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  2. We shot a classifier the week before merel’s standards 99-63. The middle target is at 35yds and I had 11 out of 12 shots on it, but they were all low. When I go out to the range each week for practice I start off by shooting groups. Usually max is 25yds, but I wanted to see what I could do at 35yds. Here the result of 5 shots with my limited gun shooting .40
  3. I love the Remington 1 1/2’s for 9mm minor. I get 20 extra FPS with them over CCI and Winchester. I have had zero light strikes or malfunctions with remingtons. Out of multiple different pistols. I think people get the 1 1/2 and 5 1/2 mixed up. I would buy more but I can’t ever find them cheaper than CCI or Winchester
  4. 1st talk to your builder ask him what he wants to use! 2nd if you're building it try and get a fitted slide /Frame assy. Makes the work a lot easier 3rd answering your ?= I've been using caspain for the last few builds as they are readily available and cost effective. Wont use STI, way to many problems with quality and warranty. Jem/Tripp are really nice but availability can be spotty
  5. Exactly. Use up your "wrong powder and wrong bullets", and improve your shooting, for now. When you've used up your powder and bullets, try some other weights/powders and see which is marginally faster for YOU.
  6. I have two of the 22/45’s. If you installed the MKII hammer bushing and remove the magazine disconnect, they are just as simple as a MKII to take apart and clean(and reassemble) that being said, I hope my dad sells me his MKIV target soon. That’s a sweet pistol!
  7. I consulted Manuel and he agrees with 4n2t0.
  8. I've used STI, Caspian and JEM Guns. The JEM was by far the best (finish, accuracy, dims, etc.). Tripp slides are the same as JEM's.
  9. Load: RP case, WLP, 3.7ge N310, 200gr LSWC. 85 deg = 754fps. 41 deg = 705 fps. 30 deg = slide would not cycle. That is a lot more than the 1% variance VV claims.
  10. I have several Supers and gone-to-hell hands. .38 Super loaded down to minor is a joy to shoot. For some reason, perhaps the way it cycles the gun, 9mm isn’t the same. It should be, but it’s not.
  11. Practice & Match guns is a better strategy than Primary & Backup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Use lead data and make sure you flare the case mouth enough so it doesn't scrape the coating when seating.
  13. another tip,, never buy bult till you are set with your loads. I havent heard many complaints lately , and lots of folks seem to use 147's, but I have had guns that wouldnt stabalize 147's unless I loaded them to around 140 pf, they would keyhole on target, so try a hundred or so first.
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  15. It's an aftermarket mag pad which is allowed. That or throw some stypling on it, its now grip tape. But to the OP,, I think you are chasing symptoms not fixing the problem. Mags are binding, or you have a mag catch issue. Can you push a Glock mag release too hard and bind the mag like on a 1911 ? I usually go to stronger mag release spring, kinda prevents this, ANother thought. Color your mag with a sharpie, insert and release multi times see where they are binding, sand that area down. Or go with factory mags for your start and just use these for reloads.
  16. Very nice. I wonder how many other home cinema ranges are out there?
  17. 1) Trigger press/pull (let's not get into it). 2) - 10) Everything else.
  18. Update – 5-24-19 Loren completed the third series of the new chemo earlier this week. She is doing quite well, at least so far. They removed the drain they had placed in her left lung as nothing was draining. She is up and about much more than she was a couple of months ago – even to the point of driving once again. She has not been on oxygen for the last month or so. They have not yet done a scan to look at things, but one is coming up in June as I recall. While they will never cure her, hopefully the new meds will hold things at the present level. Fingers crossed she continues to do well. Many thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Guy
  19. Smithcity

    P320 X5 Thread

    Awesome, thanks for sharing, looks pretty good.
  20. Having a stock of the "wrong" weight of bullets shouldn't hurt you, competitively speaking, as long as your gun likes that weight. I have trouble telling the difference in impulse between 115s and 124s at the same power factor, but every pistol/barrel I've tried those loads shot the 115s more accurately. (That said, I really like the feel and accuracy of 147s, and the velocities they run at lead my barrels less with coated bullets) I'd say just find a good load, run those until your components are used up, then try a different weight. If it shoots accurately enough, the only difference is the recoil impulse, which shouldn't affect your overall time enough to matter if you have good stance and grip. (Disclaimer - I'm just a C-class nobody, but I've spend more time than I should've trying to find that "magic load", and finally got to the point of realizing that I have many other things to work on before bullet weight influences my match placement at all. I enjoy reloading, but it's easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole trying a couple hundred rounds of this or that to see what's "best")
  21. Let me preference this by saying I’m only a b class shooter. Major scoring is a big advantage for me as alpha/charlie very quickly is more fun and easier than concerning myself with trying to get two alpha. It’s just easier to confirm an acceptable sight picture at any distance when a risk of a charlie is ok. Someone could come along and say this is bunk and I couldn’t argue it but I value the fun factor and still hold my own locally and don’t embarrass myself at majors. Major is just easier to get a better hit factor a vast percentage of the stages.
  22. Looking for opinions and experience with slide brands? I like Brazos slide but looking for feedback on a good slide to use on a major open Gunn thsnk you
  23. I have never had to go to my backup and doubt I will. I am actually trying to sell mine currently because I’ve decided it’s just a waste. I’ll probably still take along something that will qualify as a backup but I cannot see the sense of having two limited guns when my main one never gives me any grief. Probably just screwed myself bu saying that and selling (trying) my other.
  24. Slow turn and draw. It still happens before your ready, even the second time after a reminder not to repeat the mistake. The guy was an old cadger that was simply having too much fun. I felt bad dqing him even the second time. I still see him at matches three years later from time to time but am happy to have not been on his squad.
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