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  2. Simple … Design a match with the degree of difficulty you need for PCC. Advertise it as a PCC (only) match. The rules only state you must recognize at least ONE division. Make it PCC. Anyone who chooses to shoot it with a firearm from another division (e.g., Open, Limited, etc.) may legally do so, but they are not recognized as divisions for the match results. Only PCC will count. Perfectly legal. Straight out of the rule book!
  3. Which do you prefer and why? Whether it be aluminum or steel vs a magwell with a plastic insert. Nevermind weight, this is more about smooth reloads and how long they last before they get chewed up and have to be replaced.
  4. You need to clarify your question. Reading it this way makes me think of any place you have two fault lines meeting to form a corner
  5. If I’m reading it correctly, for a DA/SA gun in Production or Carry Optics, you can get to the hammer down position for the beginning of a stage in two ways: -Manually lowering the hammer fully -Using the decocker, if the gun has one I don’t see anything that says that you must use the decocker if your gun has one, only that you may use it instead of manually lowering the hammer and that you can’t modify it to drop to half cock.
  6. I would consider shooting stand alone pcc matches with added difficulty. Not interested in shooting standard USPSA matches with the carbine.
  7. Me standing and firing upon a single target, are there legal stage layouts in which I will be required to respect multiple fault lines to fire upon that target and not receive a PE?
  8. Great points here regarding proper stance / grip. I took John Mcphee's 100yard carbine class over the winter and my big takeaway from the slow-motion video analysis was that at the beginning of the class, none of the shooters had their body weight leaned forward enough nor were any of us holding the gun tightly enough or pulling the buttstock back vigorously enough into our bodies. The difference that correcting these two factors made in our group sizes (standing, kneeling and prone) by the end of the class was astonishing. The same applies to recoil control / double-tap speed when shooting quickly. To Acer2428's point, there is definitely a measurable, quantifiable difference between holding the rifle loosely and with bodyweight back on the heels versus pulling buttstock in aggressively and maintaining an athletic stance with the weight forward. Even with my height and (over)weight, the recoil will still bounce me around, making double taps open up (A/C or A/D versus double alpha), if I don't mount the gun properly and get the right cheek weld, buttstock positon and lean into the gun with knees broken, weight on the balls of the feet, and shoulders forward of hips. Getting the buttstock positioned further into the centerline of the body as MemphisMechanic suggests is also helpful, but I still try to roll my strong-side shoulder forward and up toward my ear and drop my chin slightly to form a pocket for the butt of the gun between the pec / shoulder / cheek, then I really pull the gun into that pocket hard with both hands. I also have more of a break in my support-side elbow and that hand a little closer to me, not elbow all the way locked out and hand close to the end of the handguard. You want to maximize your contact with the rifle, kind of wrap yourself around it and get your weight into it. This all gets exponentially harder when you are also trying to move around, I struggle to maintain that upper body tension while shooting on the move. That's something I just need to practice more. I am still new to PCC, but in 5.56 carbine / shotgun I find that adjusting length of pull for your height/reach is really helpful. I'm large and most carbine stocks are marginal LOP for me at full extension.Those wacky stocks with adjustments for comb height, toe drop, cant, LOP etc are popular in 3-gun for good reason. It is far easier to get a consistent mount, proper cheek weld and eye position and thus superior recoil control if the gun is properly fit for your anatomy. Take a few minutes to make sure you have the right setup then practice mounting the gun as MemphisMechanic suggested. I try to get the LOP adjusted so that if I hold the rifle in my firing hand with elbow bent around 90 degrees, the buttstock touches my bicep. Some prefer a shorter LOP but in my experience you are then forced to compensate by pulling the gun in even harder. Over even a short time period, recoil and muscle fatigue will gradually open up a gap and the gun will start to bounce forward and backward as you shoot when seen in slow motion video. I'm pretty sure Max Leograndis had a video about his preferred LOP somewhere, and if I recall correctly he also goes for a longer LOP.
  9. Is all that grip modification still USPSA “legal” for CO?
  10. I continue to be amazed at the accuracy of this very inexpensive Russian ammo. I tested it against the AA load used by the AMU. The tests were done at 25 yards from a solid rest. I used a Tula load from a different lot and my Tangfolio liked it even better. Here are pics. The smallest group by AA was just under 2 inches
  11. I have to agree. This is getting way too personal. The lesson here is to communicate as well as we can.
  12. Look at Brazosprecision.com 10% off Memorial Day sale right now. Good stuff y'all! Our GOLD is lower priced than BLUE even without the sale.
  13. For SA/DA guns equipped with a decocker, what is the correct way of getting into the gun ready condition? Rules: When in the ready conditions as specified under 8.1, a gun with an external hammer must be hammer down. A hammer is considered to be in the "hammer down" position when the hammer is placed there by pulling the trigger while manually lowering the hammer (manually decocking) or by activating the decocking lever if present. Manually decocking to the half-cocked position is not allowed and will result in the competitor being moved to Open division Handguns with external hammers must be fully decocked at the start signal. If a decocking lever is installed and used, the term fully decocked is the position where the hammer rests once the decocking lever has been used. Altering a factory installed decocker to bring the hammer to rest at less than a half-cocked position is not allowed. Reference: Appendix D4 and D7 (Production and Carry Optics) My understanding of the rules: if a gun is equipped with a decocker, the decocking lever MUST be used to get to "hammer down" position. Manually (fully) lowering the hammer on such a gun is not an option. Am i correct? Thanks in advance!
  14. Now that is the truth! In SS/Prod/L10/Revolver I try to keep count, in Limited most times it's more of a feeling that I must be running low. So it's not so much that I count rounds as that based on my plan of the COF I know what I expect to shoot and when I take extra I count how many down I am. I expect to have 2 rounds extra, while still leaving one in the chamber, miss a plate so now I have 1 extra. Then make up a shot and I have no extra. Better reload no matter what. Now in Limited I set my plan, where I want to reload and count down as best as I can. But after 8 fingers I drop the gun so it's harder???
  15. I am in the same place , I look at shooters who finish 10 spots up from me and our hits are the same, but their speed is much faster
  16. Today
  17. No … PCC falls under HG rules. Rule 1.2 of MG prohibits using the MG rules for a HG Only match.
  18. Bob Vogel uses a stock Glock, but I am NOT him.
  19. Thanks for the suggestions, I will need to get me some of that Federal and Winchester brass. It is too much of a hassle if 1 round is a little off it messes it up for the other 7 rounds its clipped to.
  20. The dude hurt my feelings this weekend with his S3...
  21. If you're interested in trying out CO sometime, I would go LimPro. You can just add a dovetail mount and make weight, on the Stock 2 you have to mill and then you can't use it in production. If you'll only ever want to use it for production, I would say Stock 2 over Limpro or Stock 3.
  22. When I was still shooting Limited, my minor load was CCI 500, 2.8gr e3, and 180gr coated for 773fps, SD 6.75. It was a powder puff. It shot to the same POI as the major load, and used the same recoil spring.
  23. Just an update. I received an Aftec extractor and watched a few YouTube reviews of it before putting it in. I opted to install without using both springs (I left out the one closest to the muzzle). The instructions mention that fitting may be required here and there, but I thought I'd try it out without doing anything. There was a local match yesterday and I arrived early to see if the gun would cycle and put 2 140mm mags through it without issue. Then proceeded to shoot the entire match without a single malfunction. I think you guys nailed it! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!! That was the first match in a long time without a failure.
  24. That said, in a PCC *only* match I’d hope to see some truly challenging targets. 50yd plates or minipoppers (give this RO a golf cart for stage setup!) and stages with a plethora of 20yd headshots. Actually push to challenge their accuracy the way matches like the Lucas Oil match have. It’s legal to set up per USPSA rules too. The only reason you don’t see 53yd minipoppers at USPSA matches is because that’s annoying to us handgun shooters.
  25. Yup. The only truly waterproof ammo I found after The Incident exposed my stuff to fire hose water and rain through the burnt out roof, was real USGI.
  26. I'd go with 38 Super. An earlier comment is incorrect. The 1911 was originally designed around and chambered for the 38 Super. If you do go for 9mm, use the mags that came with the gun. 1911s are finicky about 9mm mags. I tried three brands before I found one that worked in the 9mm 1911 Open gun I just built.
  27. Yes, just hold the intensity switch on the top of the battery cover for like 5 seconds to power the unit off, although it’s cumbersome because your finger blocks the lens and you can’t see if it’s off or not. Personally I try to turn mine off when not in use but have forgotten a few times and the battery is over a year old and going strong.
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