vertical and about 1/2 as much horizontal). I was not using a shot timer and I am shooting with a red dot, so it is painfully obvious how much the gun is bouncing around. Locking my elbows seems to exacerbate the oscillations compared to not locking my elbows. Most surprising however (and it probably should not be that surprising), is that I think the can is making the recovery time between shots take longer! After thinking about it - this makes some sense as the can equates to more mass, which is hanging off the end of the barrel, that I have to counteract through grip strength. Any slop in my grip technique is only going to be amplified by that swinging mass. On the other hand, I thought the extra mass would act as an inertial dampener to the recoil - and perhaps it is to some extent. Next range session I will fire a few shots with and without the can. I suspect that without the can, the dot will move more but recover faster. If this is the case, the can could turn out to be a great training aid - similar to running with weights on ones ankles, but perhaps that forecast is a tad optimistic...
  7. Hey all, not an expert here just a new MPX G3 PCC owner wondering if I can tap into your know-how. TLDR; will chopping ~9" off the barrel affect reliability? Longer version: I love the MPX PCC... shooting it is like cheating. But my daughter finds it too heavy on the front end to shoot for long, and that's the main reason I bought it, for her to shoot (haha that's what I told myself anyway). So I'm looking at a SBR chop on it, to reduce the weight and if I want to, throw my Osprey 9 on the front. I just don't want to mess with the reliability - the reason I went with the G3 - cuz I'm not expert enough to troubleshoot cycling issues on the MPX. Thank you folks, Nathan
  8. Nope. The resizing will undersize the bullet and there will be little or no neck tension. Try it.
  9. I seldom plunk any more, my dies are set up well enough that if it gauges it goes to "match grade" and if it misses by a little, it goes to practice. I hardly ever get one that is way out of the gauge but if I do, I save it for the next time I clean the gun so I can plunk it.
  10. I have tried the dril this afternoon, i don't have rack so i have used 4 ipsc plate and 2 popper beetween 11m to 13m. 1st attempt : 6.31sec / 2nd attempt 6.30 with one miss / 3rd attempt 5.77 sec and 4th attempt 5.58.
  11. In IDPA the CZ SP-01 Accu Shadow is only ESP legal. If you shoot USPSA the Accu Shadow is production legal.
  12. Yes, I would contact STI. That is not normal. I've never seen that in that location. They should correct it no matter where you currently reside. Was the gun purchased new or was the frame bought and used for a 2011 build?
  13. Lol. I know. Thanks. I’ll just use the chamber as a guide but not a a final decision maker if I’ll use the ammo or not. Will measure and plunk test each one also.
  14. Today
  15. Hi All, I loaded a bunch of 9mm on a Dillon 650 when the sizing and de-capping die was not threaded down far enough so it was kissing the shell plate. Now I have 300 or so rounds that won't case gage or feed. I've since corrected the issue and am now wondering if I can remove the de-capping pin and then run the loaded rounds through the resizing die again so they case gage and feed. Thanks.
  16. "The only time I saw the pro's using KKM was at the Bianchi Cup where they have 50 yard targets.. " and those were most likely not "drop in" but fitted. I have a drop in KKM for my 34 and the only time I can see any difference is braced off bags at 25 yards, otherwise match fees and ammo are more productive.
  17. If the plunk test is ok for all the rounds then you are good to go. After all, where are you going to end up using the rounds...in the gauge or in your barrel
  18. Sarge


    Not sure but the +5’s probably had stronger springs that were putting more up force. I guess pushing up on the case too much as it tried to eject?
  19. My Ammobot will likely be here months before my RL1100 is
  20. Thanks. I dont feel like messing with the unfinished one. Would be easy enough to drill and tap at work but might just order the egw and be done with it. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  21. This is a helpful yet somewhat heartbreaking thread. I just started experiencing the similar issues as you all have described. Mine is an "AE" model. When I turn the dot on, it stays illuminated for four minutes and 50 seconds and then blinks 10 times, and shuts off. It will not re-illuminate upon motion. It does this even if the slide is in motion, like it did in practice yesterday. Can I expect the dot to consistently stay illuminated for about five minutes? Or have you experienced the dot shutting off at random times?
  22. I messaged shooters connection on FB, and they will be getting more of their slide rackers in stock within this month or next. Or you pay a little bit more to EGW to get it sooner.
  23. Rigger would you mind posting some pics of your setup on the toolheads ? Would greatly appreciate so I could copy
  24. Thanks for all the replies. My issue lies in the extreme spread that I’m trying to manage for chrono. I’ve never struggled before and with new brass and jacketed bullets would usually get around 25 to 30fps spread on a minor load (147gr @ 900fps). Recently my extreme spread has risen to close to 70fps. Measured the charge weight on my FX scale (laboratory) and charge variance is really low. Only other conclusion is that the OAL is large. This also started when I started loading with an ammobot. Will dig deeper to try and understand. Have also taken all your advise
  25. George16

    Which Shadow 2

    Or just get a DS Perman safety detent spring and be done with it. No cutting. Unless you have extra AR15 takedown springs laying around.
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