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  2. Sarge, it's the Go Fast Don't Suck Postal match. The match this entire thread is about. It helps when clubs set the stages up correctly
  3. What year was that? Had to be more than 15 years ago
  4. I don't mind doors and I think they have a valid place in our sport, provided the prop is constructed properly (meaning, it presents a fair and equitable challenge to each shooter). Just because some people have a problem negotiating that obstacle isn't a valid reason to eliminate them entirely. Doors, stomp pads, swinging bridges, etc. aren't a shooting challenge element any more than say, moving, or reloads on the clock. Neither of those involve firing shots but are accepted as reasonable challenges. What they (doors, stomp pads, swinging bridges, etc.) do is serve as a distraction. Distractions cause a shooter to 'think on their feet', and being a dynamic activity, it adds some spice to the challenge. If we eliminate everything that isn't actually a shooting challenge (acquire, aim, press, fire) what's left? Bullseye?
  5. The TSO already does this. The DWX still is interesting though
  6. There is a range in saukville that should be hosting matches. My home club in Muskego, schultz rod and gun club offers uspsa, steel challenge, idpa and a summer pistol league. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  7. Are the frame rails 1911 style or cz style...that would make a difference
  8. Today
  9. I have one coming and will report back...
  10. Plus/minus 2,000 rounds. My first Gen 2 went a little longer but ran fine. I have not had a single issue with my 3 MPX’s. For what it’s worth, my Hyperfire Eclipse triggers have been fine. I know that guns are like Chevy and Fords.....all good but people have their own preference. I shoot a lot of Outlaw Steel and Steel Challenge matches and for me, the very light recoil impulse from the MPX was the best choice for transition target to target speed.
  11. Thanks for the range report. Got an email sent requesting a set. Hopefully they have a template from your order. I tried the Velocity model at the Open Nationals. Loved the lenses, hated the frames and need a more adjustable nose piece for my “asian fit” bridge.
  12. Would the CMC AK trigger work in this? What are the aftermarket options for thumb safeties?
  13. just get rid of doors. Opening a door isnt a shooting challenge. Its also a no reason sweeping DQ trap They frequently dont work or get pulled too hard. I mean, really put up some vision barriers to go around get the same thing
  14. Yeppers!!!!! However, there are loss brass matches. I suspect to keep the match moving along and eliminate potential delays. However at RIO the CRO/ROs pick up the brass at the conclusion of the match. Although, I think a boy scout troop or Jr ROTC should perform a community service and pick up our brass.
  15. I failed to mention that but it's definitely worth a +1. He's fantastic!!
  16. Must be my night to recall Nationals at PASA. A COF was setup using planks ( a few inches of the ground) that defined the shooting area. The WSG statement was to effect, you can step off (fall off) the plank but must re-enter the shooting area/plank within a step of where you exited. If I remember correctly, it also had a disappearing target seen through a port which most shooters ignored-NPM. The High Desert Classic had a plank stage with a similar statement. Some stages with a L-Shape had almost all targets available within a few steps of the start position, the beginning of the long side, then competitors cut across the open ground to take the last few targets that were only available at the end of the COF.
  17. A similar situation happened on my squad at Nationals at PASA. Except, the ROs said the door activates the mover, the door must be fully opened for activation to occur. I suspect they wanted to give the shooter time to move into the door frame opening before the the mover activated. Sure as sh^@t one individual did not fully open the door, the activator did not activate and he stood there wanting a reshoot. ULSC was eventually issued, RC.... Then the RO fully opened the door and the mover moved. The WSB was clearly written. The oral briefing reiterated 'fully open' and yet some people did not grasp the consequences of not listening. NO REF. This also happened recently at the AZ PCC state championship with a pressure plate and 'ammo can.' The WSB and oral briefings emphasized the need for the can to activate the pressure plate. NO REF/NO RESHOOT.
  18. enjoy his groupies just as much [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  19. Yep props are fun until they’re not. I use a few in level II but for level III I prefer the KISS principle.
  20. If sear breaks and gun goes off it’s still an AD(DQ) if other criteria is met. Ejector hitting round on reload is covered in the rules. That’s a detonation and not a DQ.
  21. I agree is why I bolded the applicable parts of the rule. Just playing Devil’s advocate at the same time, not necessarily to prove it right or wrong from the other side but at least to try and understand their rationale behind it. I’ve grown to hate props at my match because of all the REF. Going to spend the off season trying to perfect a few that I can get reliably to trigger 100% of time.
  22. Definitely set up wrong. The targets far left and far right along the walls up range should have been blocked from view. It’s likely those targets weren’t aligned with he back of wall or tucked close enough to wall.
  23. I think pulling really hard on a rope etc is a lot different. In those cases the target eventually gets exposed if you yank it. In the OP SCENARIO the target never got exposed to the shooter at all. That can’t be anything but REF as I see it.
  24. I had a guy at work 3D print one off Taccom's sight. Only tested once so far but it ran flawless. Not bad for $8.
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