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  2. I'm not a revolver shooter, but I think I've seen Jerry M. hold gun in left hand and drop rounds in with his right (strong) hand. You'd have more dexterity with your strong hand.
  3. N320 is the great hype but I use 700-x at 4.1 grains. My OAL is 1.205 for my 2011. Gives me 170-172pf in my 6 inch and 168-169 in my 5 inch barrel. Meters very well, little faster than TG and with 6k plus of 180 Ibejiheads no excessive smoking. Very accurate at distance too Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks guys. Just wondering about it since it was hard to tell in the pics with not much for a description either. I've had NP3 parts in other guns (like a nice 1911 that was completely finished including internals with NP3) and it definitely slicks them up, but haven't tried it in a Tanfo. Finished the first round of polishing on my stock II frame last night, working on internals now. That hard chrome on the frame polishes nice but takes a lot of work.
  5. Hi everyone! New to reloading and wanted to reach out for some help. I was using the Blue Bullets 200 gr purchasing off of a reloading company and they made the switch to a 180gr blue bullets and my Gen 3 Glock 35 with a wolf barrel will not run them. Current OAL is at 1.126. Crimp on the 200gr was at .4225 and on the 180gr at .4205. I'm thinking that the wolf barrel just doesn't like the profile of the 180gr blue bullets. Want to stay with the 180gr but will be switching to Ibejiheads with the same shape as the 200gr blue bullets. Was told that N320 is a good powder to go with but don't have any data. Can anyone recommend some data with the 180gr Ibejiheads bullets out of a Glock? Thank you all so much.
  6. Enjoy shooting a 929 and would like to learn to reload it for USPSA, maybe make practicing reloads and getting some skill at it my next off season main goal. Any favorite break down and illustration of the best mechanics? Keeping the gun in my strong (right) hand and dropping the rounds in with my left feels the most natural to me.
  7. Kind of nice that there is a factory round that might make Major in a 5" barrel.
  8. Plus one! We can’t bring matches down to the lowest level of competence for every scenario. What would be next? No uprange movement?
  9. USPSA RULES 2.5 Unloading/Loading Station 2.5.1 If it is possible that some competitors arriving at a range where a USPSA match is being held may be in possession of a loaded firearm on their person (e.g. law enforcement officers, persons duly authorized to carry a loaded firearm, etc.), match organizers should provide an Unloading/Loading Station to enable such competitors to safely unload their firearms prior to entering the range, and to safely load their firearms again on departure from the range. The Unloading/Loading Station should be conveniently located outside the entrance to the range (or outside the portion of the range allocated to the USPSA match), it should be clearly marked with a sign and it must include a suitable impact zone.
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  11. That is wonderful news Guy.
  12. Slide to Frame Fitting Through a combination of machining and surface grinding, we achieve a slide to frame fit that is truly unique. When buying slides and frames out of a catalog, there is usually two, maybe three dimensions that can be fit. The status quo fit is one that utilizes two bearing surfaces, one along the frame rail width and the other along the bottom of the slide. Through numerous trials and experiments, we determined it was possible to double the contact through precision measurement and machining. Our target was a slide fit perfectly centered onto the frame, which keeps the barrel and magazine aligned, and also to add more bearing surfaces for longevity.
  13. I had a guy show up to try Steel Challenge and his "holster" was his front pocket! He said, "Well the trigger guard is covered and the gun is retained"... No, he didn't get to shoot that day. The gun really was kind of a good fit though. I carry my gun in a gun bag and holster when I L&MR. I do not carry at SC matches because that paint goes everywhere! For USPSA I holster from the gun bag to the holster at the safe table before the match begins. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me.
  14. No problem, I appreciate the help though.
  15. I know you’re in Germany, but for other newer guys who are reading along: I wouldn’t worry about finding a small frame S2 /S3 in the first place if you live inside the USA. EAA has only imported Large frames for at least a decade.
  16. I've been using RMR 124 Gr. Match winners for a few years, tried the 147 gr version yesterday, I may switch, they felt softer to me as the same PF
  17. old558

    Red dot for TSO

    I also have the Cheely 90 degree mount with C more, very easy to find the dot with this setup.
  18. Been talking to Techwell about one for my KE Arms lower, as of last email he was in the process of getting a lower, So there's hope for us KE owners
  19. This will be a light build series on our new model, the Alpha. All major components and most of the smaller components are manufactured in-house to our own designs based on the huge demands this sport places on guns - with the goal of maximizing accuracy, reliability, and longevity. Our goal was to build a a pistol internally different from what everyone else offers, with a reasonable price and lead time.
  20. I shot the Bianchi Cup for the first time this year and had a great time! I'm looking to possibly have a metallic gun built for next years match. I'd love to see some pics of your Bianchi Cup guns!
  21. Any updates on this match? I would definitely be interested in an AP match. I'm in northern IL.
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