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Vectan Prima V?

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On 4/14/2017 at 2:26 PM, jeffroberdo said:

I am hearing a lot about Prima V Pistol Powder.

Where can i find reliable 9mm Load Data and,

Does anyone know where it falls on the Relative Burn Rate Chart?


Check page four in this PDF for burn rate info.


I'm not aware of manufacturer data for Prima V pistol loads, as it's marketed as a shotgun powder. I developed my Prima V pistol loads by starting with Internet heresy and working up carefully.

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On 4/15/2017 at 3:31 PM, B_RAD said:

You chrono this load?



I chronoed some 124 plated RN bullets loaded with 3.8 gr Prima V @ 1.12" and got 1025 fps out of my M&P long slide.


 I don't know if the TC referred to lesd, plate or coated.  


I also chronoed at 4.0 gr PV, same gun and OAL: 1067.  I tested more rounds of this load, so I feel it's a more accurate velocity.

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