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Looking to possibly get into open and the Dissident Arms shotguns have caught my eye. I do have a question though. I am left eye dominant so i shoot my long guns on the left side. Are the Dissident Arms shotguns lefty friendly? I saw a video on the different controls and it seems like the mags release is only set up for right handed individuals. 




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Mag release is traditional paddle AK style, there are aftermarket lefty addons if needed/wanted.  Some of the Vepr 12 models do have ambi safeties.  If right side ejection shotguns don't bother you then I guess a V12 should work out fine.


Also DA worked over V12s are absolutely awesome.  It's probably my favorite gun right now.

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Left handers are actually ahead of the game!

An AK has a Right sided charging handle, but for speed most righty's get a Left side handle mod so that you can grip the gun, load a mag with the off hand, and rack the handle on the left as well, without a reach under AK method, or breaking your grip. 


If shooting with your left hand, the handle is already there for you on the right, just add whatever charging handle extension you want. 


Dissident also has factory ambi safety selectors (might take some practice or modding, but very doable), and ambi mag releases. 


If you can tolerate shells flying in front of your face you're in good shape. 



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