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  2. I'm sure there is a golf shirt out there that doesn't offend your sensibilities. And I agree about the Solomons, but I'm shooting open with a set of E.A.R. Primo's and have found them to be sufficient.
  3. regor

    CZ TSO holster

    The “CZ-TS-Orange” one fits the thin trigger guard the best, though it’s not as snug as the other thick trigger guard in the Czechmate one. If you only have pistols with the thin style then definitely get the TSO insert.
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  5. yigal

    Shadow 2 + optics longevity

    I thought they would hold more than your shadow 2 .
  6. This happens a lot on the 1050s. Glad you got it sorted out.
  7. Is there a cheaper after market motor for my case cleaner? The original motor made by Fasco in Cassville, Mo. #7121-6775 type U218 1/20 hp amp 1.6 at 3000 rpm LR36496 is listed on there website as unavailable. Are there any cross references for electric motors... not too sharp looking this stuff up.afish4570
  8. I'm pretty sure the Talon will not work. I've got the standard 60° Strike Industries safety on two of those triggers and they both work great. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. So, which DAA insert fits the TSO with the thin trigger guard most tightly?
  10. Same here, knock on wood , both of mine (5MOA) have been rock solid so far. About 4500 rounds with the Shadow 2 and about 1500 on the M&P 9L. both still using the "stock" batteries they came with as well.
  11. I recently bought a strike Industries strike switch and it is definitely not compatible with the hiperfire trigger in my Sig MPX. Does anyone know if the Radian Talon ambi will work with this setup? I know alot of 90 degree throws work but I would definitely prefer a 45 or 60 degree if possible.
  12. No way I’ll ever wear a Nike product but to each their own. Solomons are so overrated. In ear protection doesn’t cut it when shooting open. But you can get muffs that go behind the neck for straw hats etc.
  13. If you want Surefire, I would go with the SOCOM brake and use the Warden diffuser when you're on the line.
  14. I think this has a lot to do with where you shoot. Every club I shoot as has restrictions. At one club, firing a shot one second after 4 PM results in a $1000 fine and a trip before the Board. Termination is the typical result. Most clubs have a no shooting after dusk policy. So in Nov thru Feb you really have to hustle to finish before dusk.
  15. The price of Techwear is out of hand, in my opinion. I wear a golf polo most of the time, the Nike Victory is a great shirt that stays cool and keeps a little sun off your neck. Pretty much the rest of it is dead on though. Instead of saying sundry kicks, you can narrow that down to Solomon's. Can swing a dead cat at most of the matches I was at this year without getting fur on some dude's Speedcross. You guys thinking about big hats need to look into in-ear hearing protection. It makes you free to wear a giant straw hat and really get some shade.
  16. Good Job! Best of luck on the shoulder... and the new goal.... Wife had knee surgery Friday so I am on honey do duty
  17. If you send them an email and say you are a member on Enos you should be able to find out.
  18. If you are having problems getting these, here's a suggestion: I use SoundGear (https://www.soundgearhearing.com/collections/custom-fit) purchased from Chris Bain at https://www.houseofhearing.com/hearing-protection. Note - if your work/insurance has a hearing protection/aid benefit it might cover some or all of the cost. Chris is a shooter and sponsors SMM3G. When I got mine I had the molds done locally and sent them to Chris via UPS. less than a week later my ear pro showed up in the mail. Been using them for 2+ years now with now problem. A new set of batteries lasts several matches and several practice sessions. I usually change them monthly. Amazon has 60 batteries for $15 which lasted me 2+ years.
  19. Wilson CQB Elite Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. If I can help (even if just to bounce ideas around), let me know area1 "at" uspsa "dot" org Bruce
  21. Today was a funny experience. Needed .1 seconds going into my last stage (accelerator) to make GM in RFPO and blew the stage. Could easily have hit an 8.6-9.0 run and shot a 10.43. Oh well, perhaps I'll get another shot in early 2020. Once I get over the hill I'll go after RFPI and PCCO in 2020.
  22. When is "OLD"? I have to keep changing my definition of that, I can remember when I thought that meant that you were 30. I made a last stab at GM before my upcoming shoulder surgery and made it today with 98.67%. That will hold till Jan 1 and then it will become 93.19%. After I get recovered and back to shooting again I will need to shave off another 1.5 seconds to re-earn it again. New goal in place even if it's a small one.
  23. Funny you should ask. I'm installing my first press fit pin right now. Getting it out was no trouble, had to pause in the middle of the job so will be installing the new one soon. Doesn't seem very hard, only tricky part seems to be aligning the recoil shield plug correctly for the cross pin. Will update when I get some time to finish up. I have multiple guns fully stripped right now in various stages of a project. The GP100 is just a frame with barrel at the moment. Planning to shoot Classic quite a bit in 2020.
  24. Could always just do a 50 yard Sprint before it's your turn. That's what I do during training. Our practice bays are 50x50 yards so I usually do at least a 25 yard sprint to get my heart rate elevated and then start the course of fire I'm practicing. Nothing like a 40 yard sprint to try to shoot the plate rack at 10 yards. Try that 5 times in a row.
  25. Usually when done, it is so a person can get a practice draw/dryfire cold. Least that is why I do it when i am shooting a gun that will
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