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  2. As one person mentioned, you can do 400 per hour on a 550. As recently as yesterday upon my first squib (after about 30,000 rounds), I was told by a fellow competitor that I need a 650. No I don't. The squib was on me. The powder system's plastic spacer retaining plug broke during a reloading session and caused me to lose track of where I was in the midst of cleaning up and resuming the session. Not blaming the breakage, I just didn't manage everything right and ended up with that squib. No harm done, no round fired after the squib, got the bullet out with no drama. The 550 is a champ. As long as I keep it clean and properly lubricated, it runs smoothly and cranks out consistently good ammo. Even with a 550 I can easily keep up with six matches per month, about 1,000 rounds per month. There might come a day when I shoot more than that but I don't foresee it until I'm retired. I love the versatile, simple, robust 550.
  3. Are you using sti mags if so what generation, 1 or 2
  4. by this chart, it is interesting that the only 3 divisions that show an increase are all optic related divisions.
  5. So I've been looking for a thread about this to bring up my awesome experience I had with the Tevo blast shield/510c combo. Originally, when I had installed the optic, the screws were just barely long enough to go through the mount, blast shield, and into the optic. In fact, one of the four screws actually ended up stripping out the thread on the bottom of the optic. Thinking I was being smart, I doused the screw in red loctite and called it good.. Until that screw and the other front screw fell out during a local match. After waiting a couple weeks for Holosun to send me extra screws and re-zero the dot, I had thought the proper solution was to go ahead and douse every screw with some red loctite. Hell, I even let the stuff cure for like 2-3 days before I even went to zero it. Well, as my luck would have it, that didn't quite work out. In fact, since the screws were only being held by the first few threads, it made it even worse that I used loctite to try and hold them in place. I'm guessing the force of the recoil was too much for the optic, and the whole thing popped off in the middle of one of my stages. After the stage, I'd noticed the screws were still firmly secured in the mount, and the optic itself is what had stripped out all the way. Maybe I just got a bad dot, but I'm thinking the ~1/8" of thickness from the Tevo blast shield left those screws just a tiny bit too far out. I've contacted Holosun about a warranty replacement, but the rep I spoke with said it's the first time he's ever heard of that happening so take my experience with a grain of salt. Still, one of the guys from another squad showed me his setup with the same Atlas mount and no blast shield, and he said his glass only needs wiping every 4-5 stages with no signs of permanent fouling. This was with him shooting what looked like a shorter gun with barrel ports right under the glass. I'm thinking I'm gonna run my new dot without the shield, and hopefully those screws will stay in place. This is NOT a knock against Tevo, just thought I should mention this in case anyone decides to go with the same combo; I would caution you to be very careful when reinstalling the mounting screws, or you can try and look for some longer ones with the same size/thread pitch. And here's a video of my dot flying off the gun, for your viewing pleasure: https://streamable.com/5d0m6
  6. I'll just stick with bacon grease. I know where it comes from and guaranteed non-toxic.
  7. I felt the hole stage had more luck factor than was necessary. I shot on the SS super squad and nobody could call shots on it. You could say if you hit brown or not probably, but not where. Everybody took 3 shots at it.
  8. I am a machinist, and disagree (assuming you're talking about the OP's pistol). It does look like someone milled more angle into it than necessary, but if the optic can be zeroed, it's fine. If it can't be zeroed (POI will remain too high at max adjustment), a good machinist can fix it. I'd expect the OP will need to pay full price of a milling job, or more, to have that done though; fixing someone else's mistake is generally harder than doing it right the first time.
  9. What would you guys say are typical muzzle velocities and ballistic coefficients of various .223/5.56 ammo? I’m primarily interested in factory ammo, but handloads are also somewhat interesting. Would like CHRONOGRAPHED data from an 18" AR-15 (or similar barrel length), since we know ammunition manufacturers usually use data from bolt rifles with pretty long barrels, which gives unrealistic numbers for our application. Also interested if anyone has data on how quickly and how much the muzzle velocity drops as the barrel wears out.
  10. Check that the shellplate is tight enough, that theres no wobble in the plate. I was having this issue with 223 and i was losing 5 cases or so every hundred and I had to really feel for it. I cleaned the press and tightened the shellpate a little more than usual and didnt lose 1 in the next 1000
  11. Thank you rustychev for posting all of this.
  12. jhgtyre

    Fault lines?

    Okay so this MIGHT be how you could say the inside edge of a 2x4 was the fault line; you paint it. This creates a simpler version of the crazy fault line painting story that rowdyb related up above. I added the bold emphasis below. So you paint one edge of a 2x4 (or whatever legal sized board you want) stake it down and declare that the paint, not the board, is the fault line. It seems controlling (for little reason other than to be controlling) but that is how you could state that this scenario is legal. Given the wording in the rule you could also apply tape to the 2x4 to create your fault line. Why you would create this extra work for yourself is beyond me but you could do it.
  13. My 2 cents. I applaud those who can shoot a pistol even reasonably well. You have the skill and have worked at it and you enjoy it. That's great. I don't have that skill and the work I've done is not enough. Plain and simple is, I suck at it and it is not as much fun. Not everyone is good at some things. But with a PCC it's a different story. I'm decent with a rifle and I enjoy it more and am willing to work at getting even better. That makes it just that much more fun.
  14. Make sure your primer seating steam is not protruding up, it should sit flush, it will cause those exact same issues,....Dillion is sending me a new primer seating stem after calling them and going over the crush primer issues i was having .... I have been running those spill stop pegs for over 20k rounds , they do not cause any of those issues for me .. OAL differences are normal
  15. Actually you haven't broken SS division rules, same as if you declare Major and fail chrono. You stay in SS but shooting Minor Same as if you declared Limited at major PF and showed up with a 9mm Limited rig because your .40 broke the day before the match. You'd shoot Limited minor, not Open. Show up with 170mm mags because you don't have enough 140s and you shoot Open because you then busted the Division rules. Its much simpler that way. Say a shooter (say, me) signs up for a match (say, Area 4) in SS Major, but switches a few days before the match to SS Minor. Updated in practiscore, all is good. There's no match check-in, just show up to your first stage. As it happens, the very first stage is chrono, said shooter chronos before shooting any stages, reminds all and sundry he's shooting Minor, chronos 132PF and all is good. Except, all the rest of the pads haven't been updated and every other stage or so the ROs ask why this guy listed as Major is shooting a 9mm with 10 round mags and question him about it. If every stage kept bumping said shooter to Open, it would have been a hassle getting it un-screwed for no reason whatsoever. Final results had me properly scored Minor, btw.
  16. Clausing 8520 is a nice little mill that is plenty accurate for pistol work if you know how to use it. Good condition units are around $2k and a much better investment than cheap foreign made machines.
  17. How is the tension on the leaf spring that holds the case over the priming station? I find the tension is critical, if it's too tight or loose I have all sorts of priming issues (sideways/crushed primers).
  18. Today
  19. Should I be using the 3mm or 4mm size pads?
  20. Knoxville. Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  21. I got mine to start shooting it in USPSA. I love shooting it more than any gun I own. Low recoil. Cheap ammo, Low noise.
  22. I started PCC with a ATI. They are made by Frontier. Good gun that can be found for under 750.
  23. I have been shooting PCC for a couple years now. I started with an ATI Milsport and bought a JP in May. With the ATI, I always carried a firing pin, spare trigger and springs(the original mil spec), optic batteries, and oil. I have all that still in my bag now that I shoot the JP. But I always take the ATI as a back up to matches. When I started PCC I was using Titegroup. It was way too dirty so I switched to CSB1 and it is so much cleaner. I clean about every 500-800 rounds. Inside the gun is just some carbon but the comp takes some scrubbing to get clean.
  24. but there are competitors who are literally world class in steel *except* for the one stage with movement. I personally like outer limits, but I'm not sure that one stage adds that much to the experience. I get all the movement i need in USPSA.
  25. This exactly. For what it’s worth, I believe it was Zack who argued and pushed for exactly that and was overridden by higher powers in the USPSA. I think part of it was gaming or giving too much of an advantage. Not to mention things in my post above. I would have to do the math again, but I think being able to shoot the stage from the center in under 2 seconds (which is quite easy to do) puts you at or close to master depending on the division we are talking about. We’ll see what comes of the stage in the future, but for now, it’s here, and not likely to change.
  26. No worries. I was just confused why you might have thought I had little experience. It may be my personal preference, but also one I feel the majority of shooters share. You are right about not everyone being there to beat someone and you are spot on with the shooting against yourself comment. That is one thing I really enjoy about steel because the fixed scoring allows you to do that. Fair point about more competitors not automatically increasing competitiveness, although I do believe it still holds some truth. Does it come into play at a local match? I'd say no, the effect would be more at the larger lvl 2 and 3 matches One option that may be beneficial is moving some of the less shot divisions to category status. You still can cater/advertise to shooters who want to be specific about their gun, but then at larger matches have more competitors in a division. Just a thought. Also a division for hi-points.... that would be... entertaining.. at first haha. The NHRA comparison is apples to oranges. That is an association that has been around a bit longer and receives way more media attention and sponsorship dollars. With the new upgrades allowed now to productions guns I can't see that enough of a difference in the single action triggers of each to be that opposing. I could see how killing production for steel might dissuade some local shooters from showing up with their plastic fantastic, but if they aren't there to win would they really care? Other than that I don't see much cons to it. I think we could go back forth all day about it. Either way I'm excited to see what the future of steel challenge is.
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