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Safariland ALS Holster Modification - Tek-Lok

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I just got finished with a DIY holster modification, and I thought I'd share since I've lurked a long time and just now potentially have something useful to share.
I've always wished I could have a dropped/offset Safariland ALS holster with a tek-lok. There are some aftermarket hangers out there, but they are a bit pricey. Today I noticed that I had a spare tek-lok and a Safariland mid ride UBL from an old duty holster. I also had a brand new Safariland 7TS "concealment" ALS holster (The one that comes with the paddle and the close in belt attachment) that my wife got me as a gift a while back. Seeing all three in the same space got my wheels to turning. Before I knew it, I had drilled holes and attached the tek-lok to the UBL. It worked like a champ, and gave lots of extra functionality to the holster. So, why bother with a mod like this?
1. The UBL is super strong but is meant for Police duty belts that are 2" to 2 1/2" wide. This mod allows you to use a 1.5" or 1.75" EDC belt. This also allows attaching the holster to a CR Speed type competition belt as well if retention is desired, which is becoming popular in 3-Gun.
2. I can now choose between clipping the holster on with the tek-lok only, or running the belt through both the UBL and the tek-lok for extra stability. The clip on function is nice at the range for switching out a concealment holster with this holster since I wear a belt with a cobra buckle.
3. For owners of the US Grunt Gear war belts, you could do this mod to attach a Safarland holster to that belt without using a G-Code molle adapter. I've never owned one of those buy I've eyeballed them longingly on their website before.
I put the holster on in both configurations with my EDC cobra belt and I was extremely happy with how stable it was during the draw, even with just the tek-lok holding it on. With the new tek-lok's retention tab I don't see it coming off unexpectedly.
This could also be done to the Safariland low ride UBL, and I really think it could be made to work on the high ride UBL since the tek-lok has a lot of holes to work with.
Pics or it didn't happen:




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