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Welcome to Brian's Forums!

We’ve found the following guidelines indispensable in keeping the Forum enjoyable, informational, and just a fun place to hang out.

Posting Guidelines

Please be polite. Or if not polite, at least respectful.
No bickering. Regardless of the subject matter.
Antagonistic, offensive, or quarrelsome tones are not acceptable.
No trolling. No alternate accounts.

This Forum is for firearm, technique, and conceptual discussions pertaining to training and competition. (And various unrelated topics.) While the occasional defensive shooting post is not prohibited, in general, defensive shooting discussions or debates are discouraged. And please, no hunting or "killing animals" (of any kind) threads.

Thread Titles
When starting a new thread, please use descriptive words in the thread’s Title. For example: Use –
"Failure To Extract in .40 caliber single stack"
Instead of –
"Has anyone seen this?" (Title)

Topic Search
Especially if you're new, please do a search before starting a new thread. (I searched the entire Forum for "shok buff" - it quickly found over 30 matches from various forums.) For detailed search tips, see the "Search Tips & General New Member Info" forum at the top of the forum's home page. Also check the FAQ’s, which are pinned at the top of their respective forums.

Restricted Content
Policy and political discussions or debates of any kind - even if you consider your opinions to be "facts" - are not welcome anywhere in the forum.
Specifically including (but not limited to):
• STI vs SVI
• Limited 10 vs Limited Division
• This Division vs That Division
• This Government vs That Government
• Gun Control Issues

This is not a free speech issue. As a privately funded and collectively ran "information exchange," we have found that the emotional nature of political discussions weakens the informative impact of the Forum.

And note that your post, avatar, and anything in your signature represent you, and your relationship with the Forum's Guidelines.

Because it is impossible for the BE Staff to verify that raffles are run fairly, correctly and according to the laws governing them in various locations, we have decided on a 'no raffles' policy. We understand some legitimately good causes may be impacted by this, but felt it was in the best interest of the membership overall.

Non-profit raffles at a physical location (not on the internet) may be announced, as long as the announcement does not include ticket sales.

Fund Raisers (For any reason or topic)
They are impossible to verify.

Offensive Material
Please do not post offensive material. If you wouldn't want your 10 year-old to read it, please don't post it. This also applies to links in posts. If what's in a link (text or video) would not be appropriate if it was typed in a post, it is not acceptable. If in doubt about your post's content, please PM a Moderator before posting.

Pictures are not different from posts. If it's even borderline offensive, or could be construed to be offensive, please do not post it or use it as an Avatar.
• Please do not post images of any sort in your signature.
• Please do not post "dead-animal pictures."

Hate Rants
Rants involving shooters, firearms, or shooting related manufacturers, such as but not limited to - IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, Colt, Brownell's, Dillon, or Match Staff - are NOT PERMITTED. Brian's Forums is not the place to resolve customer service issues or disputes you may have with a manufacturer, dealer, gunsmith, or individual.

The general forums are not for any advertising whatsoever.
Please do not advertise products or services for yourself or for others in your posts or your Signature, either with text, links, Avatars or images.
However, a non-linked, single line of text in your Signature stating "Team ______" is permitted.
"Group Buys" are not permitted on Brian's Forums. And WTB (Want To Buy) Posts are only permitted in the Classified Forums.

Please do not advertise products or services for yourself or for others in your Posts or Signature, either with text, links, avatars, images or videos. This includes any videos, personal or YouTube, that solicit subscriptions or donations, or include advertising links in videos or at the video viewing site.

Any sort of advertising in Posts or Signatures will be removed by a Moderator, then the Member will be notified with a PM.
I'm sorry for the bluntness of this - we are making every effort to be fair to our paying Forum Dealers.

Classifieds Forum
If you intend to buy or sell in the Classifieds Forum, you must follow these specific rules for the Classified Forum.

Note: The Classified Forum is only visible to Members that are LOGGED IN.  

Based on critique from contributing members and supporters of BrianEnos.com, the Classifieds Forum is limited for use by members with 50 or more posts.

In addition, if posting in the Classifieds, your Profile must contain your full name, a valid email address, and the "Location" field must have the (real name of your) city, and state. If you're a regular contributor to the forums, feel free to advertise your personally owned wares or post what you are in need of - in the Classifieds Forum only.

Anyone found to be post-count bumping (lots of posts that don't advance the discussion, such as, but not limited to, one-liners, "+1" or emoticon-only posts) or making an end run around the classifieds rules by posting something for sale somewhere else on the forum, will have their classified privileges suspended, and their post count reset to zero (0). Following the contribution of 100 meaningful posts, such members may appeal for restoration of their classifieds privileges by sending a PM to any Moderator or Administrator.

If in doubt about your post’s content, please "PM" a moderator before posting.
A huge thank you to the volunteers who moderate, organize, and keep the Forum running smoothly!
Please be nice to the moderators. Remember, they volunteer their time to keep the "information avenue" running right to your door.

Thanks for coming in!

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