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Revolver IDPA load for .357 mag?

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Anyone have a light load using W231 for a 3-4" revolver?  I like to use .357 cases instead of putting 38's into the cylinder.

If IDPA only wants a 120 PF for revolvers, there's no reason for me to shoot my heavy load.

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It's not Win231, but Hodgdon lists a .357 load at 7.5 gr Titegroup for a 125 gr XTP,  and a .38 special load of 4.6 gr Titegroup for the same bullet.  

Using interpolation, I decided to try 5.1 gr of Titegroup with .357 Magnum case (Winchester, new) and 125 gr Rainier tmj.  at an overall length of 1.580 inches.  Primer was Winchester Small Pistol primer.

According to my log book, power factor for this load was just shy of 134:  I recorded a three shot string at 1071 fps velocity with a spread of 42 fps out of a Model 66 S&W with a 3" bbl.

The measurements were recorded at 62 degrees F, 55% humidity, altitude of about 1000 feet.  

Offhand accuracy was acceptable: I was able to hold them all in the -0 center of an IDPA target at 50' when I didn't jerk the trigger

The power factor of this load should be legal in almost any weapon usable for IDPA.  If possible, chrono all loads out of your weapon.

Best of all, Titegroup is relatively inexpensive and with the load I used I got a lot of ammo out of each pound.

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