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  2. @Ken6PPC and the hilarious part about most posts like this one (he’s the exception!) is that usually a guy posts this stuff up with a $25 pair of digital calipers as the measuring device. ...which usually say right on the box “margin of error +/- .002”
  3. How heavy is it? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Not necessarily, but it wouldn't shock me either. I've seen some highly regarded manufacturers' micrometers with unacceptable tolerances, and straight out of the box. We used NIST certified standards to calibrate them. Micrometers with NIST certificates are available, but not without unacceptable cost. Even then, one drop can throw them out of specs. I'd say your technique is probably spot on, but not everyone's is! You may be surprised at the numbers someone else may get using your mic...! My main point is, it doesn't really matter WHAT diameter your bullets are. (Within reason...) All that matters is whether your pistol shoots well with them.
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  6. Come play in Texas! Texas PCC Shootout at Area 59 on 6/29. These guys put on awesome matches with very creative stages.
  7. Less powder-less recoil- the comp will be less efficient. But you stay flat. I don’t use 147 because I shoot uml and have to take shots out to 200 147s nose drive at 100 The number one way to tune your pcc is load to springs and buffer period. Xantos posted a formula in one of these threads to equate the force gas exerts on the comp. Try messaging him for that formula. My load now is 4.6gn wsf 115jhp 1.12 oal-1210 fps 139 pf
  8. Jp 308 carbine switched from jp 308 rifle
  9. You guys should checkout Precision Underground Rifle Gear bags they are freaking awesome. The fill is great, and the bags are extremely versatile.
  10. Looks like I can confirm, I've run into my first significant issue with this platform. The Romeo1 on RS320A (round count 4,200 all with this same optic) is now going out randomly when just sitting in the safe or my holster and doesn't come back on until I unscrew the battery cover and re-tighten it. I know for certain it's not a dead battery. I'll be contacting Sig tomorrow to get it sent in for service, and will update the thread when I hear from them as to what the issue is. And happy (late) 3/20 day!
  11. Are you using 308 or 223 springs ?
  12. IMHO its had to beat the Delta Point Pro. Its durable with a large clear window. Even if you have a core which they tech do not fit with the nice recessed plates all it takes is 3 passes with a file on the front of the DPP just the very edge and it fits and with it sitting nice and low. A pass with a alum black pen and you can not even tell. Way better that the small green windowed RMR and sits much lower than using the dedicated plate or the dove tail mount. Never going to understand peoples apprehension of doing this most basic of mods that has no effect on function or warranty and looks only when its not mounted. Even unmounted you have to look closely to tell if you take your time with the filler marker. Of course if its a M2.0 then I would just mill the slide for the DPP specifically.
  13. If I'm reading that correctly, you're having more trouble after sanding? If so, you might need to either remove a little more material or slick up the contact points with maybe some silicon based lube or wax - apply it, then rub off what you can(I'm thinking along the lines of what some people do with pistol mag carriers, or ski waxing).
  14. Like pressley said, Red Hill will give you the most options and the be the most flashy. Think options, bling, sass
  15. Luckily the platform is very similar. Shouldn't take him long to wipe the floor with a CZ.
  16. What gun is it fitted to?
  17. 1. In 1988 a YSR was my first motorcycle! I bought it brand new in Idaho for $900. When I see what a clean stock one sells for today....... 2. I've just shot the state level IDPA matches they put on and they were good.
  18. Czgunsalot. Did you get the thigh pad for it as well?
  19. My head is spinning still WTF:) What am I missing??? HELP! Is open pistol logic applicable to PCC or not??? Right or wrong? To work any comp you need gas. You get more gas with more powder. You shoot a 115 vs. 147 to use more powder (more gas). Is the comp is designed correct that extra powder is turned into a flat shooter with minimal dot movement due to a well designed comp. so why run a comp and 147 gr. Bullet? Less powder= less gas=less comp efficiency. Am I missing something. I mean no disrespect to anyone that is happy with their PCC load. If you don’t run a comp or don’t care about making it efficient the I get a a 147gr. With a fast powder possibly. Trying to speed up my personal load development, is my goal with my new arrived today MBX Comp. thank you all Interested in best gassy powder for working this MBX comp withFMJ 115’s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. Want to shoot good groups at 25? Start by shooting one hole groups at 5.
  21. It works fine with out a shell in it but when there is a shell with stock and ext mag it won’t move.
  22. I was able to get mine to work fine with win spp. I did clean up any flashing left over and lightly sanded the hole for the primers. If you haven’t, google vibraprime fix, there should be a few videos pop up for you. Win lpp do what you’re describing though.... Good luck with whatever you do. When it works it’s great, but is really frustrating when it doesn’t. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. I guess that’s the funny thing in a match there is no recoil for me just dot movement, my son shoots a frankengun with a blitkreig and I shoot a JP with SCS he says his is softer I can’t tell the difference. We shoot the same ammo he loads for us ,both guns tuned for it, there seems to be a chance that it’s just what each person likes and what there expectations are . Also he is much better shooter then I am so he has a better feel for the difference.
  24. I shot my first IDPA match at the Phoenix Rod and Gun Club at South Mountain last week, and it was a blast. Any of you guys shoot there? (P.S. I didn't come in last place, was safe, and had fun)
  25. Glock is doing their corporate CYA-routine. If you're loading near max, based on +P load data, right on the edge of blowing up your Glock, loading 0.01-in deeper could possibly become a safety issue. If you're loading to standard pressure, and also loading a max-pressure load, reducing your OAL by 0.01 could take your ammunition over the edge from standard pressure to +P. I intentionally select slower powders that provide the velocity I want to achieve with a significant margin of safety that I'm not losing sleep over seating depth or over normal variations related to typical powder dispensing systems. I'm not trying to save $0.00000019 per round by shooting smaller charges of faster (higher-pressure) powders. BTW: if you were to measure every powder charge you drop on a progressive press, you will see what variations can occur. If you're loading at max with a fast powder, there is some level of probable risk that your pet load may unexpectedly result in a load that exceeds that published maximum. Also, don't forget, the SAAMI max is based upon an AVERAGE max pressure, not an absolute Max Pressure. Capt_C
  26. Only thing I would add is perhaps telling the shooter, “go to the safe area and look at you broken part” jut to give them the right idea. But really, all safety rules are on the shooter.
  27. Just picked one up for RFPO. My first outing today. Wish the 3 moa dot was brighter. It’s not as bright as my DPP. Hope to shoot SC match next week, that will be my best test.
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