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  2. robert.a.brewer.

    Shadow 2 style mag release for CZ TS TSO and Czechmate

  3. 309jdj

    Expected DA Trigger Pull

    Going to try revolver shooting the year and I just purchased a new 627PC for shooting steel matches. Ive read tons of good information on this forum already. The question I still have is what would be expected DA trigger pull weight with the stock spurred hammer without lightening it? Could you still get in the 6.5 to 7lb range? Most of the information I read is using a lighter hammer or they don't mention in the thread one way or the other. Thanks!
  4. jwfuhrman


    Odd, both jfarmscompany.com and jfarmsco.com both forward to the store.jfarmscompany.com not sure why that’s not working or why google is showing that..... especially when you pay Google $400 a year.....
  5. Shmella

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    I had a viper on a 929 revolver. very light 120-125pf load. broke the glass in under 300 rounds warranty is good though...
  6. fishhunter3

    trouble adjusting 45 deg dot

    its a Daniel defense 1 o'clock so I think it's a good mount everything seems tight, but the dot sets to tall on this mount. with the gun at an angle where the dot is level it sets 2-3 inches right of bore axis. and doesn't have the windage adjust to bring dot to center, been looking at the trijicon 45 deg as it is lower than the DD mount just hoping this works.
  7. B585

    Carry Optics Thread

    Thank you. I was reading this on my phone and I think I just got confused on what division I was looking at.
  8. superdude

    9mm Jacketed bullets

    There's no simple answer to this, and diameter might not be as important as we think. What does seem to matter is which specific bullet you select. Generally, flat nose bullets (Flat nose and hollow point) bullet are more accurate than round nose bullets, so that's where I'd start. Bullets that tend to shoot well include Hornady HAP bullets, with their 125 grain .356 bullets one of the most reliably accurate. Zero 115 JHP, the conical nose version, also tends to be extremely accurate. Hornady's 147 XTP also stands out. A less expensive bullet to try would be RMR's 124 FMJ FP Match Winner. Then you need to match them with the right powder. In 9mm, Power Pistol does really well, as does A#7 and Silhouette. Sport Pistol seems to work well with some loads too. There are probably others.
  9. mich3210

    Upgrades to new P320x5...

    Thanks for the info. Without a doubt will be doing a GG Comp Kit.
  10. Just got insights to some of the additional upgrades; - DPM recoil reduction - Grams follower in Mec-car magazines - Fiber sight front - Sear leaver and hammer just replaced - Small frame - Serial number N02837 (but I cant find anything on Google based on that number) - It was bought second hand in 2015 but was a new at that time, hardly used.
  11. CHLChris

    X-Carry slide cut: DeltaPoint Pro?

    That is a really good point! If a cut is open enough for a DPP, then a Romeo1 won't have the same amount of support on the front for the forces in recoil.
  12. matir


    FYI, the first search result on Google for you is "www.jfarmscompany.com", but that doesn't seem to work. (Does not resolve.) For anyone looking for the proper link, it's: http://store.jfarmscompany.com/
  13. small frame has smaller ejection port. in large frame u can see half of the first locking lug. and in this pic. gun have small ejection port. and i have 1 new mag. in 9mm for large frame. somebody want it?
  14. When will an all black 2.0 be available? Thanks, Dave.
  15. HRider

    308 Pmags

    I have some 308 Pmags and picked up a couple of Taran tactical base pads. They are machined differently from the 223 Pmag base pads and don'come back off like the 223 ones do. Is there a specific trick to taking the base pad off of a 308 Pmag so that the mag can be cleaned? I searched, but didn't see where it had been addressed before. Hurley
  16. Blockader

    Beretta 1301 Comp

    And if you're worried about permanently modifying the gun, you can just superglue a piece of black pencil eraser that will take out most of the over travel onto the back of the trigger guard.
  17. MemphisMechanic

    Carry Optics Thread

    Aftermarket safeties, mag releases, triggers and hammers are legal now for both CO and Production. Did you read an old rulebook from prior to the spring of 2018? Specifically approved in the CO Appendix D rules under minor exterior modifications. Think it’s something like 21.6. 
  18. Today
  19. cool

    Mark7 Evolution

    I have already disassembled the press next time it is powder measure.
  20. MemphisMechanic

    Stock ll slide lightening

    Depends how you do them. And maybe if you use higher quality German steel instead of Italian pot metal? My PPQ slide lost three full ounces on the nose. Haven’t cracked it. Yet. Although... (1) Walther slides are also insanely thick (2) Mark at L&M Precision did agreat job of radiusing all the corners to prevent possible stress risers. Even after stuffing the frame full of 6oz of tungsten, the gun weighs 25.9oz. Slide with dot is nearly half of that, at 10.8oz. It shoots flat as heck, but it sure isn’t soft.
  21. MemphisMechanic

    Tangoflio Limited 9mm Experience

    Adding to this, the magazines are visually very different. Small frame guns use magazines identical to CZ Shadows, which you’re probably familiar with. Large frame guns use a much longer & slightly wider mag which will fit the lengthy 10mm cartridge - the large frames exist so that .45 and 10mm can fit in the gun. They’re fatter than Glock magazines. 9mm large frame magazines have a spacer up the inside of the back to keep the rounds positioned forward. So a quick handling of the magazines, or even a photo of the gun with it’s mags should tell you indisputably. @johnbu can usually tell from photos if it’s large or small frame based upon the grip screw location, but I do not have that gift. Also... contrary to the names, large frame and small frame guns have nearly identical exterior dimensions. They feel pretty much the same in the hand. They just require different magazines and grip panels.
  22. muncie21

    n320 temp sensitive?

    The primary advantage of 9 Major over .40 for open is magazine capacity. If the COF doesn't offer an advantage for the larger capacity mags, then I'd say the .40 folks are not at very much of a disadvantage.
  23. muncie21

    What Powder for A Single Port Comp 9 minor

    Holy smokes, 28 powders! I'm comparing 4 right now and thought I had my hands full.
  24. OPENB

    pcc starts

    Unless you are grabbing a barrel, you are grabbing a handguard.
  25. OPENB PCC muzzle

    i never did carts til i started 3 gun. then, since i have one, nice to use for uspsa etc. nice having your crap off the ground, not taking space up on a loading table, etc. in no way do i equate cart = weenie. easy and smart certainly doesn't mean weak. Me too. I take my cart to all matches that I can drive to with it. So convenient to be able to have everything I might need, and not have to go to the truck to retrieve. I still think It should be mandatory that everyone has a chair. Be a lot less wore out people at the end when it's time to tear down, and they're sneaking off.
  26. Dirty_J

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    Ive had a Venom. Didn't like it nearly as much at the Viper. Venom has a multi-piece housing and the viper being one piece. If you're gonna beat the crap out of it.. it's hard to beat the RMR. The shape of the housing has it leaps and bounds above everyone else for impact resistance. It does have the smallest window of them all... so until you have lots of reps on it.. its learning curve for dot presentation will be higher. Personally.. I find the blue lens tint and very slight magnification (like 1.05x) of the RMR distracting... so if something like that Viper isn't in consideration, I'd go DPP
  27. B585

    Carry Optics Thread

    If I am reading the rules correctly, you have to use the factory mag release. Can you put grip tape on the mag release? If so, are there any regulations on how thick the grip tape can be (I.e. could you use 2 or 3 layers)?
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