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Time to step it up!

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18 hours ago, MemphisMechanic said:


As an A-class, I can confidently say that switching from M&P to Tanfoglio required 2-3 months for me to return to my previous level of skill with an M&P. 


The gun won't make you better. If it motivates you to practice, that's what makes you better when you switch guns. Glock still win Nationals (Vogel, Limited) and Area matches over metal guns, your grip just has to be more developed due to the light weight.


@CE325 I just now watched the videos of your running from cone to cone. Two things: don't accept anything other than your preferred shooting stance. You're letting yourself settle for some goofy narrow-footed platforms in order to shoot ASAP. That won't work when you have a real gun and a wide arc of targets to engage.


Also, don't stand up in each position. Stay low at the height you ran into the position with. If there were three things I could go back in time and teach myself to avoid bad habits:


1. Crush the F$&@k out of the gun with the weak hand in dry fire. The place where you get lazy and learn a weak grip. Shooting fast means gripping hard enough to make someone you're shaking hands with very uncomfortable.


2. Get the gun in both hands extending out to the target two strides away from your entry. You should already have a sight picture when your last foot plants.


3. Stay low and wide in shooting positions. Uncomfortably low. Feel it in your legs. Always be super stable and instantly ready to move. Don't waste time dropping low to run, popping up to shoot.


Thanks for the tips! 

I'm going to try this today. Going to setup some small proam type stages probly using paper plates as targets and run them with the BB gun. I will try to film it and see if any improvements are made. 

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11 minutes ago, JeremiahD said:

Keep it up brother!  Looking forward to your match report from the ProAm!

Thank you

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Did some practice yesterday on movement.  

Felt pretty good better than last time.  

I feel like I'm moving fast bun in the video looks slow. 


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