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I'm a member of a small private range out in the sticks.  Access is down about a 3/4 mile dirt road.  Completely surrounded by heavily wooded private land.  Nice and isolated and often I'm the only person using the range.


Today I was out experimenting with different loads, springs and buffers on my PCC.  Keeping me company was the range owner.  He had been moving dirt building up the berms and decided to take a break.


After about 100 rds I'm changing out buffers.  When I look downrange, up over the berm comes some lady with her three dogs.


She see us and comes our way.  Before the range owner has a chance to say anything the lady asks "why are all these piles of dirt out here?"


Turns out she wanted to take her dogs for a walk.  Private property signs and signs indicating she was entering a shooting range apparently do not apply to her.   


When it was pointed out she just walked into our 200 yard rifle bay she said "its OK, I listened to make sure no one was shooting".



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Twenty years ago, I was testing out my new Colt Gold Cup on my property, and

had fired a couple mags thru the gun into my berm, when I saw two ten-year

old kids walking towards me from behind the berm....  :wacko:


Had to change my pants ....   


Yes, Distant, cold shiver .....

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4 hours ago, Distant Thunder said:

Did anyone else just have a cold shiver run down their spine?

No. The level of stupidity regularly displayed by people no longer fazes me. 

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Having worked in a morgue for many years and seeing the most incredible ways people wind up on an autopsy table, I'm convinced that Albert Einstein had it right when he said, "Only two thing are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the former."

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