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  2. Although this thread has run on for quite a while, I would like to point out that Brian's Forum is not the place to air customer service issues or complaints.
  3. PhillySoldier

    New powder bar adjuster....

    Overall I have liked the Armanov dial but definitely some powder types seem easier to dial in than others. My testing procedures are to weigh five charges in a row that match down to 0.1g. Last night's reloading session frustrated me though and I spent the better part of half hour going up and down the same one click on the Armanov. Afterwards I ordered the Titan EasyDial. Hopefully that makes it a bit more precise to dial into that mid click section I was trying to get last night
  4. yigal

    Red Dot Optics - Astigmatism & Parallax

    if u shoot fast ipsc in open div. u don't have time to see the shape of the dot during the drill.😄
  5. PhillySoldier

    My Procedure to ladder test reloads.

    Thanks again Darrell, that was helpful.
  6. wally0206

    Red Dot Optics - Astigmatism & Parallax

    Appreciate all the feedback and different point of views, i see the conversation has a couple different points of view, Most all Red dot optics have some parallax , even if it is very very minor. (and some have a lot) Astigmatism in most cases without corrective lens can cause the red dot to be distorted , lose shape and or clarity etc. Do some with astigmatism wearing corrective lens still see the red dot being distorted? i myself wear either contacts or glasses to correct my astigmatism, but i don't see any red dot distortion when i wear my corrective lens, it is a normal red dot at all angles, naturally without corrective lens it is a hot mess. With all the feedback and posted links so far, i am still unsure thou if a person with astigmatism wearing corrective lens would see parallax on what is consider a parallax free optic. so maybe the better question is.... Hypothetically , Does a person with astigmatism that is wearing corrective lens (for 20/20 vision) see more parallax then a person that doesn't have astigmatism (with 20/20 vision) using the same red dot optic, sight \ eye alignment , focal distance etc. ? or would both see the same amount of parallax?
  7. Tanfo open guns suck, MBX sucks. They sound like a great combo... a gun that sucks with mags that don’t run. Even if they do run you can get more rounds In any style sti/Sv mag.
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  9. cvincent

    Mark 7 Bullet sense sensor

    Have you tried moving the bearings to different holes? I get 2 Bullets drop occasionally, but the top one has never made it to the seating station, it falls off during indexing. Depending on your clutch setting, it probably would stop the machine if two bullets were stacked in the seater. I run at clutch at 3 for 40 with case lube. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tthinking about CMMG and it always extracts but some times doesn't eject. I had bolt out and was examining again the bolt and the round interaction. Found there was still spot were the round would hang binding between the extractor hook and the recessed bolt walls. Inspecting ejected cases showed that ends of extractor hook had scored the rim. So the pistols and some PCC bolts use a extractor like on the 1911. So I narrowed the extractor, but still some binding, then I polished the bolt walls. That made the difference there is NO position that case will hang, it always falls. So I waste some more ammo testing.
  11. levellinebrad

    SVI wait time

    Sounds good, thanks guys.
  12. I have loaded probly well over 40k with LNL AP and adjusted it only once when I was a total newbie. Now I am using it for all other calibers than 9mm for which I have Dillon 1050. I think they both have their flaws and getting them operating smoothly is the constant maintenance and keeping things clean from powder and other crap. Only thing that has broken from LNL was the lever. It's cast iron and snapped just above threads.
  13. Talon75

    Removing Para basepads?

    Getchya some Taylor's for that thing, same process just better quality!
  14. If you don't have a mill I agree it might be easier to get someone with a mill to help. If you take too much of comp or slide it's only cosmetic but it does look a bit crummy.
  15. jkrispies

    Red Dot Optics - Astigmatism & Parallax

    Great article... but video unavailable! I want to see the results!!!!
  16. HoMiE

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Usually no restriction for open so yes legal. Limited and Tactical usually have 3” long x 1” diameter for muzzle devices.
  17. GeneBray

    First open gun

    Are you in the Denver area? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Paul49

    Johnny Glocks

    Have you measured your trigger pull?
  19. I echo everyone else's opinion. A good red dot would be your best option.
  20. xtian999

    Mossberg 590M magazine fed pump

    That’s genius right there people.
  21. yigal

    Red Dot Optics - Astigmatism & Parallax

    https://www.breachbangclear.com/parallax-free-isnt/ all colimator sights have paralax. some have less, but it still exist.
  22. Trinimon

    Unica Flat Safety

    Arghh. I'm mixing up my Tanfoglios. I meant Stock III Special Ed in nickel finish.
  23. jkrispies

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    I’m no expert on comps by any means but I can give a big +1 to the Seekins ATC. I’ve used the PRI comp too and liked that one as well but would give the edge to the Seekins. Both returned to the same spot after the shot but the ATC had a nice consistent rise and fall whereas the PRI was a bit more circuitous in its pah. Neither would be a bad choice.
  24. MemphisMechanic

    Unica Flat Safety

    All stock IIIs are “Aussie” models, @Trinimon. They all have 5” barrels. It’s the otherwise 4.5” Stock II where you need a special AUS model to get a 5” gun.
  25. MemphisMechanic

    B_RAD Range Diary

    You have to give yourself a little more slack with these issues at majors, as they’re direct results of only having shot the sport for 1-2 years. Experience is the greatest teacher, and most of our skill at breaking down future stages comes from failing to find all the targets, or see the most efficient path, or choose the optimum engagement order... etc... If you seriously think about it, you’re making similar mental mistakes as most of the guys who are 1-2 years in. You’re just beating yourself up because those C class guys are supposed to make these mistakes, whereas an M/near-GM is supposed to be beyond them. I’m not saying to accept them; work hard to slaughter them. All I’m saying is... don’t be so discouraged at their existence in the first place, because it’s an inexperience thing. And you will defintely gain that experience.
  26. Toolguy

    Cylinder not turning freely when closed

    Try cleaning out under the extractor and it's seat on the cylinder. Sometimes when you eject fired cases, debris from the chambers can get caught in there and make the cylinder turn hard. This happens with all revolvers, good idea to clean there regularly. An old toothbrush works well.
  27. Get to the range early and do your walk through as many times as it takes to get it burned into your head. The more you do it the less time it takes to memorize.
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