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We are thinking about building wall bases out of steel.  I have seen ones that have a flat piece of steel with pipes welded vertically to hold the 2x2 for a wall.  


I was wondering if anyone had any info for me on these? Like how thick is the flat base metal, what ID of pipe to use, and how tall the pipes need to be.

I have a metal fab shop that is a client, and I can get the steel much cheaper, but I don't know what exactly what I need so I can tell them.


Thanks in advance.



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We used a 2"x4" rectangular tube as the vertical supports. The reason was a 2x2 is 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" square. We wanted the inside dimension to be 1-1/2" wide. The wall thickness was determined to get that dimension. We made them 9"" tall. We used seamed material. This let one baracede be stable against the seam when used by itself and we could use one base for the ends connecting two walls or making 90 degree turns with the walls. The flat material we used under the bases was to thin. This allowed the wings sticking out on the ground to bend. Make sure the base materials are thick enough and wide enough. Your steel erector friend should be of some help there.

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